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    I have studied and cherished many mythologies, and love digging into their deeper meanings...at best all religions try to scale the same mountain of spirituality, only some try to pretend they own the whole mountain. But the mountain is free for all to climb, and the knowledge gathered along the way can benefit us all. Too bad some choose their relationship with the mountain over being decent human beings.

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  1. Only in 'Merica. Jesus on the wall, shotgun in the gun rack. Love thy neighbor, but shoot 'em if they dare walk across your property uninvited.
  2. Take a look at M Theory, it has a lot to say about pre-Big Bang, and possible reasons for the Big Bang (like other universes colliding to create ours and infinite sets of universes going back long before our universe came into existence).
  3. The new M Theory and its acceptance of 11 dimensions, including an infinite set of universes alongside our own, is beginning to put holes in the whole "there was nothing, including time" before the Big Bang. According to M, our universe was probably created by the explosion of an older universe dying, or the collision of two universes, or the splitting of a massive universe into two or more pieces (new universes). In this, time would happen from universe to universe, back ad infinitum, no beginning point to existence, and that we are not only star stuff, as Carl Sagan famously said, but previo
  4. Once we deem our children old enough to be out of our sight (friend's house, school, Sunday School, etc) we are putting our trust in them that they can handle the situation, whatever may come up. Beyond making sure my son understands what I think is right and important, I have to trust in him to not fall into the wrong crowd, and to not fall for bad advice from others. Not an easy thing to do as a parent. But I can't hover, only teach him what I can. No one has the right to be free from being offended or not hear objectionable material. The same freedom of speech I reserve for myself I ha
  5. I bet if you had had this conversation a hundred years ago, Satan would have been black. Or Jewish. Or Irish. Satan is always pegged as the currently "out" (no pun intended) group among the religious. (Rotten.com) People have been doing it ever since.
  6. Mary wasn't his mom, she was a surrogate, because, unlike every other God who had children (looking at the Greek gods mostly, yeah you Zeus), the Bible God did not have sex with Mary (I have been yelled at enough by Fundies not to bring that idea up) so that means In Vitro Fertilization. And that means all the genetic material came only from God. The Father and the Holy Spirit. Jesus's mom and dad. It has always puzzled me why Christianity has white washed the feminine out of their religion. It is a Man's Man's World. Which does not, of course jibe with reality. Oh well, it is a wonde
  7. I am very much against women wearing pants, though I have a feeling my reason are not his reasons.
  8. The problem I see with this approach is that they will more than likely only fluster for a second and then just ignore your question and move on with their script. Just as they do here in the Lion's Den. I always find it is best to just state your point of view and that that POV is non-negotiable. When they continue, you can then politely tell them they are being rude. I have had several visits in the past year, but they always send Portuguese speaking JWs because of the previous owners of my house, so they leave quickly once they find an English speaker. Odd that they don't update the
  9. Literalism has crushed all the life and intent out of the religion, as it does with any institution, including constitutions and even condo association rules. Rather live by the intent (treat each other better than you do) than by the letter of the law (including the claim they are the ONLY way).
  10. That is funny. "Too cool for Christianity." I remember when I was trying very hard to find my place within Christianity while being true to myself, I was constantly told by the True Christians that I was not "cool" enough to join their club. I finally gave up, after a couple of decades of trying, and went my own path...a path I get critcised about by True Christians. Can't win with those people, so I take Lao Tzu's advice and not compete with them.
  11. I can understand the need to belong to a community, and religion is an easy place to find a sense of community. My suggestion, if you want a community with a very liberal worldview on religion, would be check out Unitarian Universalists. I like having them as my umbrella group, while being able to work out my beliefs as I see fit. depending on the congregation, they can be fairly Christian to very Atheistic/Humanist. I like the diversity of thought, and it has become a place that my Christian leaning wife, my Jewish leaning ex-wife, her Atheist leaning husband can all gather together in common
  12. the stranger, on 03 December 2010 - 12:57 AM, said: After all, evolution is a fairly new belief. This begs the question: Then why do you believe Christianity over Judaism? Or Norse Gods? or Greek? or Roman? Or an other older belief system? What does age of a belief have to do with anything, really? I always find that funny...science has always been looking for the newest, most explanatory theories, while many religionists of all faiths tend to cling to the oldest ideas (that they are comfortable with) and shun new evidence and new was of explaining. (btw, hi guys....long time
  13. No. No boat. Just natural iron deposits. No anchor stones. Nothing. This has been debunked time and again by actual real scientists and not wacky creationist loonies. mwc Not surprising...safe "research" they do to say there has never been any transitional animals found in the fossil record.
  14. Anyone who takes their directions from burning vegetation needs to be watched closely by mental health professionals. Ranks right up there with Great Britian's former system of government..."Whomever taketh this sword from the stone will be king"
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