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    Indianapolis, IN USA
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    World religions and eastern philosophy, parrots, felines, nature.
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    I am divorced with no human children, but I have two Dusky Conures and six cats. I am a complete and total dork, and I am proud of it.

    My B.A. is in Comparative Religion and Philosophy. I completed the coursework for pharmacy school (to get a Doctor of Pharmacy) but quit before my residency because I really don't want to count pills, battle insurance companies, and try to tell docs they are wrong for the rest of my life. Doing anything any more interesting in pharmacy requires even more schooling. Well, at least I tell myself that... in reality, I couldn't afford to finish and had to take what I could get.

    Now I'm a nurse. I won't be rich, but I'll be doing something that suits my personality better and I feel like I have a lot more options open to me in the long run career-wise.

    I'm quirky, dorky, and pretty innocent-looking. I'm told I'm much more devious than I appear.

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