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  1. Getting married in less than two weeks.

  2. Hmm well acording to this graph http://www.adherents..._Adherents.html Islam and the non-religious aren't that far behind, but personally I wouldn't use the number of adherents as a standard to judge how accurate a belief is. 1,000 years ago everyone KNEW that the earth was at the center of the universe, but they were wrong. Single people are smart, but groups....are often quite stupid, group think is a powerful tool to get people to believe things for bad reasons. Sure, but we could ask the same question of lots of beliefs or ideas, Socrates and Aristotle believed in the Greek gods, which we find laughable, but it does not mean they were stupid. My parents are Christians and yet they are quite smart, however when I try to discuss religion with them I can often see their normally brilliant minds simply shutting off and refusing to ask any deep questions, and ignoring evidence. It is quite easy for smart people to believe dumb things. Do some reading into the prophecies, fulfillment is often exaggerated if not made up entirely. Isaiah 7:14 for instance is often cited as a reference to Jesus' birth, but on close examination of the passage it is obvious that the writer meant no such thing. For brevity here is an excerpt from the wiki page about this passage, I have read all of this information independently from wiki so I know it is accurate. This is an odd question, for one it is stilted, it assumes there was a Jesus in the first place, further more people who were executed were usually buried in mass graves. Besides, we do not know where lots of people from that time were buried. Where is Socrates' body, for instance? Does the fact that no one know where he was interred suggest that Socrates rose from the grave? Well in truth you can not be 100% sure, but you cannot be 100% sure of practically anything, perhaps the Muslims are right and the hell you should really be scared of is theirs? I imagine, however, that you do not find that thought particularly frightening. One you get to the point that you see Christianity as no different from any other religion out there then this fear will take care of itself, and you will be no more scared of the Christian hell than of the promised punishments for impiety that come from any other religions. I believe some others have mentioned Bart Eherman, I 2nd that, and warn you to stay away from Zietgiest. Some will recommend it, but it is badly put together and overstates certain things to the point of historical inaccuracy.
  3. likes his new dodge dart.

  4. I had a lot of the same experiences growing up as well. I moved around quite a bit, and I was always picked on in any school I went to. I was always the odd ball, the one who didn't fit in very well. Teachers diagnosed me as ADHD and wanted to put me on medication for it. My parents, thankfully, refused.
  5. haha, well most of my relatives are walking stereotypes. I haven't lived in Arkansas in a while, and I like it that way, mostly because the stereotypes DO have some basis in reality. At the moment, living in Japan, I am about as far from Arkansas as I can get without going into space.
  6. No need to feel like a wuss, I just kinda blurted out to my parents and regretted that later. I have yet to tell my grandma and probably never will, she is in her 80's now. She no bible scholar and wouldn't understand my reasons, nor would it help anything at all. It is up to you what you thing is best, but sometimes its leave it alone, or as they say in Texas, "let sleeping dogs lie"
  7. Hey we are practically neighbors I've been living in Japan since August, as an English teacher. Welcome to the site. We need more people here near my time zone
  8. This stuck out at me, cause my extended family on my dad's side is exactly the same way. The whole lot of them are a bunch of Arkansas red necks. Despite that my dad likes to read and is a sci-fi fan. Anyway, Welcome to the board.
  9. I don't see anti-christ as a put down. Its a little like being told I'm anti-racist by a member of the KKK. I'm just like "yeah, so what's your point?"
  10. I remember first finding this site right after I deconverted and being amazed that I wasn't the only ex-christian out there. For so long I'd only been friends with other Christians, I thought I was the first person to have doubts.
  11. Hey Welcome! I know how stressful this stuff can be, I deconverted at about the same time as I graduated from college, and my grades dropped my last year of school. I simply wasn't able to concentrate on things anymore. I think that maybe your biggest problem is that you don't know anyone you can talk to or who can understand what you are going through. Find a way to make some friends outside college and church. If possible could you transfer to a secular school? If your parents are uncomfortable with it perhaps you can convince them by telling them that school "X" has the major that I want and the school you are in now doesn't have a good program for that. I know it sucks to be dishonest with them, but its for your own sanity and I'm sure you don't want to have it out with them on this right now. I'd also suggest, at least until you can transfer, finding a hobby or something that will let you make friends outside of church/school. Something that you like and will take your mind off of obsessing about religion. This helped me enormously right after I deconverted. My hobby was anime, when I was a Christian I had watched some and liked it, but my Christian friends didn't approve of it. They thought it was a waste of time that was better spent sharing the gospel. Picking up a hobby helped me to feel normal again and I also took a certain amount of pleasure from doing something I knew most of my old Christian friends wouldn't approve of.
  12. Wow, book burnings and telling women that can't wear pants? sounds like you were in a pretty extreme form of Fundamentalism. Good news is that you got out. What sect were you a member of if you don't mind me asking? By the way, Welcome to the site.
  13. I completely understand. It took several years for me to feel "normal" as an unbeliever. I felt like an outsider around Christians and non-Christians. It does get better over time, eventually you will find your niche.
