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  1. You are the first person I have seen on here that has any acceptance of God at all. I added you as a friend. Perhaps I will get to know more about you as I am here longer.

  2. Many have said that we weren't True Christians and that we diluded ourselves into thinking that we were. How can that be so if the only way we would want to become Christian is if God draws us to do it? How could we have devoted years of our lives to ministry without God drawing us? The truth is, God didn't draw us. People did. Any thoughts? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> JP, how can anyone else determine your place, in your spirituality? Perhaps YOU saw through their deception and realized there was something there you just couldn't see how a loving God could condone it. Maybe you're now listening to the calling of Love, Compassion, Mercy... more now than you use to be when you were with them? May I suggest a consideration, be careful of throwing the bably out with the bathwater. I believe that the deeper meaning of text referring to Jesus' call, is that He is in ALL of us... (I know, I know, most of you don't want him in you; but bear with me for sake of explanation..) a part of our conscience, bringing us to a higher place in regards to integrity and compassion. If you should look in the Strong Concordance of KJV, you will see that the word conscience did not exist before Jesus' teachings in the NT.... and Jesus' claim of bringing a clearing of our coperception between the selfish man nature and a higher actualized part within each of us... drawing us to that higher actualized self, hence God.
  3. I enjoyed everyone's remarks... thanks for the chuckles! It does look fairly humorous... if it wasn't so hypocritical... but then again, that might be the humor here. Jesus came for the lost... (so here I am)... and perhaps it's more recognizable of 'us' being 'lost' to the rest of the world. However, this is one of the arenas in debate with 'us' so I hope I can express a view or two here. Regarding the "Book" from which we Christians attain knowledge as we esteem to be like Jesus... it seems to me that it is not all about meeting critieria for acceptance/initiation into a 'club'. It is for principles to have a better life here, hence for ourself now. I'm no denomination, yet confessing a sin to someone else does several things. One is that it shows one acknowledges their wrong doing. Two is that they humble themselves before someone else. Three is that they put themself in judgement of someone they respect and come for guidance/accountablility. ALL are saved by grace (I know, I know... most of you don't want to be saved... please bear with me for arguments sake) and the more we do wrong, the more grace there is... yet it is not to continue to do wrong... that is emphatically clarified. Hey, what it says and what we do are not always the same... and perhaps THAT makes great material for some great humor...
  4. Hey, I think that there are many paths to Truth. Science seems to be one, and the original text seems to be another. It seems to me that Truth can not contradict Truth. These both are ONE, ...and no one is going to hell for ever!!! I was probably ok till I wrote that last half of the last sentence... but I just couldn't resist myself! P.S. And HanSolo, I read your response too... and you're the greatest! If I wore a hat, it would be off to you every time!
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