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    I used to be an over-zealous, self-hating, lonely, depressed, guilty Catholic...now I'm a healthy, happy humanist

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  1. Absolutely not. I wouldn't be particularly upset by his death, or think it was one of the greatest evils of humanity (like the hanging of Saddam Hussein), but to kill him is inherently wrong.
  2. Years after I stopped believing it existed, I abandoned all my principles and decided to pray to it. I begged it to not let my nan die, or at least treat her well. She spent her 88 years worshipping that thing, and as a reward she got Parkinsons, terrible pain and an horrendously undignified death. If it's got a plan, then frankly I don't want to know what it is...there are some things that are unacceptable whether or not it offers a reward in return. I tried to get it to make me straight when I was still Catholic too...that clearly didn't work.
  3. I just accept and enjoy it. It's still art, it's still a great expression of humanity and human creativity. When I get a religious song or whatever in my head, I think how lucky I am that I can appreciate its beauty without being bound by the dogmatic positions it implies.
  4. I can really relate to what you're talking about...I must have gone to Confession at least every other week, sometimes twice a week, for years. And sometimes I'd still not go to receive Communion. And obsess over the fact that you need to confess the precise number of mortal sins, read and re-read the list of 'grave matter' sins and then try to work out what comprised the other two conditions of 'full knowledge' and 'full will to commit a mortal sin'. And then fret over the fact I might have forgotten something. Could you just go and tell the priest the truth that you don't believe any more? He wouldn't be able to give you 'absolution', you could just go in and say you wanted a quick chat. I suppose it depends what he's like...fortunately my parish priest was a great, liberal guy, but some of them are bastards. If I had to go to Confession again, I'd probably just say "I'm not looking to confess anything, I'm just expected to so I've come to make it look like I have. Since I don't believe in it any more, you know as well as I do Father that to try to offer me the Sacrament would be sacrilege. Also I have clinical depression and I think it would be irresponsible for you to try to make me feel any worse about myself. Bye."
  5. I reckon the Internet is a really easy place to air extreme views on any side. I know I'm guilty of saying things on forums that are extreme caricatures of what I actually think in reaction to someone else's fundamentalism. In the real world, though, I think all the people that post those videos come across people of opposite opinions (Christian, atheist or whatever) that they have a lot of respect for and wouldn't treat the way they treat people virtually online. Maybe that's just me though!
  6. For me it would depend on whether Yahweh was actually perfectly morally good like he says he is in the Bible. If that can't be proven, I'd side with Lucifer. According to the Bible, all he did was question the absolutist dictatorial authority of Yahweh...in which case, I'd assume he'd be against any type of absolutist power and so much more on the side of humanity. But if Yahweh is somehow perfectly and ultimately "good" then he does have the right to claim ultimate authority, and humanity would be better off with him, since he's the standard of good and I'd have to support him. So sorry to be annoying, but do we know (i.e. have objectively proven) anything about Yahweh other than his existence?
  7. The sad fact is that we have always had terrorists, and probably always will. The idea that we can somehow fight an all-out "war" against the abstract noun "terror" is what is really keeping us afraid. Yes, we should try to bring these people to justice, yes we should try to root out terrorists as much as we can. And moreover, we should be trying to get rid of the injustices that facilitate extremism and violence. But in all that, there has to be dialogue, not with hardcore extremists since that is impossible, but with the supporters and those than could be swayed by terrorists. Throughout our attempts to eradicate terrorism, we categorically must not use 'any means possible'. We must hold, at whatever cost, to the principles of liberty, democracy and justice that terrorists seek to destroy. Otherwise, what's the point in fighting them in the first place? If we're going to let go of those principles, why would it matter if it is our own government or someone else that is indiscriminately targeting innocent people, eroding freedom and enacting a fascist police state? The results are the same.
