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  1. hey grandpa Harley, I just came by to see you?

  2. It's a case of double think... she likes the people, not the idea... but the only way to hang out with the people then is to handle their beliefs as a charming eccentricity, rather than the monstrous cult it is... Been there... Life's too short to be nice to assholes...
  3. and burned offerings are 'sweet' unto the LORD! GLORY! What can one expect of a Hittite War God who finagled a promotion to creator deity? He likes Magnolias?
  4. I'd not sweat the small stuff... If find a good blaspheme can work wonders... "God's Teeth" "Jesus, Mary and Joseph" etc...
  5. Funny thing about it that (at least for many of us), after we drain out the bathwater, there's no baby in there anyway! (I'm a former Pentecostal minister, going on 25+ years away from the pulpit now.) As I've said before, if there ever was a baby in there, it's a bloated bluing corpse that's sloughing skin as some mad clergyman with nudges it and claims "it's alive!!!" and to the OP - Welcome!
  6. That's quoted for the truth... de profundis, old bean, de profundis.. That reminds me of another issue for me. I'll get past it, but if I meet someone really nice, someone who just makes your day with their attitude or their kindness, I still have this gut feeling of "I wonder if they are a Christian." Like Hindus and Atheists can't be nice. How twisted is that? I knew that anyone, from any walk of life could be nice, but I still wanted them to be nice, because they were in my club. I think of how some Christians get excited when celebrities thank God or Jesus. I used to feel the same way. I've had more 'Christian' charity from Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims than I ever have chrsitians... one literally shared his last loaf (since we were both broke) with me... it was quite moving...
  7. Well thats the last straw! I've listened to your wit and knowledge long enough. You're going on my friends list you wonderful Brit!


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