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    If love is no sin, then peaceful activity is no crime. Neither of these harms anyone else and they do not encroach upon another person's freedom or pursuit of happiness. Basic human right to happiness should not be an issue for courts to decide. If one's only contention in life concerns itself with who someone else lives with, how shallow and empty one
    's life must be!

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  1. I recently heard it said, 44 Earths can fit in Uranus, 45 if you relax ....


  2. Sadness and depression often result from trying to control what goes on around us. When we cannot, we become depressed. You are going to have to learn you cannot control what others do, good or bad, you cannot control hunger and hatred. Those are moral flaws in others you have no control over. What can you do? Live as you want others to live, if you see someone hungry--feed them, they need clothing--buy them clothes, they look thirsty--buy them a beer. Put your efforts into making yourself all that you can be and let the rest of the world go to Hell. Bad things happen to everyone, it's not your fault.
  3. As the years go by, Christians and other religious fruit cakes get crazier and crazier. They are tired of waiting for God to come back and set things straight and want to get things started themselves. They want to be the instruments of prophecies they perceive are coming true. Anything can be prophetic if you look hard enough.
  4. A man was going to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge when an old woman stopped him. "I am a witch," she claimed. "If you come home with me and make passionate love to me, I will answer all your questions." The man forgot about jumping into the river and went home with the woman where they made love all night long. In the morning the man began asking the old woman question after question, until she lay back and lit a cigarette. "How old are you sonny?" She asked. "35." He answered. "35 years old and you still believe in witches?" My point is, we believed in childish things when we were children. You know demons do not exist. If you believe they do then you still believe what the church pukes out because we believe demons are evil because of what the church or religion teaches. There are no demons except what you create for yourself.
  5. If you are in an abusive relationship with your family, I would leave and not come back for quite some time, if at all. Abusive people will get bolder as time goes by and the abuse will be worse.
  6. Yep, yep, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away..." Victims always blame themselves or make excuses for their attacker.
  7. You are still an infant when it comes to leaving the church, so the point is to give it time. Any problems arising from leaving the church, including divorce of a believer, will make themselves apparent over the next few years. If your spouse is a fundy, as you claim, everything will come to focus on your relationship. If your relationship does not come to suffer, then your spouse is not a fundy. I know fundies--I grew up with those people! A true fundy(tm) cannot exist in the presence of unbelief. They develop a permanent scowl and mutter to themselves (some call it prayer). If she is a liberal Christian, she may stay with you. If she is a conservative, it's only a matter of time.
  8. What a summer! It's a good summer, I've been raising caterpillars and doing photography. I'm still in therapy since my divorce last year but life's getting better. Looking forward to hitting the road next summer.

  9. Anyone else raising monarch caterpillars? I have been this summer. I built a habitat in the front yard and back yard full of milkweed.

  10. I say the testing is false. No community allows anything human to be consumed. I call BS on the 'study'. I have also seen priests using slight of hand to turn water into wine. So-called miracles are BS. Turning water into wine instead of healing the sick, growing back arms and legs, curing the feeble minded, those are miracles. Show me a real miracle.
  11. The longer one remains away from church the easier it is to stay away. I got over feelings of guilt once I realized I had nothing to feel guilty about. I put away childish things.
  12. Don't fall for the Baptist no-it-alls. They want people to believe they spend most of their lives in scripture. If one were to critique the Baptist cult's doctrines, one would find they are not very biblical, meaning Baptists follow church doctrines, not scripture. I was So. Baptist for over 45 years and their doctrines were a reason why I left the church. They ignore what contradicts doctrines of salvation without works and once saved always saved, just to name a couple that don't hold up to scripture.
  13. When in the faith, I feel I lost a better education, as I was taught to go through school to pass and not trust the science of evolution. After I left home it only took an astronomy College class to get me asking questions and then after I went to seminary school for a semester, I left the religion altogether. I felt betrayed, having placed my trust in older people to tell me the truth and instead discovered it was all a grand illusion.
  14. Don't feel too badly. I supported several ministries when I was religious. I often shake my head at myself when I remember the hardship I endured because of it thinking I was suffering for the Lord's sake. When one believes one's self to be buddy with a GOD(TM), it becomes an addiction and weird behaviors occur just like an addiction.
  15. The US might have condemned the violence in word only. The US position one can follow on Twitter with Trump's daily rants. Trump incites violence.
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