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  1. It's impossible for me to pick just one favorite, but here's one I've been listening to a lot lately:
  2. Do I detect Dr. Horrible in your avatar? Awesome!! :)

  3. I was raised Southern Baptist as well, your early life sounds so familiar, almost identical, except that there were no clergy in my family. I haven't come out yet, I'm still financially dependent on my parents and I don't know how they'll react. It's so hard not to go off on them though, when they spout ignorant shit.
  4. And here I thought I was something of an anomaly. A good many of the deconversion stories are quite emotional. I just realized one day that I no longer believe in any of this shit. There wasn't really any sense of loss, just a bit of relief. Of course my deconversion was quite gradual, it took place over at least 4 years. I was effectively an atheist long before I admitted it to myself.
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