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  1. Hope the New Year will be better than 2017 for me. 

  2. Same thing with some of my relatives. Once an uncle of mine talked shit about my mom as she laid seriously ill in the hospital due to black mold. Then an hour later we were at a restaurant and he was praying out loud thanking his god for the food and to heal my mom.
  3. I had a friend that was of some local Christian fundy church I didn't attend but she hung out with me in community college. I had two other friends who were Catholic and had physical disabilities. The fundy friend said my Catholic friends were born with disabilities as God was punishing them and their families for being Catholic as it's not "real" Christianity. Little did the crazy fundy Protestant friend know that my one Catholic friend was born the way she was because her mother had an illegal abortion at six months and almost killed her. She spent the first eight months of her life in a children's hospital being about three months premature. The other friend was born prematurely and that was because of her mom had refused an legal abortion despite having some kind of blood incompatibility with her unborn daughter. I don't talk to one of the Catholic friends anymore ( nothing about her it was her brother threatened to kill me) and the Fundy friend I don't speak to since the day she said her stupid shit about the Catholic friends of mine.
  4. Going out to a cheap but hip Japanese restaurant for a birthday gift to myself. My mom wanted to go to a Japanese restaurant for Christmas anyway, but she won't be with me to enjoy the fun. :( 

    1. Margee


      Happy Birthday!

      ...... go and have some fun. Big (hug) 

  5. When I go into a store that sells plastic toy figures I like to put them in uncompromising positions. In one toy store I had a Smurf going down on a t-rex while the t-rex gave a whale a rim job. At a Hobby Lobby the "male" ( not due to any genitalia but I guess due to the feathers on their heads) velociraptors were in a conga line with an elephant, and a dragon doggy styled a diplodocus.
  6. The weather sucks here in California. Windy, cold, and dry. My asthma, allergies, and sinuses acting up. Also, the sinus problems give me a migraine so bad even nothing can totally get rid of it.
  7. The holidays will be so hard for me as my mom passed on the 11th of last month. 

    1. Orbit


      my condolences on your loss.

    2. buffettphan


      My dad died in December 2006, so I have an inkling of how you feel.  It does get better with time.  ((Hugs))

  8. A Christian friend of mine jokingly says this is George Michael's "Jesus Christ" look.
  9. Love this song so much I gave my one friend, who was learning English, my CD of Patience that has this song on it as I thought if she's going to listen to any good music in English let it be George Michael. Just had to share the Yog ( George Michael) love with friends.
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