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  1. 68% of U.S. murders occur in 5% of its counties

    The writer's bias is noted here "Relying more in inferences than statistical facts, the researchers’ deduction from their study was skewed – at best – go go hand-in-hand with immigration policies promoted by Leftist politicians." He is a tool for fascist propaganda. Crime is up but it's not due to "policies promoted by Leftist politicians." Conservative fascists are to blame who would rather have sexual intercourse with a firearm than pass laws to protect the public from weapons more often used for mass murder.
  2. I want to visit Europe but not sure where to start?


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    2. Ann


      What do you want to see? Ruins....Italy. Museums...Paris and be willing to wait in lines during the summer... Or if you want to see beautiful country with wine the Chianti or Tuscan regions in Italy are beautiful and the food and wine are fabulous. Beer drinker....I recommend skipping Germany and going to Belgium. Westvleteren 12 is recognized as one of the best beers in the world, and other Belgian beers are great. I think France and Italy are Europe's leaders in the culinary arts and each region takes pride in a their specialty. Plus keep in account how much you want to spend. The Euro is usually higher than the dollar and that can take a bite out of the budget. It all depends on what you enjoy seeing and doing.

    3. Ellinas


      Remember that Europe is not a single entity; the countries and the experiences they offer can be very different.

      Personally, I would recommend Italian cuisine and Greek archaeology.  Greek food is simple enough and very tasty, but is very much styled along the lines of the eastern med and has some distinct non European aspects to it.  Try Spain if you want to see some fiestas in full swing.  If you like fairytale scenery, take a look at Lake Bled in Slovenia - I spent a very pleasant holiday there some years ago.  I've not been there but am told Croatia is also picturesque but choose your destination - I gather there is some rather obvious poverty off the beaten track.  Bulgaria does some good wines, if that's your thing.

      My favourite lake in Italy (so far) is Garda, where I've stayed at the northern side in Malcesine (cobbled streets, Scaliger castle).  Maggiore is also worth a visit though - I stayed in the area near the Borromean islands.  On either lake, you can easily hop onto a ferry to visit other towns around the shore, and Maggiore offers the option to visit the northern end into Switzerland either by train or ferry.

      If you are into more recent history combined with some scenery, southern Poland is a good place to start from to explore Auschwitz-Berkenau.  Be aware however - that trip is a litany of sheer horror.  It's the only time I've seen a museum guide fighting to hold back tears.  If you want to stay in a city, Krakow is worth a visit.  If you prefer a small town with easy access to plenty of walking, look at Zakopane.

      If you really want to try something different and fancy a cruise type holiday- how about the Norwegian fjords?

    4. Ann


      Good advice Ellinas. The Italian lakes have a lot to offer. Isola Bella was worth the trip alone for me. One can definitely lose track of time on the Greek islands and when I was young, went to the running of the bulls in Pamplona. I never participated in the run (it's madness) but the Spanish know how to throw a party if you want that kind of thing. It's easier now a days, to research and figure out where you want to go. I've not been to many eastern cities or countries in Europe, but hear only good things about the area. So many places, and neat things to do. Follow your heart on where you want to go, then do tons of research. I like Rick Steves travel books and youtube channel. He gives solid advice for first timers in Euroland;)

  3. My divorce is FINAL! I get to keep my house.


    1. TrueFreedom


      Congrats! Me too!

  4. Our universe has not existed for one day.

  5. Israel

    I am not enriched by the presence of Israel. It is an abomination, established by those given to superstition and by those who employed mass murder-Jews were the first to employ suicide bombing as a means of attack and murder. They continue to oppress the Palestinians. I find no merit in an Israel.
  6. In The Beginning....

    Genesis is another example of how little God understood his own creation. According to scientists, our planet was once home to several hominid species, including homo sapiens yet the Bible claims only one species were created (obviously homo sapiens). I recon The Almighty(tm) did not get the memo? Cain's wife would have come from another hominid, perhaps cross-breeding, so Jesus (Iesus-whatever his name is now) is part neanderthal and whatever else interbred or cross bred with homo sapiens. I've often believed humans were not the only ones in town, nor the only branch on their tree.
  7. People are so fucked in the head... The Senior Center's package vacation deal is to go see Ken Ham's Ark! And the old folks are drooling in line to go... I don't belong anywhere in public these days!

    1. end3


      Lol, oh just get in line to see the damn

    2. Travi


      That park is such an eyesore on this state. 

  8. My wife runs away and my son wants back in my life. Roller coasters .... It's a happy dreadful feeling. 

    1. end3


      Going through the same shit....the ex wants to shack up with her new bf.  The kids don't want to live with the new bf.  Women can be soooooo fucked up on occasion.

  9. The drama never ends... Treacherous relationships never work out! Divorce on the horizon again, this time for good!

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    2. Travi


      I'd be pissed too. I have a Paragon Level 76 Monk that I have worked hard on. That's a lot of progress to lose! 

    3. HereticZero


      I'm at paragon 630. I do hardcore characters.

    4. Travi


      Jesus, you got me beat by a ton then, lol

  10. Time to go on adventure.

    1. HereticZero


      I went to Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. No diamonds. It was raining hard and the ground was hard as concrete. I may come back another day?

    2. HereticZero
  11. My wife and I have been going through a rough spot. We were getting divorced, I filed paper work, she got served. She begged me not to divorce her--she has changed and is going to therapy, me too. I stopped divorce proceedings.

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    2. Travi


      Just be careful on people changing HZ. Sometimes they wind up changing for the worse.


      Best wishes on getting things worked out though.

    3. HereticZero


      I am optimistic but I am keeping my attorney handy.


    4. ThereAndBackAgain


      Best of luck to ya!

  12. Free man in 60 days. Got divorce under way.

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    2. florduh


      Hang in there, man!

    3. Eugene39


      The process sucks, but life gets better on the other side. :)

    4. TrueFreedom


      I wish you the best! I'm getting started as well.

  13. Ending 2016 on a good point -- my xmas list is getting smaller year after year.

    1. Lilith666


      Of things you want, or people you have to buy for?

  14. Old Photos, Good Memories

    I was 3, almost 4(?) years old when this picture was taken with my mother in Kansas City, Missouri (1959). Mom was around 25.--The history of this photograph has a lot of sentimental memories attached. According to mom, this photo had been taken for a reward to me for getting us thrown off the bus.... This was in the days when buses had signs against 'coloreds' sitting in the front of the bus. We were sitting up front and an elderly lady got on the bus with lots of groceries bags and I invited her to sit up front with us. She did, and several other black people got up and moved to the front of the bus. The driver became angry, passed up our bus stop and dumped us way out in the boonies, night time, and the black people who got off the bus with us helped us call a taxi and they waited until it showed up and we got a ride back into the city. Mom said she was so proud of me, she took me to the mall to have this picture taken. A reminder of my first civil rights protest. True story. (hereticzero)