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    I am divorced with no human children, but I have two Dusky Conures and six cats. I am a complete and total dork, and I am proud of it.

    My B.A. is in Comparative Religion and Philosophy. I completed the coursework for pharmacy school (to get a Doctor of Pharmacy) but quit before my residency because I really don't want to count pills, battle insurance companies, and try to tell docs they are wrong for the rest of my life. Doing anything any more interesting in pharmacy requires even more schooling. Well, at least I tell myself that... in reality, I couldn't afford to finish and had to take what I could get.

    Now I'm a nurse. I won't be rich, but I'll be doing something that suits my personality better and I feel like I have a lot more options open to me in the long run career-wise.

    I'm quirky, dorky, and pretty innocent-looking. I'm told I'm much more devious than I appear.

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  1. There's a cat picture thread somewhere on this forum... feel free to find it and post pics if you have any! I know you don't have a furbaby now, but I am sure you had one in the past. Plus, you can see all of the rest of the crazy cat lady (and guy)'s kitties!
  2. Welcome! Thanks for sharing your story. You were obviously a very thoughtful child and if I were you, it would give me a little satisfaction to know that my inability to be completely brainwashed made the adults frustrated. I hope you can have kitties soon... I too am slightly obsessed.
  3. Welcome to Ex-C! My childhood is similarly devoid of drama and bad representations of Christianity, yet somehow I still felt a need to denounce my faith. I was always the skeptical one in my circles, asking questions about ridiculous dogma, yet I still clung to my faith until my early 20s. I am happy to be free from the constant cognitive dissonance... the staying up at night trying to reconcile reality with doctrine... mourning the inadequacy of modern corrupt Christianity. Enjoy your stay... lotsa cool peeps on here.
  4. Well, all that reading has definitely made you an eloquent young lady! I'm sorry you had to go through all that. I'm glad you to hear you got out of it and welcome to the site.
  5. I only point them out when people end up creating phrases that end up being hilarious. Let's eat, Grandma! Let's eat Grandma!
  6. Someone may have already posted this... if so, I apologize. This is not satire. This is a post of a True Christian on my friends list. But really... if you love Jesus, fine. If you are all about gun rights, fine. But combining the two together makes me angry. Turn the other cheek? Nah, he didn't mean that... you should shoot your enemies! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I replied to one of my friends who posted that with, "And you don't have to agree with them to allow them to make their own choices and exercise their right to the pursuit of happiness."
  8. Welcome! I don't have much to add, but I am sure you are aware of the reform and liberal Jewish communities. I have a few friends who are happily atheist but practicing culturally as Jews (but not as strict as an Orthodox Jew would, of course). Maybe you can reach out to those communities in your area and find some like-minded people who can help you find a way to respect your traditions without all the Godstuff. Again, welcome to the site, and although we can't relate to your specific traditions, we can certainly relate to what you are feeling and going through.
  9. One does not simply *get better* from major facial deformities. SMH...
  10. Holy Mother of God... Treacher-Collins, I suspect. That poor child.
  11. Welcome! I am glad to hear you were only sucked in for a short time. Kudos for getting out before your mind became poisoned. I studied religion in college from a secular perspective. From what I understand, the beauty of Hinduism is that you don't have to believe in a god or spirits in some forms of the religion, much like Buddhism. I've always been attracted to it and I find the rituals of the more devotional sects beautiful. Again, welcome, and I look forward to hearing your perspective!
  12. I remember you! Glad to see you again. Sorry to hear about your struggles, but we'll be here to offer support!
  13. Ah, a fellow Hoosier! By any chance could you PM me the name and contact info of the lawyers who are dealing with visitation issues? My fiance could use some help in that area.
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