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  1. Hope the New Year will be better than 2017 for me. 

  2. Going out to a cheap but hip Japanese restaurant for a birthday gift to myself. My mom wanted to go to a Japanese restaurant for Christmas anyway, but she won't be with me to enjoy the fun. :( 

    1. Margee


      Happy Birthday!

      ...... go and have some fun. Big (hug) 

  3. The holidays will be so hard for me as my mom passed on the 11th of last month. 

    1. Orbit


      my condolences on your loss.

    2. buffettphan


      My dad died in December 2006, so I have an inkling of how you feel.  It does get better with time.  ((Hugs))

  4. I've searched this site seeing how many time anyone has mentioned George Michael, and most of the instances were in posts by ME! LOL! 

  5. Hello there! I'm quite interested in the Greek culture myself despite not being Greek. Want to hang out here and talk about the culture and art with me someday? I'm also studying Japanese culture as well as I have an art history degree and have taken quite a lot of Asian art history classes. 

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    2. Ellinas


      I tend to view them literally, but certainly not as the all powerful, all knowing, all loving  Christianised type idea of deity.  More as discrete consciousnesses beyond the physical realm.  And no, I have no evidence for that.

    3. rjn


      So, you've opted for the Hellenic gods. What's your view of other pantheons? Pantheons that might even be related? Are they the same dieties, representing the same divine essence, just filtered through a different cultural lense, or are they separate representations, but of the same force? If Zeus is real, whatabout Thor, or Shiva, or Marduk?

    4. Ellinas


      I opted for the mythology with which I am most comfortable.  I am as happy to accept the reality of an Odin etc as a Zeus.  Whether they are one and the same is of little interest to me - the advantage of sticking to one pantheon.  However, the syncretic tendencies of ancient pagan religion were well established, and I see no reason for a diversity of mythology to cause any greater difficulty now.  They are real enough to those who accept their reality, and that is all that matters as far as I am concerned.

  6. if there is a god and he only takes the good and the best, then why the fuck be good and try to work hard in the world when he's going to fucking kill you off anyway?! RIP George Michael. :(

  7. Going to send those nasty Christian relatives of mine a funny Christmas card of a penguin and a polar bear cuddling together.

  8. Seems like I'm the black sheep of the family on both my mom's and dad's side of the family now. :(

    1. rjn
    2. Naughtyhamster


      My step-mom is insinuating on Facebook that I'm a con artist because I put up a GoFundMe page for my mom, whose in the hospital with a broken hip, as she is getting bills for abulance and other medical expenses in the mail.My mom was angry and went on her Facebook to rant to my step-mom on my page that she is in the hospital and bills are coming in, but my step-mom is still being a bitch and got rude with my mom. So I unfriended and blocked my step-mom!

  9. hey everybody! I have a gofundme page for my mother as she is in the hospital due to breaking her hip. If anyone wants to help please contact me.

  10. hey everybody! I have a gofundme page for my mother as she is in the hospital due to breaking her hip. If anyone wants to help please contact me.

  11. Went to the O.C. Fair yeaterday and saw a pig whose balls were the size of my head!

  12. I'm back!

    1. Margee


      Hi Nh!! So good to see you!! (hug)

  13. Who else calls those right wingers in Oregon RN-ISIS ( Red Neck ISIS)?

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    2. Thought2Much


      I've also seen "cosplaytriots" used to describe them.

    3. Orbit


      I like "Y'allQaeda"

    4. BarbarousBill


      Y'allQaeda waging YeeHawd in Oregon for Y'all'uh. Leading to the rise of VanillaISIS.

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