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    The False Doctrine Concerning Genesis and Jesus the Messiah
    Who wrote the Bible? Where were the books discovered? Can we trust what is written in the Bible?
    Most of these questions can be answered by asking the question, 'Upon what story is all of this based?' For the answer, you must approach the religion from the beginning of its mythology. Let's explore this mythology using Christianity's own writings found in the Bible.
    On the sixth day of creation, God created man, and God declared everything he had done was good in his eyes. Man was perfect, he was made in God's image. Then, on another day but the same sixth day in Christian logical thinking, God decided to make a woman for man's mate.
    Open your Bibles to the Book of Genesis, Chapter 3. In this chapter, we find a man and a woman placed in a perfect magical garden where everything they want is provided for them by a benevolent god. There is only one hitch to living in paradise. They may not eat of the tree of knowledge or they will die! God established prohibition of eating fruit, under the penalty of death. Total abstinence of the eating of a particular fruit was required or they both would die. Then, along came a serpent, a talking serpent, that flattered and beguiled the woman with its charm and it gave the woman the fruit of knowledge and one for her husband to eat. They were so enthralled by a talking snake that they did as the serpent asked and suddenly their eyes were open, they became sentient and intelligent beings. They became dangerous to God because they discovered new ideas. Later, God came looking for them and somehow could not find them. An all-knowing god did not know where to find the two people he made that lived in his garden. It was a fatal game of peek-and-boo.
    So, he called out to them, 'Yo! Adam, where ya'll at?' Adam and Eve came out of hiding and said, 'We are over here hiding cuz we ate the fuit and found out we've been naked all this time. So, we hid from you.' Eve blamed the snake. 'The snake gave it to me. He said it was good fruit.' God said, 'You believed a snake over me?' Eve said, 'He was a talking snake! He said, you said it was cool!' Now why would anyone think they were not supposed to do what a talking snake told them to do? Didn't God make talking snakes too? Yet, this benevolent maker of all things, the poppa of the universe had an existential meltdown, threw his first born children out of the garden, and cursed all of his creation to die because of a piece of produce! God cursed humainty because they were able to ask him questions and have new ideas. They developed independent thinking and were cursed by their creator. Adam and Eve were only a few hours old. They had just begun life. We raise our children over several years directing them on how to make choices and here is our supreme God killing off his creation all because his first born boy and girl made their first mistake in following his directions. Isn't it nice that our mortal parents show more mercy towards us, especially as hormone-exploding teenagers!
    Because the woman ate the fruit first and then gave it to her husband, God commanded that man should rule over her. God took the most spineless animal of the two and made him boss. Adam had no backbone when it came to refusing Eve her desires and God directed him to rule over the more stronger-willed Eve. Depending on what legend you believe, God created a woman named Lilith to be Adam's first wife. Adam was such a bastard, Lilith would not submit to his sexual desires and ran away. Then God created Eve. However, we will use the more popular account of Eve created from Adam's rib after God allowed him to have sexual intercourse with all of the other animals. The Christian version of God seems to torture his pets before killing them when they do not perform as perfectly as him.
    Many Christians today will argue that the story of creation as well as the story of Adam and Eve are allegorical accounts and should not be taken literally. There are others who swear every word of the Bible is true and without error, therefore, the story of Adam and Even and the fall from grace over a piece of fruit is absolutely true. The question remains to be asked, 'Which version is the correct one?' Neither version is correct. They are mythological stories invented by ignorant people in order to explain their place in the universe. The story is not a literal one. It is not true. It is imaginary. The story of the fall from grace did not happen. Man is not cursed by God and is not doomed to damnation in a fiery hell. How do we know? Because the story of Genesis did not happen. Science, common sense and reason have all shown the improbability of the story of Genesis.
