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  1. Wow, reading this made me realize even more just how ridiculous the whole jesus story is. The characters in this are not believable at all.
  2. Not to mention the constant bombardment of religion we get from others everyday. It's hard to forget about it when it's so ingrained in the public consciousness.
  3. My dad responded to my response to my sister because she's busy getting ready for her trip to Pakistan. It's a chore to read, but I would appreciate any feedback or thoughts for responses. part_1.doc part_2.doc
  4. Their ace in the hole argument (according to them) is "Irreducible Complexity" and even that fails miserably.
  5. Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that I've started a meet up group for ex-christians in the Los Angeles area. It's for those who are considering leaving the church or have just left and need support from those of us who have gone through the same process. We'll try to get together at least twice a month, depending on everyone's schedules. Here's the link for the group: http://exchristian.meetup.com/74/
  6. Here's my dad's response. ****************************************** Nathan, I apologize if in any way I communicated disappoinment in you, that wasn't my intention. I only sought to show a comparision of your change in attitude, that is why I said "where is Nathan?" I have always respected your genuiness and courage and who you are. You will always be my son and caring for you and who you are won't change no matter what happens. Since you said you doubted God's existence, I have to admit I was kind of beside myself. I just wanted to reach you because, as you know, I'm convinced t
  7. I agree, there may be a little plagiarism involved in my response to him.
  8. Thank you for the insight Kenny. I do know he loves me and of course I love him since he's my dad. It's just been awkward around my parents ever since I stopped going to church (about 3 years ago now). It's really hard to be around my parents because we really have nothing to talk about. They're so wrapped up in christianity that I can't be myself without disappointing them, so I've been keeping my distance. I also moved out of their house about seven months ago and came clean about believing in evolution after I was out. That's what started this whole debate in the first place.
  9. Give it time. The more you learn about the world, the more you realize how wrong it all is. No one says you have to be an atheist either. As far as me, I'm atheistic towards the bible god but I'm still open to the possibility of a deist's type god. It took me a couple of years after leaving the church before I stopped believing in what they taught me. I still have doubts when a christian makes a good point, but then I read something by Robert Ingersoll or Richard Dawkins, etc. and those doubts vanish. Check out this article on the "uniqueness" of the christian experience. I think it will h
  10. That's because reason is scarier than evil. Christians know they can overcome evil through christ, but to overcome reason would be to become unreasonable. Christians believe they are the most reasonable people on the planet for believing in christ.
  11. That would probably be the best thing to do, but I feel like the debates (the rational ones anyway) help me sort through what I believe and compare things fairly. I'm going to respond to this one rationally, but if he can only come back with appeals to faith, then I'm done.
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