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  1. If I ran this country, I'd grab an extra hundred billion dollars or so... and then I'd go fishing. My Fellow Americans: fuck this shit I'm taking a vacation.
  2. My co-workers with this attitude are all people in their 20's who have little if any work experience prior to this job. They're all very intelligent, and they 'know' as well as anybody that layoffs can happen without notice to anybody in the aircraft industry. But they haven't experienced it- life hasn't kicked them in the ass yet. It likely will at some point, and they'll likely learn from it. But we're talking about young professionals who grew up upper middle class- had their education paid for by parents/scholarships, etc... and then landed in a cushy job right outta school. They've b
  3. I think this is just kinda human nature. There's a vast range of conditions that people can become accustomed to. There are jobs out there FAR worse than being a heavy equipment mechanic- and people make it work. And they also manage to be really unhappy at really easy and well-compensated jobs. One thing I've noticed over the years is that there really isn't much correlation between working conditions and the amount of bitching that people engage in. People get used to a certain baseline and adjust their expectations accordingly. Some of the biggest complainers I've ever worked with
  4. In my previous career as a heavy equipment mechanic, I've had several jobs that required some really shitty tasks. Some were worse than others- but really this kind of thing has been true of ALL of them except the one union job I had for a few years. I've had to work on machinery when the snow is flying, it's WELL below 0 degrees F with a 30mph wind. So goddamn cold that the diesel fuel would turn to jelly. Or when it's 110+ degrees out with no shade for MILES around... and a 30mph wind kicking up dust. I've had to crawl down into the guts of combines with a blowtorch in one hand and a wa
  5. Yeah, I've got mixed feelings about this whole thing. On one hand I really wish we could take the desperation out of the picture when it comes to looking for work. In a society as wealthy as ours, there's no reason people should be killing themselves to find ANY job just to avoid becoming homeless. On the other hand, there's a LOT of work required to keep our awesome standard of living afloat. It's not fair that some have to work themselves into an early grave (and yes this is STILL a reality) while others get paid for doing nothing. There is no perfect solution to that dilemma. Per
  6. Who are these parent who pay for weddings, cars, college, etc??
  7. We spend our lives chasing food, shelter, security, sex, love, status. Money is just a way of making those assets liquid. Take money out of the equation, and we'd still be chasing those goals.
  8. Piece-work is becoming more and more common here in the U.S. And it's almost ALWAYS used to fuck over workers. I was a mechanic for 16 years, and 'flat-rate' is common in the industry. Meaning you're paid per job. I've worked jobs that way, though I avoided it as much as possible. And I've known LOTS of people to do this kind of work. At first glance it's an appealing idea. We all know we're smarter, faster, and more productive than average... wouldn't it be nice to be compensated for that? Well somebody has to administer this system. Is it administered fairly? Are you actually
  9. The car would definitely win. It's made outta metal and those lazy-assed babies won't even get up and walk.
  10. That's an awful lot of words wasted on a bored kid. Hey 1AT... do you believe in santaclaus? No? Well why the fuck not? You can't prove he isn't real. And if you're naughty he'll kick your ass.
  11. That's a mighty big 'if'. One that very few if any humans live up to.
  12. I've passed out several times over the years- via heat stroke, head injury, shock, excessive alcohol & other fun substances. And the process of blacking out was never traumatic at all. Basically it starts with narrowing tunnel-vision and proceeds into something like falling asleep quickly and involuntarily. Events leading up to it may painful, but not the process itself of going unconscious. I see no reason to think that death will be any different.
  13. One fully outfitted yacht, and nineteen attractive gals of various shapes, sizes, colors, and ages- all of whom are into me of course.
  14. I'll join you in the pity-party, Casteil. I don't want humans to go extinct or anything- matter of fact I hope 'we' spread like a plague throughout the galaxy. And I'm glad I can contribute to that in a few small ways. But I feel like my participation in this human clusterfuck is of a limited time- and that's fine with me. I'm not particularly happy to be here, and that's been true from a pretty young age. So I'm biding my time, making the best of it as well as I can. I reckon I'll stick around until old age- it's not like I have anything better to do. But I'll have no kids an
  15. I thought of the Mantis Shrimp: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/mantis_shrimp
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