    Now, let's fast-forward several thousand years to the New Testament era and the birth of Jesus, the messiah. Everything you have been told about Jesus the Christ is centered around the mythological story of Adam and Eve and the fall from grace. Because of the fall from grace--from eating fruit--man was eternally separated from God and the only way God could reconcile man to himself with forgiveness, was for God to be born of a woman, who brought the curse upon humanity, and having been born human, God became a man, in order to sacrifice himself to himself and save all of creation from himself through this sacrifice. Like the story of Genesis, the story of Jesus is false because it is based upon the premise that the Old Testament story of Genesis is true. Another reason the story of Jesus is not true is because we only have the word of a dubious collection of books written by unknown and unproven authors who also base their writings upon the story of creation and man's fall from grace. The assertions of the Jews as God's chosen people and then the Christians claim to be the seed of Abraham, the true sons of Abraham to be exact, are not true and are only found in their own religious books! Much of what the two religions claim cannot be substantiated by independent writings of kingdoms in existance at the time the events occured in history. History, independent of the church's control over historical writings until modern times, does not corroborate the holy writings of either religion. The Christians embraced a religion they knew nothing about and hijacked the god of the Jews for their own religious teachings based upon a fairytale. Christian missionaries have been dying over a fable. Wars have been fought with millions killed in the name of a fable. Other religions have sprung up quoting from the same dubious group of books in order to gain popularity and legitimacy for thier religious propaganda and hatred for whatever is not of their beliefs. And, today, the struggle to be free of religious oppression continues, all in the name of a fable.
  2. hereticzero
    The Kingdom of God and the Law of Love

    Was Jesus really a true character of history and if so, were the claims about him as the son of god or The God, true? The answer still comes up as a 'no.' He could be real or not, and the argument is still 'no, he is not who he claimed to be.' The NT was written to legitimize the Christian church's doctrine as much as the OT was written to legitimize the priest class over the Jew that did not exist until then. There were no Jews in history until they gathered together after the return from Babylon. The books of the OT were fraudulently written and were claimed as such by the OT prophet Jeremiah who recognized the Law of Moses was a pack of lies written by scribes to give credibility to the Law over the Jew.
    (Jer 7:8) Behold, you trust in lying words that cannot do any good.
    Jer 8:8 How do you say, We are wise, and the Law of Jehovah is with us? Lo, certainly the lying pen of the scribes has written falsely.
    Add your burnt offerings to your sacrifices, and eat the flesh yourselves. For in the day that I brought your ancestors out of the land of Egypt, I did not speak to them or command them concerning burnt offerings and sacrifices...But they did not listen, they paid no heed, but went ahead with their own plans with the most stubbornly wicked and evil hearts...Speak to them but they will refuse to listen to you. Call to them but they will refuse to answer... truth has perished from their lips and it is no longer heard in the land. (Jeremiah7:21)
    Jeremiah denounced the law in a manner that would not get him killed by the Jews for blasphemy.
    The simple believes every word, But the prudent considers well his steps. --Proverbs 14:15
    In the NT we find where someone wrote:
    But avoid foolish questions and genealogies and contentions, and strivings about the Law, for they are unprofitable and vain. (Tit 3:9)
    How is it possible to to preach the Law and it be unprofitable and vain unless it were not true?
    James 1:27 Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their afflictions, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.
    True religion shows there is no sin because of love, mercy, and forgiveness (Hosea 6:6). True religion is acceptable to everyone because it shows those with this religion practice love and mercy.