  14. Ok, this is a problem, but it isn't the end of the world. First, I suggest you get some non-relgious friends, they will help you deal with the other stuff. A message board like this is good, but can't replace real life friends for the most part. Now, being in home school makes this harder, but not impossible. Do you have any hobbies that aren't related to religion? If you don't, get one. It doesn't really matter what, just find something you like. Then find a club or something for it and start attending. I hate to sound like I'm plugging it, but anime is quite good in this role, you will find that VERY VERY few people who are into anime are religious, at least this has been my experience, and most are quite open minded. You said your parents are a bit more laid back than they used to be so they probably won't object to something like this, where if you told them you were joining an atheist, or free thought group they WOULD find a problem with that. Once you make some friends who aren't friends with you for relgious reasons things will get considerably easier. Spend time with them instead, if your christian friends try to make a big deal about it just tell them you a have been busy, and leave it at that.
  15. My parents have said similar things to me. I would usually just roll my eyes and go on with my day. I mean, I've been going through this "Phase" for about 6 years now...that's a pretty long phase Since I moved over seas I only talk to them once a week so it doesn't really come up anymore.
  16. Welcome to the site, good to hear your story.
  17. Good to meet you. I, too, was quite impressed with your writing ability. When I was fourteen I was horrible at witting.
  18. I'm sorry for the situation you are in. In a way in this kind of situation I would almost wish for your sake that you could simply go back to believing without question, but I also know that it is impossible to do so. Once you have seen the problems in Christianity you can't go back. I'm a bit concerned that your husband would stage an intervention, bringing other people into your personal business is a thoughtless idea, if he would really do such a thing then you are at least in a sort of psychological danger. Interventions are nothing more than brainwashing tactics, so be wary of that sort of thing. If anyone tries anything like that stay true to yourself and tell them it is none of their business. If you really think that you will have to leave your husband in order to be true to yourself then I suggest that you make preparations for that, you may never have to go through with it, but you should prepare for it. Save some money, find a friend of family member who won't mind taking you in and cares more about you as a person than what religion you follow, so on and so forth. Like I said, be prepared for the worst, hopefully you'll be able to take your kids with you as well.
  19. Uhh...seriously, I play DnD quite a bit and some of the stuff you are saying sounds like something out of a story from the forgotten realms. I love fantasy and DnD, but I don't confuse them for something else. Yes Christianity is stupid, no argument there, but the stuff you are claiming as true is just as irrational as Christian thought. I'm a objectivist I need empirical evidence to believe something. You claim a presence showed up with a satanic chant...people have been claiming that about their own beliefs for thousands of years. Where is the evidence of some cosmic war? You claim to want understanding but you need to understand, people who left fundamentalist Christianity have finely tuned bull shit meters, and I can't understand why you would trade one irrationality for another.
  20. I'm not quite as old (only 29) , but I thought I'd comment on this anyway, I was very angry after my de-conversion, and still am at times. I only lost 5 or 6 years in the religion, but most of that time was spent in college. My grades may well have been better if I hadn't been spending all my time in bible studies, I might have met more interesting people, developed hobbies, and actually spent time bettering myself for the job market and thinking about what I wanted to do when I graduated, instead of "leaving it in gods hands" Furthermore, after my de-conversion I no longer felt comfortable asking for references from the people I had been friends with in college..lest they bring up my faith in the reference they wrote. Overall, I felt like being a Christian set me back quite a bit....I've just learned to deal with it over the years.
  21. thanks for your post. this is how I feel now I am just drifting around and look at people and keep wondering to myself. This is a very rough time for me with much confusion and numbness. I feel depressed and empty. do you get happy again. Does the lonliness and feeling of being lost go away? Hmm...I remember feeling much the same way right after deciding I was no longer a christian, while I can't find a new meaning for you, I can offer a few thoughts which perhaps might put some of this in perspective. First, you are getting to the point when you realize that god, or at least god as you perceived him is not real. You may feel a bit empty from this, but remember that he wasn't real even when you thought he was, and a false meaning of life is worse than not having any at all. Second, ask yourself a question, back when you believed was everything you did really about honoring your conception of god? I doubt it, you probably have family or friends that you care about. I'm sure there were times you sat down and read a good book or watched a TV show just because you liked the story and never once thought about god the whole time. Some people will try to tell you that there is no "reason" to care about your family or friends, so and and so forth, without a god, but in my opinion I need no reason to do these things beyond "I want to" To be honest, I was surprised at how little different my life actually is, I mean, I have more time for hobbies without all the time spent praying and going to bible studies, but overall, I am still me.
  22. If I'm reading you correctly, you don't want to hurt these peoples feelings, or argue with them at length. My suggestion is to email them back and tell them you have been doing some thinking and have decided that Christianity is just not for you. be polite but firm and let them know that its not up for discussion or debate, that if they want to hang out they are welcome to drop by and see you, as long as they know that you have no desire to be evangelized at, and that any attempt will simple be met with silence, (or a door shut in their face) Most likely they will either not talk to you, beyond a "hey hows it going" when you pass on campus, or if they are rude they will try subtle way to try to "bring you back into the fold" If the 2nd thing happens, tell them to get lost.
  23. no problem, sorry you thought I was referring to you inadvertently, especially since my purpose was to defend your right to post in this section without being interrupted by idiots like fresh_dg who apparently can't read forum rules... he is probably busy telling all his fundie friends how we persecuted him for being a Christian Anyway welcome to the site
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