  8. I can see what you mean, but as a former Catholic I personally couldn't bring myself to receive Communion if I had to go to Mass. It's far too ingrained in my mind that the bread and wine and supremely sacrosanct that I'd feel too guilty, though irrationally as I no longer believe them to be inherently special. Besides which, I wouldn't want to take part in something I disagree with fundamentally. Also, I would still want to have some respect for the beliefs of the people there and not go out of my way to defile something they worship. It's only occurred to me recently that as I'm spending time with my extended family this Christmas, they'll probably all be going to midnight Mass. It may be easier just to go along and save the discussion...in which case I'll have to either stay seated or go up for a blessing. Hopefully I'll be able to get out of it though, and spend Christmas Eve at my own place of worship, the pub. Considering they tend to go to church at Christmas, Easter, baptisms and funerals (the weddings in our family aren't even in churches!) it shouldn't be a problem. On the other hand, there's this weird disconnect where being gay, having kids out of wedlock, divorcing, cohabiting, not going to church, taking drugs and committing crimes are fine, but it somehow matters if you don't get your child baptised, no longer identify as 'Catholic' in some vague, bastardised, nominal way and don't go to church at Christmas! It's hard to argue with that sort of irrationality.
  9. As far as the drinking is concerned, maybe it would help if your parents came to understand that just drinking a bit is a world apart from alcoholism? Reading the post you linked to, I realise that's not gonna solve everything. I mean, do you think you might show them an example of someone not living exactly how they do, but still not a horrible degenerate? I obviously don't know your family, so I don't know if this would work, but could you try to gradually show them that you can do a lot of things they didn't expect (like drink occasionally, not want to farm, believe differently..) but still be a good person? Great! I also love ordering books online. Glad I could be of some help, and hope the book is as beneficial for you as it was for me! Keep me posted Deb Me too...I really related to your first post and ordered the book as well. I know the recommendation wasn't to me, but it sounded good anyway!
  10. Personally, I'd just reply and point out that if God has power to save us and did then he's also a complete cunt for not saving loads of other people from the same thing. My family were once talking about a woman who lost her husband and two of her three children in a car crash. The first thing that came to mind for my uncle was that God saved her one of her kids. I managed to bite my tongue, but I was thinking what a bastard he was for not saving the rest of her loved ones.
  11. I voted 'engage them'. But it depends what exactly the post is. If it's just a rant or some PRATT copy and paste, then it's probably best ignored. But in general, I think it's important to engage them. Christian Forums has taught me that any slight action when talking to a fundie can vindicate their beliefs. This will just send them running back to church saying 'atheists are so rude, and they're so terrified of other opinions because they know in their heart that they're wrong and that Jesus is Lord.' Or the equivalent in some made up gobbledegook while rolling around on the floor like a total prick.
  12. There's not really anything I can say that hasn't been said...but I have to say I really do admire your courage in life and in talking about it. There's a fantastic supportive group of people here and I'm really glad you found us. I hope you stay and that it helps, even for us just to listen.
  13. I don't think any of those superficial changes are universal by any means. If you really, really want to do something you probably already started doing it before you completely left the church. Hence, towards the end, my weekly 'I've smoked ____ joints, been drunk ____ times and done ____ with ____' confessions
  14. As an ex-Catholic, I'm still marking Lent. I had pancakes on Pancake Tuesday (maybe just a British thing). I've also decided to take up extra sins for Lent to balance things out. More drinking, more smoking, more drugs and more junk food. I'm really looking forward to Good Friday. As the holiest day in the Catholic calendae I intend to use it to eat loads of meat and junk food, drink loads, smoke, take drugs and have gay sex. Lent used to be a time when I felt guilty because I should. Now it's a time to celebrate life and spit in their faces so I'm gonna enjoy life to the full. Fuck Catholicism.
  15. If Huckabee gets the nomination, every non-fundie Republican will vote either for the Dems or someone else. If McCain gets it, the hardcore Republicans will vote for a third candidate. Although they don't seem to have made an active effort for this, the Dems are proving the 'divide and conquer' maxim. Either way, the Democrats have got the presidency in the bag. For me, '08 is basically Clinton or Obama. That's the only contest going on..thankfully, I think we're definitely safe from a third Republican presidency. With any luck, the US will then start moving forward instead of backwards.
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