    How can religion be pure if it only involves caring for others and showing them love and compassion, mercy and forgiveness? Because the law delivered to Moses is not true. Because the law was not given to Moses then there is only one thing that is true and that is love against which there are no Laws and love hurts no one. Where love reigns there is then forgiveness and with forgiveness there is no arguments of the Law because when a person is forgiven a crime, there is no conviction and there is no judgment. That is how love conquers all things and covers a multitude of sins. Jesus is not needed for salvation because with love, mercy, and forgiveness that the gentiles show without the Law, it demonstrates the law has no affect beyond the confines of the Law of the Jew, not the gentile. Gentiles are a law unto themselves because they show the law is a natural occurrence of the heart. The Jew thought the law was required of all men. The gentile proved they already understood what love, mercy and compassion was all about and they never received it from anyone. How is that possible unless the law the Jew received was a lie written by scribes to subject the Jew to the will of the priests and Pharisees. Paul, supposedly wrote thousands of pages of words describing how the law works in a christians's life and what did Jesus himself say about the Pharisee and scribes? Paraphrasing, he said, according to your own bible, he said that unless a man' righteousness exceeds that of the Pharisee he will not enter heaven. How is that possible without Jesus? You don't need Jesus because we already know that forgiveness covers sin, no sin equals no crime and no crime equals no judgment. This found in Romans Chapter Two. Jesus' gospel was not to the gentile, he said so himself. He even referred to gentiles as 'dogs.' Jesus' gospel was to the Jew to shame them into leaving the Law and pursuing common sense through acts of kindness towards one another coming from love, mercy, compassion, and forgiveness. This is the gospel of the Kingdom of God. It is found where? Within you. How? Through unfeigned love of others. The writers of the NT wander from one extreme to the other and once they focus on Paul every writing is made in reference to what Paul teaches. You either follow the gospel of Jesus or you follow Paul and Paul wrote of all kinds of things he believed were necessary for salvation and unless you are holier than Paul, a Pharisee, you will not be saved. In the first part of Jesus' ministry he claimed he did not come speaking of himself but the kingdom of god. Then the writings take a different course and all one reads about is Jesus speaking of himself and the unbelievable miracles right out of the pages of the other religions before and after the period of Jesus. That is what makes Jesus unbelievable and his ministry is not known because the gospel he brought is mired in lies and deceits and the workings of the false apostle Paul. What do we know about Jesus beyond church tradition? Not one thing!
    Mat 15:8-9 "This people draws near to Me with their mouth, and honors Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me. (9) But in vain they worship Me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men."
    What are the commandments of men? The ten commandments. To worship god in vain is to preach the ten commandments because in doing so, one teaches the traditions of men that become law over time, not the commandments of god. God never gave any commandments to Moses. The commandments were lies written by the scribes which Jeremiah confessed. This continues to the writings of the NT. Tradition is preached, not gospel. The gospel has no affect because of the traditions of the church. There is no Holy Ghost because everyone has their own idea of Jesus and the church. Otherwise there would only be one body of believers worshiping god in the same way and instead there are hundreds of denominations and thousands of variations of these denominations and all of them preach PAUL not Jesus. Jesus did not live, he is a figment of the christian imagination. And, if he lived, his gospel is so written over and fragmented by the mindless drivel of Paul that anything that jesus brought is fictional because it cannot be separated from the nonsense of Paul.
    The only theme throughout the OT and NT that is repeated over and over is what? God demands mercy and not sacrifice. God demands love that covers up sin and not the insane ramblings of the Law that points fingers at everyone and accuses everyone for no reason. Behold, you trust in lying words that cannot do you any good! God demands mercy and not sacrifice because that is the only works not covered by the Law that Moses never got from god. Even the prophets knew God never told moses anything but how were they going to tell the Jew without being killed by the Jews?
    The Law of love was not delivered to Moses so Jesus brought it. That is what the Kingdom of God is within you. Mercy and not sacrifice, and an accusation that traditions were taught as law, as commandments, when there were none given. To prove Jesus lived is impossible. To prove we need Jesus for salvation is impossible because you cannot prove he was sent by god to save us from what a talking snake did. Too many myths and not enough factual accounts. Every time we forgive each other we save each other because where forgiveness abounds there is no strife, no anger, no hate, no feelings of guilt. We don't need Jesus. We need common sense and the willingness to forgive.
    This is the Kingdom of God, showing unfeigned love to one another and the forgiveness of each other's 'sins' or wrongful deeds they may commit against us. That is the Law of Love and the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is without sin. How? By forgiveness of sin. We forgive each other, that law is within our hearts. Where forgiveness reigns, so does the Kingdom of God.
  3. hereticzero
    Christianity's False Doctrine Concerning Homosexuals
    God did not create man to be heterosexual at the beginning of creation, otherwise why did he bring all of the animals for Adam to have sexual intercourse with before he made the poor fool a woman he could enjoy for himself? He supposedly made man of the dust and there was not enough mud left to make a woman? God showed more compassion to animals, providing them mates for themselves at the time they were created. Man was originally left to explore creation as he chose and in any manner in which he chose, including beastiality and incest.
