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  1. Your avatar is the best EVAR.

  2. Since before the registration date I have on this current board. I was around for the previous two incarnations of ex-c. Damn. That's coming up on what, 7 years now? Wow.
  3. Years ago I knew a girl who wore glasses. She went to a Benny Hinn crusade and claimed to be healed of her vision problem and stopped wearing her glasses. Weeks later, the glasses were back on.
  4. This board is an excellent venue for detoxing yourself from Christianity. It may be it's most important purpose. Vent away. We're here to support each other.
  5. Which is humorous since Paul forbids women to preach - but that's another topic.
  6. So we were playing cards at my Fundy inlaws today, and for some reason I started talking about Geomagnetic Reversals and how I thought it was cool that the poles could reverse themselves. I was absentmindedly going on about how this happens every so many tens of thousands of years, when one of my in-laws decides to interrupt with something like "Ya, like the earth is 10,000 years old" or "that's older than the earth" or some such. I just stopped and blinked a couple times. Took me a second to continue the conversation. I think I said something like ya, right with a nervous laugh or som
  7. Wonderful book. Tom Paine just rips Christianity to shreds. His writings really helped to free me from Christianity's grip. You can pick up your copy from Amazon.com Linky
  8. I was going to say this. This story is a stumbling block placed in people's paths by Satan. Everyone knows the Bible says the world is only 6,000 years old. Therefore, this story must be a lie.
  9. My rat recently jumped off my shoulder, into my glass of milk, and spilled it all over my homework and textbook - ruining it all. Yet, through it all, I never had the urge to be godly and set him on fire. Strange. Rather, I picked him up and comforted him until he was calm then cleaned up the mess. Weird.
  10. You nailed it on the head. If we don't get a candidate like this soon, we're going to be in big trouble. This country is so far down the wrong path it may be too late already. I wonder if, in this dumbed-down country, we are even capable of producing such a candidate. I doubt it.
  11. Can I vote for none of the above? This is the first election in which I may not vote because there are none worth voting for. Scratch that..guess I can go third party.
  12. All I want to know is where United1 gets his information. On what does he base his claims? If the Bible or personal experience are his only forms of evidence, then we can throw his case out right now.
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