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  1. I am very intrigued by your conception of pragmatheism. I am a theistic believer, however, I find religious devotion, at least in an outward sense, frustrating and depressing. Activities like prayer and temple-worship seem repulsive to me, not obscene but pointless. I am also intrigued by your admission that you used to be an apatheist, which is also a relatively new concept to me. Personally, although I believe that a higher spiritual dimension exists like I believe in the nose on my face, and accept the label God as a name for it, I find the divine extremely mysterious and obscure, so much so that religious activities like prayer and worship make no sense to me. Slowly I have come to believe that some sort of "compassionate secularism" is really the most fulfilling way to express my spiritual values and beliefs, which is basically not expressing them at all. I have a growing hunch that even though I believe there is a spiritual reality, there is no real way to respond to it but to basically ignore it. Inwardly, however, I am full of spiritual zeal, hope, inspiration, and idealism. Although I don't outwardly do anything religious, inwardly I gravitate toward a vision of the universe as fundamentally benign and loving.


    I like the idea of pragmatheism so much that I've introspectively dubbed myself a pragmatheist. I think it's a more positive and optimistic response than pure apatheism, which focuses on the negative aspect. I would like to read more about pragmatheism. If you have any material or just want to write, please let me know. Peace, David.

    1. rjn


      "I find religious devotion, at least in an outward sense, frustrating and depressing. Activities like prayer and temple-worship seem repulsive to me, not obscene but pointless."


      I believe the purpose of exoteric practices is to outwardly express the esoteric, and direct ones focus towards the divine. Then of course, there are the cultural and social implications of religious practice. Most religious people are predominantly focused on the latter, especially fundamentalists, who - it seems to me - completely lack an interest in the esoteric dimension.

  2. Welcome xphish. We've all gone through struggles like that, but it most definitely gets better.
  3. Here's a problem I'm having. This section is for Testimonies of Former Christians. Right now, this is not a testimony of a former Christian, but a testimony of a former atheist living in a Christian home, and now a firm believer and fundamentalist for Satanism. I feel this thread, or at least this discussion, should not be here. So let's open a new thread about Theistic Satanism in the Lion's Den (or Spiritualism), and let this thread rest for now.
  4. You're nutjob or a fake. I might let you stay for a while, but it depends on your behavior. I've seen it before. I looked at some of the pages. The information is distorted and not always correctly presented or interpreted. It's BS.
  5. Hrm.... *cough*bullshit*cough* Sorry. I'm starting to lose confidence in your sincerity. And your profile says "Gods: Enki/Ea".
  6. Welcome Thomas, and it's true, the only one who can save you is... you. Nothing wrong being interested. And you're accepted here regardless, but I'm sure there will be some who want to question and argue with you about your newfound faith. Most people here probably don't believe Satan to be real anymore than God or Jesus. Satan is more of a symbol than a physical/real entity. And I'm not sure I can understand your mindset, the whole "wish to serve Satan for eternity" bit. Sounds to me like you're still are stuck in a Christian/afterlife/religious process. Give it time. You'll find your way out of it.
  7. Perhaps it's just easier say that babies a born non-believers and non-religious instead, considering how different people view the definitions of words like atheist, apatheist, theist, etc.
  8. Ouroboros


    They totally own that bed. I bet that little white one (Chihuahua?) is the boss.
  9. Sure. It was in a shrink-wrapped box with the text "Nintendo 3DS" on it. This was an attempt to use God as an excuse for shoplifting. Just like Mary blaming God for having a one-night stand.
  10. The funny thing is that if Christianity isn't a religion but atheism is, then the churches should lose their tax exempt status while any atheist should get it. I bet they wouldn't like that.
  11. They have distilled the money part down to a T for a religion, that's for sure. They take more than a 10th.
  12. Those are all wrong. You won't find peace until you accept that it's the Raelians that offer the true religion. Well, them and the Mormons. You forgot Scientology.
  13. We're currently fermenting a pumpkin ale with all that "yucky stuff". So far, it seems to turn out pretty good.
  14. And when halloween is over, you're thrown in the trash.
  15. Agree. That image sucks. We had (and still have) battles we have to fight in our family, and I still don't see Jesus carry any burden. When I look back, I see a set of footprints. They belong to me, my wife, my kids... and tracks from my son's wheelchair. But no other track or prints. I realized imaginary friends don't leave footprints.
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