    Has man always been heterosexual in sexual preference or has that mentality only developed after man chose to bond with a woman? Do all cultures share the same opinions about the homosexual lifestyle? Beliefs concerning male and female relationships vary from one country and culture to another. Homosexuality was widely accepted by the world until approximately 600 years after Christ and the rise of Islam. Within Catholicism, homosexuality was well known throughout the church. Over centuries, Christianity developed their theology condemning homosexuals as an abomination by reason of scriptural writings of the Old Testament and New Testament. The scribes are liars.
    Christianity takes it upon itself to be the moral voice of the world, when in actuality most Christians have no clue what is right and wrong--they are so blinded by what they are told by the church they are unable to reason for themselves. They have to be told, by scripture and preaching, what to believe and how to behave. They can quote chapter and verse about what they believe because they supposedly find their rant printed nicely out for them in their Bibles. The biggest problem for their assertions is that the word 'homosexual' does not appear anywhere in the Old Testament or the New Testament, leaving the most ardent of believers scrambling to replace the term with whatever fits his or her religious doctrine. The closest word they can attribute God's damnation to is a 'sodomite' or one who is from Sodom. You may recall Sodom to be one of the unfortunate cities God destroyed. The story is found in the Old Testament Book of Genesis. In brief, according to biblical scripture, God sent some angels to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to warn a righteous man named Lot that God was going to utterly destroy the inhabitants because he could find none of them righteous. Before Lot and his family could flee the city, the inhabitants attacked the angels with a single-minded purpose of 'knowing' them in the biblical sense. The angels smote them all blind, Lot, his wife and daughters and the angels were able to escape but, God in his wisdom, turned Lot's wife into a pillar of salt because she had to take one last look at the carnage. God's need for anger management is apparent in this story. How petty can a god get for turning someone into a salt-lick because they looked over their shoulder at the sound of death and destruction? Despite the loss of his wife, Lot was still able to procreate with his daughters and continue his lineage. Thus, heterosexuals claim with all self-righteousness, God smote Sodom and Gomorrah because they were homosexuals and spared Lot because he was a heterosexual, an incestuous heterosexual but one none the less! The scribes are liars.
    Let's review this story and see what really happened. According to the Book of Genesis, angels appeared to Lot where he lived in Sodom to warn him that God was going to destroy the city as well as Gomorrah because the inhabitants were not righteous in God's eyes. Lot pleaded with God not to destroy the city even for the sake of one righteous man. The angels claimed God would not destroy the city if one righteous man could be found. Well who the hell was Lot if not a righteous man in God's eyes? If the angels came to warn Lot because he was a righteous man, then why didn't he qualify as the single righteous inhabitant of Sodom? God broke his promise to Lot and destroyed the city anyway. Christians point out that the inhabitants of Sodom attacked the angels wanting to have sexual intercourse with them and then the inhabitants were destroyed by God. Thus undeniably showing God's wrath against homosexuals. However, God did not voice his displeasure towards homosexuals over the incident, rather God killed a city full of heterosexuals who were behaving badly! It was not until many centuries later that this story was used to condemn homosexual behavior. Centuries after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, another mythological figure, Moses, claimed God found homosexuality an abomination. This was after Moses spent many days and nights pounding ten commandments into two rocks that could fit into the palm of one hand. Out of these ten commandments, Moses, or it was attributed to him, gave the Israelites over 600 laws to obey. Among these laws was the rant against homosexuals. Keep in mind that even the Bible's prophets declared the scribes of the word of God to be liars. The ancient scrolls were made from animal hides and sewn together which made the ancient way of cut and paste, unlacing and relacing hides, very convenient and acceptable to the controlling priests that ran the Jewish religion. This is how the laws were added over time. The hides were edited to reveal God's word magically appearing where it did not before and the masses were none the wiser. This is why the ancient prophets declared the scribes to be liars. The condemnation of homosexuality is a biblical lie written many years after Moses was dead and inserted into Old Testament scripture to be enforced under penalty of death. However, the law was never enforced in biblical times. The Bible does not record one incident in which God reprimanded or demanded a person be killed for being a homosexual or having been found in the act of homosexual intercourse. If you were one of the thousands of Israelites being led by the nose by Moses around the desert for 40 years, and you were gay, don't you think their all-knowing God, that knows everyone's hearts and minds, would have stopped the caravan and said something to someone and have you killed? There are many stories about God ordering someone's death and destruction for all kinds of infractions but none are found for homosexuality. Why? Because the law against homosexuality is a lie. The scribes are liars.
