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  1. There's a cat picture thread somewhere on this forum... feel free to find it and post pics if you have any! I know you don't have a furbaby now, but I am sure you had one in the past. Plus, you can see all of the rest of the crazy cat lady (and guy)'s kitties!
  2. Welcome! Thanks for sharing your story. You were obviously a very thoughtful child and if I were you, it would give me a little satisfaction to know that my inability to be completely brainwashed made the adults frustrated. I hope you can have kitties soon... I too am slightly obsessed.
  3. Welcome to Ex-C! My childhood is similarly devoid of drama and bad representations of Christianity, yet somehow I still felt a need to denounce my faith. I was always the skeptical one in my circles, asking questions about ridiculous dogma, yet I still clung to my faith until my early 20s. I am happy to be free from the constant cognitive dissonance... the staying up at night trying to reconcile reality with doctrine... mourning the inadequacy of modern corrupt Christianity. Enjoy your stay... lotsa cool peeps on here.
  4. Well, all that reading has definitely made you an eloquent young lady! I'm sorry you had to go through all that. I'm glad you to hear you got out of it and welcome to the site.
  5. I only point them out when people end up creating phrases that end up being hilarious. Let's eat, Grandma! Let's eat Grandma!
  6. Someone may have already posted this... if so, I apologize. This is not satire. This is a post of a True Christian on my friends list. But really... if you love Jesus, fine. If you are all about gun rights, fine. But combining the two together makes me angry. Turn the other cheek? Nah, he didn't mean that... you should shoot your enemies! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I replied to one of my friends who posted that with, "And you don't have to agree with them to allow them to make their own choices and exercise their right to the pursuit of happiness."
  8. Welcome! I don't have much to add, but I am sure you are aware of the reform and liberal Jewish communities. I have a few friends who are happily atheist but practicing culturally as Jews (but not as strict as an Orthodox Jew would, of course). Maybe you can reach out to those communities in your area and find some like-minded people who can help you find a way to respect your traditions without all the Godstuff. Again, welcome to the site, and although we can't relate to your specific traditions, we can certainly relate to what you are feeling and going through.
  9. One does not simply *get better* from major facial deformities. SMH...
  10. Holy Mother of God... Treacher-Collins, I suspect. That poor child.
  11. Welcome! I am glad to hear you were only sucked in for a short time. Kudos for getting out before your mind became poisoned. I studied religion in college from a secular perspective. From what I understand, the beauty of Hinduism is that you don't have to believe in a god or spirits in some forms of the religion, much like Buddhism. I've always been attracted to it and I find the rituals of the more devotional sects beautiful. Again, welcome, and I look forward to hearing your perspective!
  12. I remember you! Glad to see you again. Sorry to hear about your struggles, but we'll be here to offer support!
  13. Ah, a fellow Hoosier! By any chance could you PM me the name and contact info of the lawyers who are dealing with visitation issues? My fiance could use some help in that area.
  14. Sounds typical! I would go ahead and make the meals anyway. Your friend will remember that over all the pithy comments of "I'll pray for you!" "If God took you to it, He'll take you through it!" This girl isn't actually my real life friend. I just knew her in HS and I added her because of the mere fact we went to the same high school. Silly, I know. But I get a lot of my entertainment from seeing what old HS friends and acquaintances are up to... I'm pretty lame. I can see that she is getting plenty of help. I'd rather save my energy for the actually disadvantaged in my community.
  15. Oooooooo... that receipt makes my ears turn red. I was a server for a while, and that is way worse than the witnessing tracts people would leave in lieu of a tip. Despicable. Don't these people understand a tip isn't extra money, it is their WAGE? So glad I don't have to wait tables anymore...
  16. Warning signs or not, it doesn't make it any less heartbreaking! I despise women who do things like that. I am surprised to hear she isn't denying him parenting time and other such bullshit like my poor fiance is going through. There are really nutty women out there, and many of them don't show the nutty side until the big D happens and they get possessive of the children. Some women are very good at hiding those crazy tendencies until they feel their motherhood is at stake.
