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    I like nothing. Nothing I like. Nothing is everything to me, and everything to me is nothing. This makes what I like nothing, and nothing what I like. I like everything then, even though it is nothing.

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  1. Abi, I miss you around here. I hope you are well and everything is going ok. Cheers, Kathlene. :)))

  2. Saints killing em baby!!!

  3. I gotta say, I agree with that comment. Cheers, friend Abiyoyo!

  4. Hey yoyoI think you are a great guy with alot of good ideas. Straight from the ole' heart you know. Thanks for your kind way and gentile approach to all climatic events!

  5. I don't know if it's still on lame jokes or not, but ......What is a pirates favorite letter? arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh
  6. Matthew, Your basic questioning in this "false covenant, failed prophecies" topic are: 1)The covenant with Abraham and his desendants . Moses was descended from Abraham, and all the Children of Israel. The last populated "count" was around 300k to 400k from the OT. The Children of Israel are Jewish heritage. A descent group is a social group whose members claim common ancestry. How many Jewish descendants are presently alive today, and have already past. Maybe, more than the sands of the sea? 2)The covenant with abraham in the claiming of land. Again, originally God did
  7. The Black Soil Plains 'The herring clouds are stretching Across the black soil plains. It's more than folks dare hope for As they pray for summer rains. 'Six years of drought and hardship, The dams and rivers dry. The bank owns a second mortgage And our sheep and cattle die. ' "Lord, fill our creeks and rivers, Let pastures green our lands, Squeeze the moisture from the heavens With Your ever loving hands." 'God looked down and saw our suffering And a miracle came to pass. His tears dropped down from heaven Just enough to MAKE THE WHOLE EARTH FLOOD EXCEPT FOR THE AR
  8. Hey, I figured you didnt see my response to well, so I copied it to you. If you want a debate about all the justification or verifaction of my beliefs, Good Luck. I already know the out come of our debate before we would even begin, Agree to Disagree. I was commenting on the topic of "why" "fundies" are so deeply attached toward the evolution topic from a Christians POV. No debating with you and me. Sorry.
  9. That is very true, in regard to "Fundies"LOL. I believe in the ole' traditional Bible God that worked 6 days and rested on the 7th. This is directly related to why most Christians get emotional toward evolution, in that Christians "try" to walk, seek God on a daily level and really dont even think about science.This daily "seeking" is hard to accomplish alot of times, yet trying to prove the world was created less than 6000 years ago. Too much for my plate of things to do. LOL. Ijust keep curious, and keep in practice of my beliefs.
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