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  1. I am very intrigued by your conception of pragmatheism. I am a theistic believer, however, I find religious devotion, at least in an outward sense, frustrating and depressing. Activities like prayer and temple-worship seem repulsive to me, not obscene but pointless. I am also intrigued by your admission that you used to be an apatheist, which is also a relatively new concept to me. Personally, although I believe that a higher spiritual dimension exists like I believe in the nose on my face, and accept the label God as a name for it, I find the divine extremely mysterious and obscure, so much so that religious activities like prayer and worship make no sense to me. Slowly I have come to believe that some sort of "compassionate secularism" is really the most fulfilling way to express my spiritual values and beliefs, which is basically not expressing them at all. I have a growing hunch that even though I believe there is a spiritual reality, there is no real way to respond to it but to basically ignore it. Inwardly, however, I am full of spiritual zeal, hope, inspiration, and idealism. Although I don't outwardly do anything religious, inwardly I gravitate toward a vision of the universe as fundamentally benign and loving.


    I like the idea of pragmatheism so much that I've introspectively dubbed myself a pragmatheist. I think it's a more positive and optimistic response than pure apatheism, which focuses on the negative aspect. I would like to read more about pragmatheism. If you have any material or just want to write, please let me know. Peace, David.

    1. rjn


      "I find religious devotion, at least in an outward sense, frustrating and depressing. Activities like prayer and temple-worship seem repulsive to me, not obscene but pointless."


      I believe the purpose of exoteric practices is to outwardly express the esoteric, and direct ones focus towards the divine. Then of course, there are the cultural and social implications of religious practice. Most religious people are predominantly focused on the latter, especially fundamentalists, who - it seems to me - completely lack an interest in the esoteric dimension.

  2. Ouroboros


    They totally own that bed. I bet that little white one (Chihuahua?) is the boss.
  3. Really? State grant? Right now, just for the IGETC grade, I can afford it since I'm working part time, but when I continue at the U I probably have to go full time and get some financial aid.
  4. Go for it. I started a year ago, and I'm having a blast. And I'm outdoing the younger students... I think I have an advantage, because I'm twice their age!
  5. Okay. All of you guys, calm down, no more personal comments or attacks, or I'll close this topic.
  6. Drastic changes only happens during drastic events. The czar is put into place because of the financil crisis. What kind of crisis would make the government decide to remove him? When power is given, is rarely taken away, and at the best only shifted around. And now, with this "new" idea put into place, we'll see more czars created for other industries. Internet, Media, ... Then later, they will merge some of the czars into just a few people. Some of them friends and relatives to the president (whoever in power at that time). Exactly.
  7. I like Carman, Petra, Carola (Swedish Christian artist), and Jerusalem (also Swedish). I don't remember if there was anything that I specifically didn't like. Most of it is in a blur now.
  8. I thought they were more into new age and spiritualism? The eagle with spread wings almost look like the Zoroastrian symbol.
  9. End3, Here's a very personal question, and it's your choice if you want to answer it: do you feel you have changed attitude and opinion by being on this website now for over a year and debated plenty of stuff? Or do you feel you have the exact same beliefs, same ideas, and so on, as before?
  10. Damn. I can't choose. I'd pick all of them. --edit-- Actually, there's one more option that should be there, (I think), which was probably my biggest problem. I thought and worried about this quite often: that I hadn't done enough or right to God, had done the unforgivable sin, or any other way made sure that I wouldn't go to Heaven. In other words, I was afraid I wasn't saved properly. I didn't feel a confirmation in me that I was safe. There wasn't anyone around me pushing me to feel this, it was all own me. Criticizing my own actions and wondering if I now finally had pissed of God
  11. And there's another take on it too: If the car makers top-notch-highly-skilled-professional managers missed the mark when they did their best job, how can we trust a czar to do any better? Or to say it a different way: if the car makers are in bad shape, either because management made wrong decisions, or were incapable of making the right decisions in a bad market, why would one politician be able to know or judge if a company is making he right decisions in a good or bad market?
  12. Unfortunately, as I understand it, without any legal binding they have to pay it back. At least from what I've seen mentioned about it. It was one company. Now we're talking about a bunch of companies standing in line to do the same thing. Everyone is suffering. Just because the elephants are hungry, you can't take the food from the other starving animals. I don't see any difference between a bank with thousands of employees, or a car manufacturer with thousands of employees, or a oil company with thousands of employees, or ... They all have a bad day now. We all are suffering. To
  13. Ain't only 'bout that, my friend. Having a grand CPU isn't much help, if not enough RAM or HD! When I get my degree 100 years from now, we'll compare notes.
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