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  1. Did they mention what was in store for those who didn't believe? Death and enslavement, maybe?
  2. Keep in mind that Athena may have had a less than purely platonic relationship with her foster-sister Pallas. Men aren't the only people women can have sex with.
  3. is seriously wondering if they even teach reading comprehension in school anymore.

  4. Well - if believers can feel sorry for us because they think we're going to hell, I guess the flip side of that is us feeling sorry for believers we love because we think they're still stuck in a harmful delusion that's consuming their ability to connect with the real world (and real people). I don't see this feeling as a bad thing, really. It's a sign that folks are capable of empathy. I see pity as sort of Compassion Lite™ - half the suffering and leaves nothing but the fresh scent of pine! It doesn't really bum me out that much that folks I love believe different things than I do. E
  5. is sick. Again. And having a rotten week.

    1. Naughtyhamster


      Hope you feel better.

    2. godlessgrrl


      Thanks. Dunno what I picked up but it sucks.

  6. is just screwing up left and right, without even trying. That takes talen.

  7. A new thread might be a good idea indeed.
  8. I am little concerned with anyone's biology at this point, as I don't see that it relates to my concern. I note that this thread originally began with a discussion about rape and it's impact on women, until several men managed to usurp the topic and shape it into a thread full of complaints and blame about women and the alleged difficulties we inflict upon hapless males. This "the wimmins suck" song and dance is several thousand years old by now and is getting a bit stale. What I want to know is why the thread was hijacked, and why the gents in question turned the focus away from violence
  9. I find it not just a little bit interesting to see that a thread which began as a discussion about rape and it's impact on women somehow mutated into a thread full of woman-bashing and mansplainin'. Did anybody else notice this? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills...
  10. I wonder if a lot of people associate atheism with a bleak sort of nihilism, and fear that atheism means they'd be compelled to lose all belief in anything, good or bad. Atheism also got a lot of bad press in the first half of the 20th century, being associated with socialism and communism and a general sense of being opposed to all things godly and American and family picnics and mom's apple pie. And, frankly, some atheists are just assholes, which doesn't reflect well on the rest of us. I rather resisted it myself for awhile, and called myself an agnostic. Truth is, though, I'm an atheis
  11. Hm. Ok, fair 'nuff. I've probably just taken so much of the real thing that I can't get into it as anything fun. Even as a kink. Mileage, it varies.
  12. Call me dense, but I don't understand how hatred of women can be funny. Someone enlighten me, please.
  13. I was a teen when I was assaulted. No one believed in my unwillingness because, well - everyone knows teens are all horny 24/7 and will have sex any chance they can get. So no one around me believed it was even possible for a teen to be raped at all, for how can someone who wants sex by default be anything but an active participant in any sexual contact? It's cousin to the idea that sexual desire or activity in one instance automatically means it can be assumed in every instance, the same thing driving the belief that prostitutes or other sexually active women are receptive targets all the
  14. The misogynist verses in the Wholly Babble were one reason why I gave it up. I can't live as fully human under any system which would insist that I must be something less because I don't happen to be a member of the gender in charge. Fuck that. What I love are the twisted explanations of how Biblical gender inequality is somehow really equality, or claims that if men would just be the Real Men™ god made them to be, then women would willingly submit to male authority and love it. Yeah, fuck that too. It's fun as a kink thing, but not a good way to live one's life. Every time I've put mysel
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