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  1. hey grandpa Harley, I just came by to see you?

  2. Those nuns are handy creatures... they do chainmail as well as S&M toys?
  3. Hmmm... does that mean an 'answer' or just a 'response'...
  4. At least you can feed the kid the antidote to the fear... bascially, it's a story to keep naughty kids of any age from being naughty... like the monster under the bed... (or some nightmare of past childhood... by six she should have a few monsters staked and buried by now, so use an appropriate one...) As to husband... if the 'church matter' isn't illegal, just immoral then he can take big streaming cup of STFU... if it's illegal, then, really, ratting him out is the best option and let the devil take him to e-wing...
  5. A cheering spin on that... so will ever Mofo that's ever pissed me off... nuff to raise a smile on these raddled old features...
  6. I ask them to point me at nature's version of a 747, in that there is a clearly defined created artefact... Even then, although it's not likely, there's nothing in the laws of physics that says it actually can't happen... it's a bit like a cup of hot coffee spitting out a perfect wite sugar cube or the milk separating out... both are highly improbable, but that then means it has a finite probability, and just because it's not happened before doesn't mean is can't in the next measure of time you apply... It's like tossing a coin... there's no 'cumulative' probability to a random event... e
  7. TBH, invoking the bible as anything like an authority seems pretty weak to me... The bottom line - the vile old hypocrite ran an underground rail road for kiddie fiddlers, using a piece of John XXIII's misguided attempt to protect clergy and their adult sexual partners from local reprisals following some ugly stuff in some staunchly catholic countries (that resulted in a few deaths of the women involved) Voldemort-Palapatine I took that 'guideline' and expanded it to cover RCC kiddie fiddling on a Factory scale... this man now is the 'moral' leader of the largest single 'Christian' gr
  8. If you were Lot's daughters you'd ride that pony home... I feel queasy now...
  9. How? Bulk of humanity doesn't accept your 'God' or 'his' 'rules'... You keep coming back to blasphemy... is your god so damned small that he's bothered by insults? I'd agree there there is getting less and less to discuss, but that's because you're retreating into solipsisitic gibberish rather than answering the quesrtions that actually DO cause you a challenge... What next 'his ways are not our ways, GLORY! and y'all were never Christians'?
  10. you missed out '... muttering, mantra like, Pascal's specious wager...'
  11. That's a superstition common in Islamic sects... It's why Islamic art is non-representational...
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