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  1. Hehe, I'm still kickin! Haven't really been into the forum scene these days. Been focusing on work and video games!

  2. Hope you're doing well!

    1. Lightbearer


      Hope you're doing well old friend!

  3. Listen to what these people, your friends, have to say. You're not alone in this, that's why everyone is here; to share their collective experiences and hold on to each other for support and advice. I hope you receive the help you need and that you feel better soon. Please post here so we know you're ok.
  4. I read your post about abortion here in your profile.

    I agree, people who are against abortion don't use reason to come to their conclusions.

  5. Which is interesting since there is no river, log, or drowning. You tried and failed man.
  6. You're gonna have to do a bit better than just making bullshit claims like that, ISB. I don't live by bread alone. I also eat steak, chicken, cheese, veggies, fruits. Where would the choice be? That doesn't even make any sense. My belief system is more free than any.
  7. Naked assertion. What the hell is a "real" legend? The writers of the bible were working off of secondary accounts. They weren't eyewitnesses. At the very earliest, the gospel accounts were written 40 years after the death of Jesus. This was AFTER decades of passing on the information. THAT kind of contradiction would have the evidence thrown out of court. You're not even taking into consideration the untrustworthiness of eyewitness testimony in a court of law. And if it was only the women who did see that, then why the hell do we not include the Gospel of Mary in the bible? If anything, Mary saw more of Jesus than any of the Apostles. Because they have an agenda to spread this exclusive religion. They don't believe it isn't real, dude.
  8. How can you even qualify a statement like 'all things are forgotten'?
  9. Thanks! That was very nice of you. I really appreciate it. Here's a palm branch from me to you. Peace! I don't, keep your fucking palm branch to yourself.
  10. You look forward to seeing a picture of someone suffering. That is the same damn thing. Take your hands out of your pants when you come onto this forum and see Jesus suffering, please. It's bad enough that your a complete moron.
  11. That's because you're a sick fuck and enjoy seeing someone suffer.
  12. Yea, the name...but so what? Not just the name, the story archetype. Solar hero deities were very common in the ancient world - the story of Hercules was another one. I read about the story of Shamash and the story of Samson...neither are similar.
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