    The Bible demands death for many infractions of the law that are noted as an abomination. The term 'abomination' in English signifies that which is exceptionally loathsome, hateful, wicked, or vile. An abomination occurs because whatever an abomination is, falls outside of normality as defined by Christianity and not humanity. An abomination is not expected but is a freak of nature. If the God of the Christian and Jewish Bible is all knowing then he should have foreseen the possibility that humanity would develop a sexual interest in each other, including an interest in the same sex. The fact that the Bible declares God's surprise and declaration of homosexual as an abomination demonstrates the law was written based on the ignorance of a human and not God's oration to Moses. The scribes are liars.
    Need more proof? Consider the love affair between David and Jonathan, two Old Testament heroes. Throughout their love affair, God does not berate David and his playmate for being homosexuals. God does not bring any condemnation against David for being gay. God's only rant dealt with a woman David had an affair with and the woman's husband whom David had murdered. God chastised him for behaving badly with a woman. God had ample opportunity to smite him where he stood but remained silent concerning his homosexuality. Why? Because God accepted his homosexual nature as normal behavior. Only man declares it an abomination. The scribes are liars.
    There is a lot of nonsense written in the Bible concerning 'sodomites'. In fact, the word 'Sodomite' is a deliberate mistranslation of the original text in order to inject a specific doctrine into the Bible. The word 'sodomite' became synonymous with homosexuality sometime around the Dark Ages when the Christian church ruled the world with an iron rod from Rome. Over the centuries the Protestants have also taken up the mantle of gay-bashing, sometimes literally justifying their rampage is in accordance with scripture. They never brag about assaulting anyone because of Jesus Christ telling them to do so but rather scripture guides them, not the Holy Ghost. Even though Christians will swear they are ruled by the Holy Ghost and love everybody but hate the sin, they will use scripture to give credibility to their violence and outspoken hatred towards whatever they believe is in violation of biblical scripture. This outspoken hatred includes homosexuals. The Christian modernist decrying God's condemnation of homosexuals bases his opinion upon ancient scriptures written by unknown authors, scriptures shown to be untrue by wording alone. Homosexuality is and has always been an acceptable expression of love and affection perverted only by the minds of religious fanatics bent on controlling every aspect of our lives from birth to the grave, including who we choose to share our lives with.
    The scribes are liars.
  4. hereticzero
    The Blasphemy of Evangelism

    Which ten commandments do you teach? Exodus Chapter 20 are not the ten commandments god gave to Israel. Those verses are the introduction to the Law of Moses. The real ten commandments are found in Exodus Chapter 34, the words of the covenant are the ten commandments. How? Because in verse 28, it says so! The words of the covenant expressed in Chapter 34, are the ten commandments. Why do you teach what you teach? Do you ever consider the notion that your religion is ruining your life? Do you ever have the thought that you have been duped into a lifetime of self-denial? It takes considerable will power to divest one's self of religious doctrine that have been taught to us day after day until we have taken them for granted as truth. When we oppose religious doctrine, we are champions of freedom of thought that allows us to understand the wisdom of the sciences that strive to understand our true purpose in the universe--to discover who we are, where we came from and where we are in the universe. Religious indoctrination rejects scientific factual data in favor of religious faith that requires no evidence of proof. Religious texts warn against following other gods but never teaches to reject wisdom but claims the acceptance of wisdom is the first step in knowing god. To reject science is to reject wisdom and to reject wisdom is to reject the intelligence god gave us. By using our intelligence instead of religious doctrine to explore our universe, we fulfill god's plan for humanity. Warnings of the bible are not against science but warn against traditional teachings that are contradictory to god's will.
