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  1. Faith is a personal thing Christians have made into a mandatory doctrine. I cannot have faith in something that comes from a brutal religion like Christianity.
  2. The craziest thing I was taught started at genesis and ran through revelations.
  3. One is the loneliest number ... How can you vote for someone who can only count to one?
  4. The rapture is an old twist on the phrase 'the rats are deserting the sinking ship.' Perhaps life would be better for us if there were a rapture and the do-gooders left the planet to us?
  5. The Blasphemy of Evangelism Which ten commandments do you teach? Exodus Chapter 20 are not the ten commandments god gave to Israel. Those verses are the introduction to the Law of Moses. The real ten commandments are found in Exodus Chapter 34, the words of the covenant are the ten commandments. How? Because in verse 28, it says so! The words of the covenant expressed in Chapter 34, are the ten commandments. Why do you teach what you teach? Do you ever consider the notion that your religion is ruining your life? Do you ever have the thought that you have been duped into a life
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