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  1. Mythra, I would posit that Josephus' failure to discuss Jesus/Yeshua is a stinging indictment from silence as to Christian claims. It is clear that historically what we would term as proto-Christians existed when Josephus did, during the latter first century of the common era. However, even by the time of Josephus, the majority of proto-Christians did not live in Judea, but lived in many diverse communities, just like the Jews did. It is also pertninent to address the failure of Philo of Alexandria and other historians who were living in the Judean area of the early to mid first century t
  2. http://www.geocities.com/alma-geddon/index.html
  3. Luck, what is it with you? Is everything bad caused by white supremacy, anti-semitism, etc. Read carefully what you wrote above. How is your statement any different than the prejudicial statements or beliefs that you claim to be disgusted by? As MLK said, he had a dream where people were judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. I firmly believe in what he said and I hope it will someday be the norm for all differences of people. I just am perplexed at why you seem to exhibit the same types of prejudicial attitudes. Bruce
  4. I am reading Wilber's "Quantum Questions" right now. In this he debunks the new age, Tao of Physics type of extrapolation from physics to mysticism. At the same time, he presents an anthology of the writings of the giants of physics, who specify why they disagreed with the attempts of religious people to use quantum mechanics to prove spirituality, but at the same time were all mystics themselves. Bascially, what I am getting from the book is this; we do not truly understand the universe (not the material universe, but the underlying reality) and all science or other methods of interrogation p
  5. As of February 2005, I am 40 years of age and have been out of the Christian cult for about 10 years. I was born in 1964 into a very Christian family in Texas. Paternally, my family was staunch Southern Baptists and my Great-Grandfather was the oldest living SBC Home Missionary from the time I was born until he died at 98 in 1985. Maternally, my family is staunch Church of Christ, and my first cousin is currently a major CoC preacher. Like most children born into a seriously Christian family, I began attending church immediately, although in the nursery. For the rest of my childhood, w
  6. Open theism is not restricted to various segments of Christianity. As a deist, I also hold to a sort of open theism, in that no one can know the future absolutely, not even a deity. Now to address your questions about Satan: The analysis of the evolution of Judaism and Christianity prove to my satisfaction that this is nothing more than an artificially created boogeyman, a means to scare people into conforming. The issue that I have with the Bible and Christianity in particular is that claims are made about God, about God's actions and about other things that are clearly contradictory, mutuall
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