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  1. The New Testament also portrays John the Baptist as being a stand in for Elijah, yet God promised to send Elijah himself, not a substitute.
  2. Southern slave owners were Christians prior to owning slaves.
  3. These cult members are for all practical purposes, robots. There is no dialog that can be had with them.
  4. Nice example of yet another god-soaked cult member that "helps" by spewing propaganda. I just ran across the same tripe on a youtube comment board. The new covenant is defined in Jer 31. It has absolutely nothing to do with doing away with any part of the law or having to believe in an illegal human sacrifice. In fact, it states that each person dies for their own sin. An eternal God cannot die at any time so the only thing that died was a lump of flesh, which was later reanimated. None of it provides salvation or atonement of sins according to the law God set down. This is the same law
  5. They're afraid that their stranglehold on so many human minds might not last for eternity.
  6. These warriors for Jesus get upset when people choose to escape from a planet filled with disease and suffering. Leaving this world also takes away a target for the preaching of these lunatics. The cowards are those that hide under the robe of a magical sky-man and pretend that by doing so, they'll be rewarded in the afterlife. Braving the unknown and doing it with dignity is a far better fate than being a sheep that bleats vile religious garbage.
  7. Couldn't agree more. They're just sock puppets attached to the same body, a very corrupt and manipulative body.
  8. Christianity is what Yahweh warned his people not to be seduced by. Chasing after false gods, making up new rules, and inventing a new religion to replace the existing system are all abomination. One verse in particular sums up Christianity: Isa 24:5 The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant.
  9. Another in a long line of puppets that perform on stage.
  10. Almost all of the Christian preachers I encountered loathed predestination, especially in its strict form. It kills their sacred cow of universal "free will" and if taken to its logical conclusion, renders evangelizing moot. There's no real reason to convert people if the outcome is already decided. Naturally, there are varying degrees of predestination but I found the Bible makes a strong case for the stricter versions. For those free will evangelicals that harp about saving "grace", they often don't realize they're supporting predestination. If salvation is by God's grace (i.e. whim) a
  11. To top it off, the amazing event of dead people being resurrected and strolling into Jerusalem is missed by all writers, except the author of Matt 27. If that isn't evidence of embellishment I don't know what is.
  12. But no Jesus of Nazareth is ever mentioned, despite the Gospels claiming that he was famous during his lifetime.
  13. When a believer praises their "God", they're really praising their ideas about the object of their worship. They're praising themselves, using "God" as a conduit. The God of Vanities is their idol.
  14. One apologetic I encountered used a split personality theme to reconcile the problem. Jesus the man was comparing himself to God in some cases, while Jesus the God was speaking in others. He switches back and forth as expediency dictates. This apologetic is also used to answer the question: What died on the cross, Jesus the man or Jesus the God? Since God can never die, it must have been Jesus the man that died, while Jesus the God looked on from above. Of course, since (according to many sects) Jesus was fully man and fully God, it makes it easy to engage in such convoluted logic. On t
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