    But avoid foolish questions and genealogies and contentions, and strivings about the Law, for they are unprofitable and vain. (Tit 3:9)
    (Jer 7:8) Behold, you trust in lying words that cannot do any good.
    Jer 8:8 How do you say, We are wise, and the Law of Jehovah is with us? Lo, certainly the lying pen of the scribes has written falsely.
    Add your burnt offerings to your sacrifices, and eat the flesh yourselves. For in the day that I brought your ancestors out of the land of Egypt, I did not speak to them or command them concerning burnt offerings and sacrifices...But they did not listen, they paid no heed, but went ahead with their own plans with the most stubbornly wicked and evil hearts...Speak to them but they will refuse to listen to you. Call to them but they will refuse to answer... truth has perished from their lips and it is no longer heard in the land. (Jeremiah7:21)
    The OT prophet Jeremiah claims the Laws were lies written by scribes, words god never gave Moses. He knew that the Law was not given by god but by man. Think about how the prophet claims 'in vain do they worship me teaching for commandments the traditions of men.' God himself said their sacrifices did not please him. How can this be so if the Law he gave Moses was to be kept forever? The answer is, God never gave such laws to Moses. Jeremiah confirms this. As does the prophet Hosea.
    Hos 6:6 For I desired mercy and not sacrifice, and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.
    What knowledge of god do we then also desire? It is not the knowledge of what god is but his mind. We desire his knowledge. What does god know? We look into the realm of life and natural laws of the universe using science as a means to interpret collected data to use as evidence in support of our theories in biology, astronomy, and other sciences. We desire facts, not faith. Facts provide evidence apparent to anyone desiring to review the data. Faith, on the other hand, is subjective and dependent upon religious beliefs which vary from person to person. This makes faith unsuitable for interpreting data. Faith requires no data to support one's assertions concerning the workings of the universe.
    And now we are learning what god knows, because of science, and we are coming closer to the ultimate epiphany, the realization that we are the mind of god. We are the Divine of two embodiments. When we are righteous in our dealings with others, then the Divine is embodied with righteousness. When we commit works of evil against each other, then the Divine is wicked. At any given moment there will be two people in opposition with each other because they believe that the Divine is an all powerful god that speaks directly to them. This is not true. The Divine has no consciousness unless two or more people ponder upon its attributes. When these two or more people become of one spirit, then the spirit is more determined to either be good or evil. Always question the motives of the Divinity that drives men towards war instead of peace.
    If you read Romans Chapter Two, you would understand that it is blasphemy to preach the Law to gentiles. The Law was for the Jews, not the Gentiles. Gentiles prove that the law is written in their hearts because they prove this with their works. What are these works but love, mercy, and compassion. In this same vein of wisdom god claimed he desires mercy and not sacrifice. Mercy is love, compassion, and forgiveness which are the attributes of God. Mercy covers sin with forgiveness. Sacrifice brings one's sin to the attention of god and death results. God desires that man be saved from death and so he established love as a law unto itself. Against love there is no law, no punishment, no death. God desires that mercy and love trump the workings of the law that results in death. He will give glory and honor to every man who works for good. Faith without works is dead. It is not the hearers of the law who are just but the doers of the law that are just. And the greatest of the law is love, he prefers love and mercy over the workings of the law. He desires mercy and not sacrifice, go and learn what this means.
    When someone preaches the law, they commit blasphemy because they also break the law. To say someone does not keep the ten commandments, you just committed blasphemy based on Romans Chapter Two. No where in that chapter does it say a belief in Jesus is required nor the keeping of the law nor baptism nor sacrament is required for a Gentile believer. It says that preaching the law is blasphemy. How do you reconcile committing blasphemy by your preaching? Like love, against science and wisdom there are no laws.
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