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  1. I recently heard it said, 44 Earths can fit in Uranus, 45 if you relax ....


  2. What a summer! It's a good summer, I've been raising caterpillars and doing photography. I'm still in therapy since my divorce last year but life's getting better. Looking forward to hitting the road next summer.

  3. Anyone else raising monarch caterpillars? I have been this summer. I built a habitat in the front yard and back yard full of milkweed.

  4. Thinking of moving to Switzerland. I should know by next summer. In the meantime, I plan on making a couple of visits.

    1. Margee


      I hope all goes well for you HereticZero!! Enjoy and keep us posted on how it's going! 

  5. I want to visit Europe but not sure where to start?


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    2. Ellinas


      Remember that Europe is not a single entity; the countries and the experiences they offer can be very different.

      Personally, I would recommend Italian cuisine and Greek archaeology.  Greek food is simple enough and very tasty, but is very much styled along the lines of the eastern med and has some distinct non European aspects to it.  Try Spain if you want to see some fiestas in full swing.  If you like fairytale scenery, take a look at Lake Bled in Slovenia - I spent a very pleasant holiday there some years ago.  I've not been there but am told Croatia is also picturesque but choose your destination - I gather there is some rather obvious poverty off the beaten track.  Bulgaria does some good wines, if that's your thing.

      My favourite lake in Italy (so far) is Garda, where I've stayed at the northern side in Malcesine (cobbled streets, Scaliger castle).  Maggiore is also worth a visit though - I stayed in the area near the Borromean islands.  On either lake, you can easily hop onto a ferry to visit other towns around the shore, and Maggiore offers the option to visit the northern end into Switzerland either by train or ferry.

      If you are into more recent history combined with some scenery, southern Poland is a good place to start from to explore Auschwitz-Berkenau.  Be aware however - that trip is a litany of sheer horror.  It's the only time I've seen a museum guide fighting to hold back tears.  If you want to stay in a city, Krakow is worth a visit.  If you prefer a small town with easy access to plenty of walking, look at Zakopane.

      If you really want to try something different and fancy a cruise type holiday- how about the Norwegian fjords?

  6. My divorce is FINAL! I get to keep my house.


    1. TrueFreedom


      Congrats! Me too!

  7. Our universe has not existed for one day.

  8. People are so fucked in the head... The Senior Center's package vacation deal is to go see Ken Ham's Ark! And the old folks are drooling in line to go... I don't belong anywhere in public these days!

    1. Travi


      That park is such an eyesore on this state. 

  9. My wife runs away and my son wants back in my life. Roller coasters .... It's a happy dreadful feeling. 

  10. The drama never ends... Treacherous relationships never work out! Divorce on the horizon again, this time for good!

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    2. hereticzero


      I'm at paragon 630. I do hardcore characters.

    3. Travi


      Jesus, you got me beat by a ton then, lol

  11. Time to go on adventure.

    1. hereticzero


      I went to Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. No diamonds. It was raining hard and the ground was hard as concrete. I may come back another day?

    2. hereticzero
  12. My wife and I have been going through a rough spot. We were getting divorced, I filed paper work, she got served. She begged me not to divorce her--she has changed and is going to therapy, me too. I stopped divorce proceedings.

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    2. Travi


      Just be careful on people changing HZ. Sometimes they wind up changing for the worse.


      Best wishes on getting things worked out though.

    3. hereticzero


      I am optimistic but I am keeping my attorney handy.


    4. TABA


      Best of luck to ya!

  13. Free man in 60 days. Got divorce under way.

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    2. florduh


      Hang in there, man!

    3. Eugene39


      The process sucks, but life gets better on the other side. :)

    4. TrueFreedom


      I wish you the best! I'm getting started as well.

  14. Ending 2016 on a good point -- my xmas list is getting smaller year after year.

    1. Lilith666


      Of things you want, or people you have to buy for?

  15. I had the opportunity to witness the wind blowing through the trees, shaking their branches, and ripping the top of my cherry tree off and throwing it on my car.

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    2. hereticzero


      Autumn in Nebraska.

    3. buffettphan


      Whew! I saw lightning strike a tree in our back yard. It blew bark over the top of the house and into the yard of the house across the street. Mother Nature can be a bitch sometimes. Glad you're ok and there's no bad damage.

    4. hereticzero


      I cut the whole tree down today for pay-backs.


  16. Well, the ol' lady has departed for Germany. She threatens to return but I will wait and see ....

    1. buffettphan


      The saga continues. Hope things work out the way you want. Take care of yourself, HZ.

    2. hereticzero


      I'm ready for whatever happens.


  17. This is going to be interesting... I am OK, BTW, but I was attacked by two pits in my yard yesterday morning. Police, sirens, yelling, tickets, and fines. I was just taking pictures in my own front yard.

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    2. Deidre


      sorry that happened, hope you're ok

    3. hereticzero
    4. hereticzero


      Neighbors fixed their fence to keep the dogs away from me.


  18. Anyone ever have a misspelled name on an airline ticket through a travel agent? How do you fix it? I imagine the travel agent can fix it?

  19. Ha! Now I know the difference between hornets and paper wasps. I been killing off paper wasps all day around here.

  20. Outlived classmate #4 from Class of 1975, Hallock, Minnesota.

    1. rjn


      Most people here tried God Thumbelina. Thanks, but no thanks, we're not buying what you're selling.

  21. Think I could catch a break in all the drama around here? Hell no. Had to put my 14 year old dog to sleep this afternoon. She had multiple tumors that added five pounds to her weight. They grew fast in the last couple of weeks! Bindi the wonder dog. RIP.

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    2. FreeThinkerNZ


      So sorry for the loss of your best friend. Hugs.

    3. hockeyfan70


      Sorry to hear. When our dog dies, it's going to be devastating.

    4. yunea


      I'm so sorry. :( RIP, Bindi.

  22. Finally! SCJ Scalia is DEAD!

    1. hereticzero


      Let the bells toll from sea to shining sea.

    2. SilentLoner


      Ding dong the witch is dead

    3. FreeThinkerNZ


      *Does a little dance*

  23. A former friend of mine, a religious nut-case, always prayed for healing when ill. Apparently God wasn't working out for him so he had triple by-pass heart surgery. He's doing well, thanks to science and the godless doctors who saved his ass.

    1. Travi


      And I would imagine they are still yelling: Praise God!!!


      Good to hear he is recovering well. Hopefully it continues as such.

    2. Fuego


      He'll be just certain that god "guided" the docs. The BS is strong in these ones.

    3. Deidre


      Yea, even though I'm back to the faith, I don't 'pray like that' anymore. I pray moreso for God to give me strength no matter the outcomes in life. :)

  24. My brother-in-law in Alaska just lost three members of his family who were returning from hunting moose. Their boat was capsized by 50 mph winds on the river and they all drowned. Their bodies washed ashore a few hours ago.

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    2. milesaway


      i'm so sorry for your loss! even though i don't know you, you'll all be in my thoughts.

    3. nivek


      Sea indeed is an evil Mistress,,,

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