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    I like to laugh, tell corny jokes, be sarcastic, tell women how cute they are, listen to very hard music, drive fast, and a host of other things.

    That said, I'm still pretty old-school, courteous, and way-too-nice-and-easy-going...scratch that, I've learned that I'm not all that easy-going...I'm rather intense and a bit of a misanthrope. Having the blinders pulled off made me realize how many idiots are walking around out there.
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    Once I was a very zealous believer. It turned out I had a hormone deficiency that affected my thought processes. I have no way of knowing if faith was real or all in my head. Reality seems to point to it being all in my head.

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  1. Hey all, I'm an old ex-christian member briefly returning to let you know what I am currently up to. I apologize if it seems like I'm interloping since a lot of you may not know me, but I used to be a fairly prolific poster and member...I just had to find my way outside of the forum after a while. Ex-christian was a great place to "air out". I suppose what I am about to promote and some of the content there-in may be "triggering" (I hate that term, but I get it) to some, so take it as you well. You're welcome to come and argue with me. :-) After over 11 years of ex-christian life, but still feeling myself to be a very spiritual person, I believe I have really found my personal path and now I have finally found what I really want to talk about and do. So, I decided to come and shamelessy promote and moderately beg for some attention/subscriptions/etc.. I've started Think Spiritual Podcasts: http://thinkspiritual.ca/ My tagline/motto is: Change your Self. Change your World. This is a very self-empowering approach to spirituality. Very non-Christian in terms of what most of us here experienced. I'm really wanting to push/promote the YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOgSvt41hQT5hIYKLZvaqbw Thanks for any/all attention! :-D This is the type of content I'm wanting to produce a lot more of:
  2. First time I have ever heard that one. It's just another break-out sect of Christianity. Someone had their own ideas, started preaching it and others glaumed onto it. Here is a Christian Apologist's view: https://carm.org/serpent-seed-and-kenites (A cult saying another cult isn't true...typical Christian "brotherly love")
  3. The Gospel of Thomas has no narrative. Basically quotes of Jesus only...many that are not found in the four Biblical gospels.
  4. I guess the "No 'I' in 'Team'" thinking goes completely out the window with this bullshit. Where the is the marriage "equality" that the church claims to have wrote the book on if one person claims ownership over another? Going by this BGR idiot's definition of marriage, the family dog has more rights than a woman does. Good rant, Lilith.
  5. I'm really out of the loop. This is the first time I've heard/read/seen the guy's name.
  6. Challenge her to a no-holds-barred mud wrestle. Post it to YouTube. (I'm assuming it's a "her". Since when do men buy snacks for Little League? )
  7. I'm with you, Voyager. Most of us on this site feel pretty stupid for the things we said/did/prayed for during our Christian-coma years. I remember praying for so many people for healing. I asked God to give me their sicknesses at times (I was suicidal from time to time). Nothing ever happened. I never saw anyone be genuinely healed. Adrenaline and mass-hysteria can accomplish a lot during a healing service, but in the following weeks every person supposedly "healed" ended up right back with their limps or canes or crutches or whatever.
  8. Of course you have a choice. You can learn all you can about your dad and his family or you can go the other way and ignore them all. I can only imagine the turmoil of emotions you must be feeling...sounds like it could be a rather fascinating experience.
  9. I drag-scrolled through the whole thing. Stopped for the highlights. It was cool.
  10. You say that your parents react emotionally to things (strongly, I assume), so I believe it is safe to assume that they will react VERY emotionally to your deconversion. You are seeking unconditional love/acceptance from your parents...and I believe that every parent SHOULD provide that to their child(ren). Maybe that is what you will get. However, are you prepared for the backlash if it doesn't go that way? Are you prepared to (at least temporarily) write your parents out of your life? Because their fear and animosity will be toxic. Prepare for the worst...hope for the best.
  11. It's a Casio something or other. I can't remember the model number. External speakers. I'll check the button options for sounds when I get home. I do have a sustain pedal for it. I won't be playing it any time soon. I bought it to learn on and then got back into playing guitar/bass instead. But, I am in Canada and shipping can be an annoyance so probably best to wait a few days and see if someone closer to you has something.
  12. It's not just you, but I'm not certain if it could be called a "link" so much as a fact that people with mental illnesses are drawn to or more easily enthralled by Christianity. Although I do believe that Christianity can cause mental illness or, at minimum, symptoms that mimic mental illness, so I guess that would be a link.
  13. If no one (relatively) local responds to you within the week or so, I'll send you mine.
  14. I doubt the early Christians followed their own "rules" either. Each apostle/teacher very obviously had their own standards that they were attempting to reach...and each likely failed. The epistles and the gospels hardly agree with each other. Peter and Paul hotly disagreed. James had a completely different view of faith and religion. Someone added verses to Mark. Anyway, I am going to interpret your premise as Christianity is, essentially, impossible to follow in any true fashion...which I would totally agree with. There may be more "true" Christians living on the streets than there are in churches. A "true" Christian would have nothing to do with "the world" and "the world" would completely revile that person. Most people that claim to be "Christian" are barely distinguishable from everyone else.
  15. I had had real issues fitting in at the public school due to my church upbringing and having moved from city to city so many times during my teens. I couldn't socialize with non-Christians at all. So, the Christian school fixed the social issues, but I may as well have just dropped out of high school as it ended up that the tech schools I wanted to go to wouldn't accept my diploma anyway.
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