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    Gave up religion decades ago though since becoming an atheist have learned more about religion than most religionists.

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  1. The crazies are out in force on youtube, with their videos of people who have been to heaven and hell and come back and so much other trash. When I say crazies, I don't just mean christians who preach what they think is in the bible and threaten disbelievers with hell. There are flat earth people (because the bible says so) , the Mandel effect (time is flaky on Earth and keeps changing and only these people notice it) and all sorts of conspiracy theorists and other weird stuff. They have numbers on their side so a little help in pointing out the truth and reality to such people would be appreciated.
  2. antibarbie. Reading about the absolutely horrible god portrayed in the old testament, being in a place without god sounds good to me.
  3. Strobel, spelt dumbbell. I knew someone who rejected christianity but then went onto scientology and could not see it was just as bad. There were forbidden books there too which show that scientology is all lies, how the baked-bean can e-meter changes readings according to humidity, that Hubbard lied about his self curing and so on. Organised religions are bad but if anything, these minoir religions which spring up in their place are even worse.
  4. What scares me are the christians who say it is OK for god to kill everyone in a worldwide flood as he made them so he can do what he wants with them. I hope these people do not have any children as they may decide they can do what they want with them.
  5. It is a shock the first time that you actually question the bible and so see what blatant nonsense it is. Most religionists hang on firmly to their rose coloured glasses and fear to ask questions, blandly accepting whatever tripe is thrown at them. Nothing can be done for such people.
  6. Sexual abuse as well as beatings and such seem to be a staple of many religions. Even arranged marriages where if the girl doesn't marry the much older man her parents want her to, her own family murders her. It still amazes me that even in 2008, people who are nothing more than modern day witch doctors in frocks carry so much weight in our society.
  7. Jesus and others told us many times that the world would end about 1950 years ago. We're still waiting : http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/says_about/end.html Ignore the lies in the bible and get on with your life.
  8. JESUS LIES. Who says so? The bible does : http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/says_about/end.html If a liar threatens you with hell, are you going to believe him without some very solid evidence which has yet to be provided?
  9. There is not a single shred of evidence of support any religion, so as Richard Dawkins says; people who believe in religion are delusional. You are doing your kids a favour by not saddling them with crazy and irrational beliefs.
  10. The idea of hell came from a truly sick mind, to forc people to believe in their religion. The greatest sin we can commit is not murder, rape, genocide, etc which can be forgiven but a non-belief in a diety for which the punishment is eternal torture (no matter how good a life you lived) by that "loving" diety. The quran rants on and on and on about hell and while the men are with their 72 virgins in paradise, women can only get there if their men say so, though what they are supposed to do in paradise is anyone's guess.
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