  17. What a story... I know that false allegations of abuse are common in divorce proceedings, and men have little recourse. I am glad you were found to be blameless. It will be a tough road, but don't ever give up on your little girl and let your ex's drama push you out of her life. It sounds like you have a good start. Welcome to the site! You are in good company and we'll will be here to support you.
  18. Their story would be touching if not for the heaping loads of sanctimony. Yep. You got that right. She actually cried one day over a lost jacket, and used the whole situation to post an entry about how God wouldn't want her to be upset over it and how she should learn to be less attached to worldly things... yadda yadda... and I can't forget the time she posted about praying and praising in front of her broken refrigerator and the miraculous repair by God's angels.
  19. So the husband of a friend from HS is sick with a brain tumor. It's great that people want to support their family, but this just makes me sick. They had a fancy benefit for his bills and living expenses, with all the money going towards a trust. One of the things auctioned off was a YEAR supple of Chic-Fil-A sandwiches. I am so tempted to say something... like, do you really want money to go to Chic-Fil-A to fund gay hate and anti-gay murder laws in Africa in your husband's name? . I am just so sick of this trend of Christians helping only other Christians. Where are the benefits for the actually poor and sick people? I bet the money raised from this one event was more than the church gives in sum to the disadvantaged. This guy gets disability and had a union job. His wife is perfectly capable of working. She has a wealthy supportive family, and a wealthy church that would provide her free or low cost child care. I do feel for her, and the prospect of being a widow with young children must be horrifying... and she has already lost one of her littles ones, but she has Jesus to comfort her, right? XD Ugh! I'm just so sick of her "God's will be done" shit all over my wall. Read through her blog... if you want to puke, that is. http://andyandcari.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-benefit.html
  20. I'm glad you are back! I'm sad to hear you've been diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. My mother was diagnosed in 2001, and they always said she was on the verge of death within two years. Like you, she couldn't walk far without getting severely out of breath. Going out to lunch with friends would put her in bed for three days. She eventually succumbed to secondary heart failure from the pulmonary hypertension. Hers was from an autoimmune disease. For some reason, the expensive med she was on (Tracleer) kept her alive for many years... until 2011! She progressed slowly over time, but she learned to adapt. I took care of her in her final years. She had a great attitude about life and took each day as it came. She learned to appreciate the little things in life, like the squirrels and birds at the feeder outside the window and reading books. My wish for you is the same and it sounds like you are already there. You could get hit by a Mack truck tomorrow, so try not to focus on the terminal diagnosis. Get your living will and advance directives written up, get things in order, and then enjoy life! I wish you luck with your impending transplant. I worked on a transplant unit, and post-transplant life is certainly demanding, but it will be worth it.
  21. Welcome, Zezima! I can relate to the devastating emotions you felt when you finally gave it all up. It is like losing your best friend or lover. It sounds like you are doing well at the moment, but remember, if things ever get weird in your head, we are here to help. What led to your deconversion? What denomination were you in and for how long?
  22. Welcome Reptillian! You will find people of all beliefs and non-belief on this site. Feel free to dive in and have fun.
  23. Thanks, guys. Sometimes it is hard to be a "beacon of light." I can't post the exchange, but today, a cousin of mine posted a pro-life on fb about a single cell being considered life on other planets, but not in a woman's body. I said the question wasn't whether there was life, but that who has more rights, the woman or the fetus. I then posted the verses in Numbers about God saying that a woman who has been raped and/or committed adultery should be given a potion to induce abortion. I also posted the one in Exodus about a man merely being fined for causing a miscarriage. I was trying to point out that God apparently doesn't value the fetus as much as grown adult. The posts were deleted, which is why I can't post them. I guess I induced some more cognitive dissonance.
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