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    If love is no sin, then peaceful activity is no crime. Neither of these harms anyone else and they do not encroach upon another person's freedom or pursuit of happiness. Basic human right to happiness should not be an issue for courts to decide. If one's only contention in life concerns itself with who someone else lives with, how shallow and empty one
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  1. I watched neighbor's 2 grandkids grow up over last 8 years. Nice boys, loved to play with their grandpa and come over to our house and say 'hello." Following a head on car wreck this morning, we will attend their funerals this weekend.

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    2. hereticzero


      I waited for the local paper to announce the names before I did. I made a bad mistake years ago when a person I knew died, I got e-mail about the death and sent condolences to his work place. Unfortunately, none of them knew he had died and some were family members too. After that lesson, I wait for a press release.


    3. hereticzero


      From KNOPtv, North Platte, NE: "Icy road conditions are to blame for an accident that killed three people on an overpass near Maxwell Thursday morning, on Highway 30. Two vehicles collided in a fiery crash. Two Brady school students, from North Platte died on their way to school. 14-year-old Conner Gentry was driving, using his school permit when he lost control of his Kia, crossed the center line and hit a Brady couple on the icy overpass. His brother, 10-year-old Colton Gentry died on s...

    4. hereticzero


      "..... Colton Gentry died on scene. 45- year-old Elaine Grasz also died in the accident. She was a passenger in the car driven by her husband, 46-year-old Terry Grasz. Mr. Grasz was burned badly in the wreck. He was taken to Great Plains Regional Medical Center and then life-flighted to Bryan Memorial Hospital in Lincoln. His condition is listed as extremely critical. The Grasz couple was on their way to work in North Platte."

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