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  1. Getting married in less than two weeks.

  2. Haven't seen you in a long time. Glad to have you back in the Den!

  3. Hmm well acording to this graph http://www.adherents..._Adherents.html Islam and the non-religious aren't that far behind, but personally I wouldn't use the number of adherents as a standard to judge how accurate a belief is. 1,000 years ago everyone KNEW that the earth was at the center of the universe, but they were wrong. Single people are smart, but groups....are often quite stupid, group think is a powerful tool to get people to believe things for bad reasons. Sure, but we could ask the same question of lots of beliefs or ideas, Socrates and Aristotle believed in the Greek gods, which we find laughable, but it does not mean they were stupid. My parents are Christians and yet they are quite smart, however when I try to discuss religion with them I can often see their normally brilliant minds simply shutting off and refusing to ask any deep questions, and ignoring evidence. It is quite easy for smart people to believe dumb things. Do some reading into the prophecies, fulfillment is often exaggerated if not made up entirely. Isaiah 7:14 for instance is often cited as a reference to Jesus' birth, but on close examination of the passage it is obvious that the writer meant no such thing. For brevity here is an excerpt from the wiki page about this passage, I have read all of this information independently from wiki so I know it is accurate. This is an odd question, for one it is stilted, it assumes there was a Jesus in the first place, further more people who were executed were usually buried in mass graves. Besides, we do not know where lots of people from that time were buried. Where is Socrates' body, for instance? Does the fact that no one know where he was interred suggest that Socrates rose from the grave? Well in truth you can not be 100% sure, but you cannot be 100% sure of practically anything, perhaps the Muslims are right and the hell you should really be scared of is theirs? I imagine, however, that you do not find that thought particularly frightening. One you get to the point that you see Christianity as no different from any other religion out there then this fear will take care of itself, and you will be no more scared of the Christian hell than of the promised punishments for impiety that come from any other religions. I believe some others have mentioned Bart Eherman, I 2nd that, and warn you to stay away from Zietgiest. Some will recommend it, but it is badly put together and overstates certain things to the point of historical inaccuracy.
  4. The coolest person on earth? Well, no one's perfect, but i do enjoy reading your posts on the Forum.

  5. I'm an anime nerd,too. And no, I don't only watch Pokemon. That's just a guilty pleasure.

  6. likes his new dodge dart.

  7. I had a lot of the same experiences growing up as well. I moved around quite a bit, and I was always picked on in any school I went to. I was always the odd ball, the one who didn't fit in very well. Teachers diagnosed me as ADHD and wanted to put me on medication for it. My parents, thankfully, refused.
  8. haha, well most of my relatives are walking stereotypes. I haven't lived in Arkansas in a while, and I like it that way, mostly because the stereotypes DO have some basis in reality. At the moment, living in Japan, I am about as far from Arkansas as I can get without going into space.
  9. No need to feel like a wuss, I just kinda blurted out to my parents and regretted that later. I have yet to tell my grandma and probably never will, she is in her 80's now. She no bible scholar and wouldn't understand my reasons, nor would it help anything at all. It is up to you what you thing is best, but sometimes its leave it alone, or as they say in Texas, "let sleeping dogs lie"
  10. Hey we are practically neighbors I've been living in Japan since August, as an English teacher. Welcome to the site. We need more people here near my time zone
  11. This stuck out at me, cause my extended family on my dad's side is exactly the same way. The whole lot of them are a bunch of Arkansas red necks. Despite that my dad likes to read and is a sci-fi fan. Anyway, Welcome to the board.
  12. I don't see anti-christ as a put down. Its a little like being told I'm anti-racist by a member of the KKK. I'm just like "yeah, so what's your point?"
  13. I remember first finding this site right after I deconverted and being amazed that I wasn't the only ex-christian out there. For so long I'd only been friends with other Christians, I thought I was the first person to have doubts.
  14. Hey Welcome! I know how stressful this stuff can be, I deconverted at about the same time as I graduated from college, and my grades dropped my last year of school. I simply wasn't able to concentrate on things anymore. I think that maybe your biggest problem is that you don't know anyone you can talk to or who can understand what you are going through. Find a way to make some friends outside college and church. If possible could you transfer to a secular school? If your parents are uncomfortable with it perhaps you can convince them by telling them that school "X" has the major that I want and the school you are in now doesn't have a good program for that. I know it sucks to be dishonest with them, but its for your own sanity and I'm sure you don't want to have it out with them on this right now. I'd also suggest, at least until you can transfer, finding a hobby or something that will let you make friends outside of church/school. Something that you like and will take your mind off of obsessing about religion. This helped me enormously right after I deconverted. My hobby was anime, when I was a Christian I had watched some and liked it, but my Christian friends didn't approve of it. They thought it was a waste of time that was better spent sharing the gospel. Picking up a hobby helped me to feel normal again and I also took a certain amount of pleasure from doing something I knew most of my old Christian friends wouldn't approve of.
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