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    I have studied and cherished many mythologies, and love digging into their deeper meanings...at best all religions try to scale the same mountain of spirituality, only some try to pretend they own the whole mountain. But the mountain is free for all to climb, and the knowledge gathered along the way can benefit us all. Too bad some choose their relationship with the mountain over being decent human beings.

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  1. is wandering around the house of his mind, doing a little fall cleaning.

  2. Greetings KCDAD, I prefer to think of it as growing up, as opposed to being born again (my post-attempting to be a christian state of mind).
  3. Thank you for that great timeline testemony. For me, a word or a sentence might prove a certain God's existence, but it still would not give me a reason to swear allegience to....especially if said god is the Christian version. I still have a moral code to upkeep, and that deity does not pass muster.
  4. Welcome to the boards......you are going the right way.......
  5. Welcome to the boards. I too never stepped foot in the sanctuary of a Fundie Church, but have battled myself over what I have found on my spiritual journey. I just forgive myself because sometimes you have to spend a year in earthly Hell to find earthly Heaven.
  6. Welcome. They can't get you here.....without being pummelled for their troubles.
  7. I have two quotes for you, from two different religious points of view: "When in doubt, fuck it. When not in doubt, GET IN DOUBT." "Revel in your guilt."
  8. I had a Catholic friend in college who did not want to go to church, but did not want to fight with his parents, so he'd go to church, and sit in he parking lot, reading a book, until service was over. This worked well for him until one day a family friend saw him and ratted him out to his parents. And he had the fight he was avoiding. And stopped the sharade of going to church. Moral of the story, if you try to please everyone, you will end up pleasing no one, including yourself.
  9. Home made religions are my speciality (being an MRI: Multiple Religious Identity). I currently call myself an Anti-Authoritarian/Apatheist/Buddhist/Taoist/Discordian/Pastafarian/Humanist/Unitarian Universalist. Although, for the most part, UU means the rest anyway.
  10. Welcome to the boards. Anytime children are involved, and both parents do not see eye to eye on how to raise them, there can be big problems. I know with me that my son was always going to be raised Jewish, no matter where his mother or I headed with our religious leanings. (His mom is a non-practicing Reform Jew, so I think it means only the holidays and going to Hebrew School so he can be Bar Mitzvahed, then he gets to choose his own spiritual path, Jewish or not. In fact, I think of the two of us, his mom would be more devestated if he turned Christian than I would). I can only think that honesty is the best path. I do not pretend to be Jewish for my son, who is 5, and he understands that I am not Jewish like he is. But I do participate in Channukah and as he gets older, I will acknowledge the High Holidays, if he so chooses to.
  11. I hold a similar position to the title of the thread. I do not see the morality of the Christian God being moral enough for me, or the whole universe in general. Seems to me it is a great tribal morality for keeping a small population in line, as long as your god is not their god. But it stinks when spread out over everyone.
  12. First off, welcome to the boards. I have my pet theory about the possibility of Satan repenting. Why would God go to Hell after the Crucifiction? My thought is that he went to Hell to offer Satan his old job back as Head Snitch/Attorney General of Heaven. And, as stated in Revelations, somewhere near the front of that disgusting book, Jesus admits to having the Keys of Hell. So, I think Satan repented and gave up control of Hell to God. Only religionists would cling to 2 dimensional charcters who never grow and learn from their mistakes. Good writing demands it's characters learn and change. Because only then does it mirror real life.
  13. It is amazing how even when people break away from Christianity, the brainwashing that has occurred can still influence how we view events. I love all the mythology around the archtypes of good and evil, but when I take a serious look at theistic ideas, I don't look to the religions of Abraham for guidance, but rather concepts like Tao and Richard Bach's Is. If you believe in a real Satan, then all you are is an Anti-Christian, not an ex-Christian. And Anti-Christian is still a Christian, because they buy the Bible as something to base their beliefs on, even if in reverse of a True Christian.
  14. That day will be a focal point for many people. I was a newspaper reporter. I went to work early that day (worked the evening shift normally). Many families in our readership lost loved ones that day (lived close to Boston, where the planes originated). For all the stories and video that made it in he paper or on TV, we in the media were bombarded with hundreds more. I remember being numb for a long time after that....plus scared, because of the Anthrax attacks on media outlets. I remember the stories of people running to God after 9/11. But, I wonder, as the OP points out, how many untold stories of people deciding that there is no god if such things can happen.
  15. Welcome, and thank you for sharing your story.
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