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  1. I was a Xtain for 30 years. I went through the same thing. I remember watching shows on cave men on Discovery and thinking... Uh that's what Adam and Eve looked like? Now I see the truth, I am much better off now. I enjoy learning more than ever.
  2. Great Post I too once felt the call in my life. I am glad I decided to study the bible. It opened my eyes too.
  3. I agree, I just left the cult a couple of months ago and it has been hard. Sometimes drifting back into fear of hell. It is getting better now. Eventually it will get easier.
  4. You should consider the future and listening to her ask you every Sunday for the rest of your life to go to church. Also, If you decide to have children, she is going to take your kids to church and they might think Daddy is not a good person because he does not love Jesus. It is a terrible situation and very hard on a relationship. Find and atheist support group in your town and ask her to go to that with you.
  5. I joined the NAVY after high school as well. I obviously don't attend church there, though. What did you do in the Navy? I am a nuclear MM. I was a Nuclear ET. This was 12 years ago.
  6. A big Thank You to each of you. It feels good to have someone to talk to.
  7. I was raised in a Baptist church from birth. My family changed churches every few years due to different reason, preacher left, got offended, divorced, or just did not like the people. My mom was even a Sunday school teacher for a while. I got saved when I was twelve. I remember my mother crying in the pew, she was so happy. My sisters soon followed. I am sure they wanted to make mom just as happy. On the way home from church, on the day I got saved, I told my mom I did not feel any different and asked how I could be sure I was saved. She said “You have to faith.” After a few months I asked my step father some questions about the bible and after numerous answers that did not satisfy me he said I needed to have faith. That faith was a good thing and showed God I loved him and that we can not understand God. I was 12, so I took him at his word and vowed to never question God again and prayed for God to forgive me for questioning him. After high school I joined the Navy and I went to church on Base. I dated a girl who was not a Christian and eventually broke up with her because of it. No other reason. She was wonderful. But I thought it was what God wanted. I dated lots of girls growing up and I always asked them if there were Christians and made that a priority. Soon after I got out of the Navy I met my wife. She was a good Episcopal girl and invited me to her church. I went even though I did not know anything about Episcopal. It was a really boring service and they recited a lot of memorized lines. I felt out of place. They offered a new comers class. I took the class and learned all the new stuff. I eventually became a chalice bearer. That means I passed the cup of wine. I was also an usher. My wife and I got married and had two kids. Our kids were in church every Sunday. I helped out in service and my wife worked in the Nursery. Four years go by and the church has an issue with the pastor and people start to leave. The congregation dropped to less than half. Then the Gay bishop issue made another half leave. So we were down to 25% of the original congregation. Most of the staff got laid off. Everything in the church changed to volunteer. I helped on weekends with yard work and fixing things for the church. After a couple years of that my wife and I felt God was telling us to change to a new church. We saw a billboard for a new church and decided to give it a try. It was a non-denominational church and did not have any ceremonies. It only had 100 members. We were quickly welcomed in and I started playing guitar in the band. It was the most fun I had in church. I was doing something I loved. The people were great and the fellowship was wonderful. Now my whole life I was a skeptic about everything but religion. I thought it was a sin to question religion. I would always check my sources on every subject and any rumor I heard. One day I realized that it was silly to not apply that same reasoning to my religion. So I started reading about the history of the church and the other books of the bible that were left out. I read about evolution, and anything by Richard Dawkins. After a couple of month of studying I went to my preacher and asked him to explain a few things. He said the same thing my parents told me when I was twelve. "You need to have faith." This time I was not convinced. I soon realized that I did not believe anymore. I continued reading and I found the video of Richard Dawkins on “The God Delusion” and “The Virus of Faith.” I decided to show these to my wife. I hoped it would help here understand why I had changed. We watched the video together, half way through she made a comment about how wrong Richard Dawkins was and that we needed to pray for him. At one point she turned to me and flat out asked me. “Are to an atheist now?” I was amazed at how she had picked up on it. I told her I no longer believed the Bible and was an atheist. She cried. It has only been a month since I told my wife. She is worried I am going to cheat on her now, or divorce her. I was worried she was going to kick me out. My kids are 5 and 7 and they are asking why daddy does not go to church. I refer them to their mother. She tells them I am just going through a hard time believing and eventually I will come around. I try to explain to her that I am not going through anything. This change is not an emotional response. I just looked at the facts and the evidence and my mind was changed. I am not sure what the future holds for me now. She says I am not the same person and the people at church talk to her all the time. I love my wife and want her to understand. Christmas was rough. Her father came to visit. He has been an atheist for years and we had a lot to talk about since we have a lot more in common. I told him that we need to talk about it when my wife is not around as to not offend her. I am trying to be sensitive to her. She decided to come into our conversation and she seemed to enjoy learning. On Christmas day we started another discussion and she could hear us. She started crying. She said she just could not take it on Christmas day. I don’t bring it up unless she asked about it now. Life is much harder now as an atheist, and I miss playing guitar in the band. Guess I need to find another band now.
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