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  1. PaulQ

    She Just Does It To Drive Me Nuts

    If I were in your shoes, that would be enough for me to discuss setting up separate bank accounts and splitting each and every bill right down the middle. You take care of your own money, she takes care of her own money, and you don't have to answer to anyone as long as you're paying your half fair and square.
  2. PaulQ

    God In The Workplace

    I am offended at the suggestion that I would condone bullying in any way, shape, or form. The advice I gave was not to suggest bullying as a solution, but merely that ireckinso consider doing the devil's bidding where it is clearly needed. Don't get caught, and the workplace preacher might even believe that the god he worships is testing his faith. See, the religious context changes everything.
  3. PaulQ

    An Honest Church?

    It was likely because the caption of the picture, when I posted it, pointed out the obvious fact that this church is telling everyone the god they worship is impotent, and expressed my hope that this would help to cut down on all of the insincere "I'll pray for you"'s and get people to actually get up off their butts and do something.
  4. PaulQ

    An Honest Church?

    I saw this sign at a church in Lindsay, Ontario: Although I don't think we can ever expect a church to admit that god doesn't exist, having a sign stating that their god is impotent is pretty darned good. They changed it the next day after I posted this image to my Facebook profile, where all my religious Facebook connections would have had a fit.
  5. PaulQ

    God In The Workplace

    This sounds like the kind of guy who needs practical pranks played on him. Nothing serious; just little things here and there. Water on his seat where he likes to sit at lunch (must be "Holy Water"). Turning off the lights and closing the door when he goes for a "Sit-down" in the washroom. Things getting "Mysteriously" moved around. A little crazy glue in his locker's lock. A red laser pointer dot showing up randomly where he can see it (but not pointed at his eyes), you can stand a safe distance away and make use of small gaps in obstructions. Time on a nearby clock set 15 minutes too fast (or slow). Sticky things on the floor where he works. If he uses a computer, that opens the door to so many other opportunities, like tape on the mouse sensor, changing Word's auto-correct to misspell words, and more. Each preaching session needs to result in yet another random prank, and never play the same prank twice. With any luck, he will go insane before you do! Here's some more ideas: Just be sure that you never ever do anything unsafe. In a production environment, these are usually best left for break or lunch time.
  6. PaulQ

    Bells And X-Mas

    They make a nice jingly sound when you shake them, and are commonly heard in many traditional secular Krismas songs.
  7. PaulQ

    The Exorcist Upstairs

    Get a good laugh track, maybe insert some silly farting sounds, and play it at full volume when he starts his sessions.
  8. PaulQ

    Life Without Afterlife

    For me, it was separating my fear of death from my fear of a non-existent consciousness. Fear of death is a good thing, it helps to keep me alive. Fear of my non-existent consciousness after death is ridiculous, because fear is an element of consciousness; if my consciousness ceases to exist, so will my fear.
  9. PaulQ

    Are We Really That Backward?

    Changing the words to Krismas songs is always great fun. Remember, "Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg"? Classic!
  10. PaulQ

    Unreasonable Fear Of Death

    My own fear of death forces me to fasten my seatbelt every time I get into my car, though I've never been in an accident severe enough to warrant it. Fear of death is also a big reason why I gave up smoking. I think it's a pretty healthy fear to have, and can understand why people might get a little carried away. People just need to make sure it's in the right place. For example, it's not the earthquake that kills you, it's buildings and shit that falls on you that causes injury and death. Take that out of the picture, and an earthquake could conceivably be a fun experience.
  11. When you want to live in a country with freedom, you won't have true freedom unless people are free to do, say, and believe in stupid things. Of course, this means that others should be free to ridicule them for their stupidity. Also, don't go dissing on Santa Claus; he just doesn't visit your house because you've obviously been very naughty.
  12. PaulQ

    Merry Christmyth!

    Thanks, but the reason for the gift-giving and festivities is Kris Kringle. It's pronounced Krismas for a reason, and if you don't mind, I intend on putting the Kris back into Krismas. Merry Krismas, everybody!
  13. PaulQ

    Halp! We're Being Repressed!

    I recently watched the Santa Claus episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. It's both horrid and hilarious how they try to merge the two myths. Both my son and I were rolling on the floor laughing at the commentary; definitely a worthwhile watch.
  14. I recently had the opportunity to stand at the front of a church, in front of a congregation with my family, at my grandmother's funeral, and tell them I didn't need heaven. More specifically, I borrowed a chunk of Penn Jillette's beautiful "I believe there is no God" and worked it into my speech. Here is what I had to say about my late grandmother: It was very therapeutic for me. The Pastor was behind me all the way until I got to the last sentence of the second paragraph, but commended me for my public speaking skills.
  15. PaulQ

    Halp! We're Being Repressed!

    It's pronounced "Krismas," because it's all about Kris Kringle. Stupid Christians have been spelling it wrong. Merry Krismas, everyone!