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  1. They published an extensive article in my hometown's (Indianapolis) online news site. Apparently, the family was under investigation by CPS. Some may have "witnessed" the possessions, but the case workers with the state concluded the children were basically brainwashed by mom and feeding into her beliefs... a kind of mass hysteria expressed by the impressionable children. I'm sure they believe it happened, but believing in that kind of thing kind of makes you have deaf ears to reason. No videos were taken of the supposed happenings, so likely, small events were exaggerated into crazy thin
  2. Personally, I go for job security. That allows you have enough money to do what you want in your free time, assuming your job doesn't rob you of it. You could stay in the same career and find a job at a place that isn't so dreary. You might find that your career isn't so boring after all. I was raised to choose security over some fantasy that I could do what I love and still live like I was raised. People who turn down jobs because they aren't "what they love" or there is some aspect they don't like piss me off... I see them as spoiled children. I'm all about helping people during har
  3. Some definitely enjoy persecuting Christians here... but it really isn't meant in that way.
  4. Checking in here... Being raised Catholic had quite the opposite effect on me. I knew lots of down to earth nuns, and my parents were liberal Catholics. It set the stage for my deconversion. Most non-fundamentalist/non-orthodox Catholics are pretty tolerant of other religions and such. Ironically, many of my evangelical classmates have converted to Catholicism as adults with children.
  5. He's your dad, so you have a lot more in common or not common than just religion. Hopefully someday he'll get used to the idea and you can have a relationship again. Learn to set boundaries on conversation topics, but don't stop talking to him about father/son stuff, life, etc... he still loves you and wants to know what is going on in your life. Just don't tell him the details of your love or spiritual (lack of) life.
  6. Coincidences. I think I am starting to notice a pattern in how we ex-Cs deconvert. There seem to be at least two ways to do it when it comes to supernatural stuff. 1) Hang on to Christianity for years, gradually letting go of beliefs, until you finally have discarded every supernatural/miracle type belief you have, then leave, no strings attached. 2) Leave Christianity rather abruptly, still uncertain about the state or presence of the supernatural. Struggle with seemingly supernatural happenings for many years. 3) Leave Christianity, still believe in supernatural stu
  7. I'd agree with you, Babylonian... but suggesting the media is sexist towards women doesn't negate or suggest that it isn't towards men. However, I do believe the media and society are much less forgiving towards women than to men. There are many more deep, thoughtful male characters in movies and TV shows. There is a much lower standard for physical attractiveness for males, both in mass media and porn. But there is a strong suggestion that men are only men if they don't cry and are tough and masculine, which must be a difficult standard to live up to. I would also agree that men are held
  8. I think I understand what you are saying. When I first deconverted, my status as ex-Christian was very important to me. Now I am simply a non-Christian. I am less angry and less determined to argue and debate Christians. Live and let live is more my motto these days. I only get riled up when someone's faith ends up determining stupid laws that affect my personal life, such as the Pro-Life and anti-birth control shit and various things involving religion and schools or custody battles. Of course I also make a point to not politically support those that want to make this a Christian nation
  9. That is a great film. If your classmate is young, I wouldn't try to convince him that the song was actually opposed by Christians. Sometimes it's difficult to for younger gen folks to fathom an era like that. He says he agrees women should be equal... the question is does he think they currently are in today's society, and if respect a part of the equation for him. As a Christian, he probably disagrees with at least the sexual representation of women in the media. Maybe you could google some liberal Christian views on feminism and give him some essays and articles that you find then judg
  10. Amateur, I do see your point. My post wasn't directed at you. If you had known that man before his injury, you might have chosen differently. I think that is the key here--Larissa knew him and loved him before the injury. I hope she finds other outlets to satisfy her needs that will not get met with her husband. A husband doesn't have to be all things to his wife. It does seem like it will be more of a mother/child relationship, but marriage is just a label. We all get the freedom to decide what we want out of our relationships I suppose. I'm sure there are financial benefits to their m
  11. I am sure part of Larissa's motivation is the expectation of reward or approval from God. Of course it is. But there are plenty of people who do these things who don't believe in God. Sometimes people just care for each other... is that such a strange concept to some of you? The accident happened at the peak of their relationship. They were in love and in that phase where everything seems perfect. Of course she'd choose to stay. I'd hope someone would do that for me if I were in his shoes. I'd be so thankful if my partner would care for me instead of sending me off to strangers. And
  12. She said they had to wait until he was able to speak well enough to give presumed consent. Brain injury patients take years to rehabilitate. If you watch the video, you can see he is very much in love with her still.
  13. I've seen vegetables. That unfortunate man is NOT a vegetable. I watched the video. He is able to give meaningful responses and appropriate responses to situations, and he even asked her, "How are you?". I'd imagine, that in that state, he merely has incomplete control over motor skills, including the small muscles of the face and hands. It seems he is fully aware and cognizant of the outside world and his own circumstances. It is entirely possible for someone to appear to have little control over their physical bodies and have their inner world completely intact even with a brain injury
  14. Scrutinizing the resurrection accounts followed by a thorough study of other world religions (I got a degree in it). This seems to be a common path for religion majors at liberal arts colleges. Don't let the "religion major" label fool you.
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