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    I'm sorry folks but they banned me for something I do not know. To my defense, I was just doing my part to give the forum its sparks and without any laughters, this religion talk is getting too serious. Well at least I Tried to contribute so now they banned me and I will leave with my last words to all of you guys out there. It has been a sweet ride while it lasted and your views are similar to my views but they feel that I'm a threat to this community. Same with Martin lurther king jr, they can't tolerate him so they shot him. Same with lord jesus, they can't find any justification to find him guilty so they still prosecute him. There is no way you can reason with people who do not give you a chance to make a case for your own reasonings and because of this, I would like to thank this website for giving me the opportunity to see the true nature of the culprit who banned me. Just like how I find faulty in Christianity and its members so I left it. Same sad case here as well. They find me guilty so now I shall leave this site and convert myself back to Christianity. Today is a sad day indeed and a loss to everyone who cared about my situation.

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  1. This is some of the dumbest stuff I've ever read. I'm a bit stupider for having read it. Now I have to do some word puzzles or something to get my edge back.

  2. "I shall leave this site and convert myself back to Christianity. Today is a sad day indeed and a loss to everyone who cared about my situation."


    Sorry, but I don't believe an ounce of your bullshit.

  3. bump... to see updates on this fellow exchristian.net member... and wondering if there are any hyprocrits around. You know the kind that post up their exchristain testimonial but months later, you don't hear about them on this site again because they came back to god. If you lose a fellow post mate on this site, now you wonder why.
  4. funny how to see this member cringe to stuff he admitted to his local priest....here's a tip...his poop smells just as stinky as yours.. in regards to those who gave up christianity, no one can blame you either. In the model of life, you are born, date, get marry (divorce), have kids and when life gets boring, you turn back to god because that is all you have left. The starter of this thread who gave up religion is probably at the beginning stage of this model of life theory but once everything is acheive and out of the way, sex, drugs and alcohol is really so last year.. Repent and come back to god. LOL
  5. HEre..let me help you to become an exchristian.. Our mothers have forbids us to do things in which we feel obligated that we should do because the world revolves arounds us while we are growing up. Being Christian, one is living in a world where we try to do more good than bad but that is not the reality of the world that we are living in. Sinful stuff are everywhere if only we take the time to see it or to realize it and to let it soak on in. Now what if your mother gives you all the authority to do whatever you do just as long as you take responsibility of your action? No one is stopping you when you have cross over to the other side for there is no law of god for you to worry about. You eat, sleep, see things not as in good because of the teaching of Christianity but as in moral judgement in which you are God yourself and you dictates what is right and wrong for yourself. There is a saying in Shamanism that might be a universal saying and that is...."It is easier to be bad than it is being good".....When you give up Christianity, your mind will be free to think for yourself and air will smell more crispier for now, it isn't God who create such air but that it's the air around you that serves you.
  6. so this site is to harbor such people so we can all feel like we are not the only one in this world who is going through this revolt against Christianity? I practice shamanism so I can not relate to what it is like to go through a crossing over sega of one religion to the next or to give it up completely. I give you much courage to do such a thing. What I don't get is them Christian be saying for those who are in doubt of the Christian religion is when one is being in doubt, he would leave room for the work of the devil to finish his deed.
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