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    Born again from age 15 to age 33. I've seen and heard it all and will never go back to fundamentalist Christianity, though I am still a theist of sorts.


    **** I have left XC, permanently. My time here has run its course. I have asked that my mod privileges be removed. If you wish to stay in contact with me, use the Yahoo IM address or the email link listed in this profile. I have turned off PM's because I don't want to have to come back here to read them. ****

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    Jesus? Hell no
  1. OMG, please explain that in terms I can comprehend right now. No offense, I just can't wrap my still-recovering-from-the-flu brain around that statement. Kelli Well since we arrived to the conclusion that the existence of a deity is essentially unprovable, I was wondering what we would say about spirituality/supernatural stuff as all that happens to people on an experiential level. Flu sucks, hope you feel better. Thanks, that explains it much better Well, I personally have experienced a lot and for example, have recorded some pretty amazing EVP. The research int
  2. OMG, please explain that in terms I can comprehend right now. No offense, I just can't wrap my still-recovering-from-the-flu brain around that statement. Kelli
  3. Exactly. It's a high level of certainty, which means it's not just something that's loosely believed. It is a position, arrived at, based on reasoning. Good... Well now that we've established that... There is no reason why atheists should disparage theists -- because though my beliefs may be more subjective than an atheists -- neither are completely proveable or disproveable. And THAT was the point of this thread. Kelli
  4. That's pretty much every church, ministry, and televangelist, isn't it? And tax exempt at that. What a nice racket! Kelli
  5. I'm here to remind you (all athiasts): accusation without evidence is ……………!?! Kamal... Allow me to let you in on a little secret.... I'm NOT AN ATHEIST! Why does this matter? Because I'm the one who posted the OP. I think both religions are fucked up and dangerous, and in fact I think Islam is even moreso. That said, what evidence do you want? I think the evidence condemning both side is quite clear. Both sides have made an art out of killing, maiming, torturing, and condemning "infidels" for centuries and the evidence for this couldn't be any clearer than today. If you do
  6. Fuckin' A! Must we be technical about this? I think you all know what I meant. Some of you are too goddamned intellectual for your own good. But whatever. It doesn't matter anyway.
  7. Not really, most days I can just walk away. Today isn't one of those. I've answered your question now answer mine. I will answer your question the same way you responded to my post. I believe your thoughts are complete and utter crap! My belief is my belief , if you don't like it then that is ok. Just keep your derogatory comments to yourself. Have a great day! I have to agree here. To tell someone that they are entitled to their opinion, however stupid their opinion may be, is tantamount to just telling a person they're not allowed to have their own fucking opinio
  8. Hobbies since leaving Christianity? Lots of them. Paranormal research and investigations are probably foremost on my list. Next would be Irish Dance. I'm just getting started with that. Since becoming single again, I've gotten back into amateur radio after about four years of being inactive. I have always been a cyclist, but more recently I have started mountain biking. I went on one excursion through the Adirondacks last summer and plan on going again this summer. Movies? I watch a lot more movies than I did before. Unless I get free tix from work or someone invites me, I typically wa
  9. Atheists post away... I'm interested in how you view your atheism. Fact or just your viewpoint/opinion? Please be honest. And no comments from my post in CH, which would likely skew my results here...
  10. Very disturbing. Being 36 and living alone, often working odd hours, I worry sometimes about shit like this. I don't feel an ounce of pity for the bastard, but I shudder thinking about what his victims had to endure.
  11. This stemmed from a thought I had from another thread. Though we XC's agree that Christianity is quite fucked up, typically we think that Islam is even more fucked up. I believe this is due to an unfamiliarity with the Islamic culture. Both religions are based on books that condone and even call for various forms of torture and even death for those considered to be infidels. Both religions are based on books that can be interpreted to mean and say just about anything. Both religions have their share of loons who take these teachings seriously and literally. Both religions
  12. Yes, I would say that any such rule would have to apply to both parties. I don't see how this would hold up in court. I don't think it would here. Good luck! Kells EDIT: GET A DECENT ATTORNEY! Trust me on this one...
  13. Oh yeah. This Yankee girl lived in the south for almost four years. The south was what finally cured me of Christianity for good. Xan, I'm really sorry for what happened to you. I can picture it happening in my mind. Scary shit. Your anger is completely understandable and justifiable. Please keep us posted. This is just wrong! HUGS!!! Kells
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