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  1. Ever feel like you are a character trapped in a really bad movie you can't escape from?

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    2. Thought2Much


      CUT! Okay, can you try that line again, but with a little more feeling? And... ROLL 'EM!

    3. hereticzero


      I'll do it like Shatner

    4. Thought2Much


      "Did you... everfeellikeyouareacharacter... trapped... inareallybadmovie... you can't... escapefrom?"

  2. I have a neighbor that likes to yell abuse at us. He's a redneck. I don't argue with him but now to shut him up, everytime he starts his rants outside, we start filming. I am going to post his BS to Facebook starting with next film.

    1. hereticzero


      He's a neighborhood bully that only picks on people he thinks can't argue with him. He won't talk when I am outside so he waits until my wife or son's pregnant girlfriend is outside alone. Now we all carry cameras.


    2. florduh


      I look forward to some video!

    3. FreeThinkerNZ
  3. Kids! Go to air up my tires and discover someone replaced the black air stem covers with neon green on only three tires, the caps are busted on top.

    1. hereticzero


      I ordered replacements.


  4. This may be a good cause for nonbelievers? --http://www.kiva.org/about/how

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The war on Christmas heats up -- elves slain by the thousands in North Pole. Santa goes rogue. Film at 2:00am somewhere.

  6. I am now a dudeist priest of the Church of Latter Day Dudes

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    2. hereticzero
    3. florduh


      Abiding here...

    4. TrueFreedom


      You too?! I've been a dudeist priest for years! Welcome, fellow dude!

  7. The way that is phrased might lead somebody to think you would like to bar religious people from holding political offices, managing corporations, teaching schoolchildren, etc. Probably you only mean that religious people in responsible positions should not let their religious beliefs affect their decisions? No, religious people indoctrinate on the job through their position and status. They shouldn't be in authority. A person who swears they are controlled by an invisible super power and has their finger on the atomic bomb, shouldn't.
  8. People pray for many reasons, none of which inspire me to pray. I honestly try to live and let live when it comes to religious people. Religion is development of the self but many people use it to force others around them to change in order to make the religious person appear to be a reasonable person. I can live with anyone's theology, beliefs, doctrines, whatever, -- what I can't live with is forced indoctrination, including what religious people do to their children such as preventing medical care in favor of prayer. I don't believe the religious have any place in politics or positions of authority. A person may believe as they choose when they are developing their own character for their well-being, but they have no place telling others what to do to improve their lives.
  9. Confederate flag waving bigots for relatives telling me to choose sides in the fight for equality. So I chose the 'Go fuck yourself' side.

    1. ConsiderTheSource


      With "them" it is always about "them", no matter what they tell you. Their prime directive is to define their in group by identifying who is in the out group.

  10. Today is my 59th birthday and I started out with a nap this afternoon and just woke up.

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    2. florduh


      Happy Birthday, youngster!

    3. buffettphan


      Happy Birthday and hope you have a great year! Enjoy those naps!

    4. JenniferG


      Belated happy birthday! Stay awake so you don't miss out on life. It's short!

  11. I was raised in the cult of the Southern Baptist, family was heavily involved for MANY generations. I know many who would leave but they feel they need to believe in something other than themselves or they think they cannot give their children a moral role model to follow other than what religion provides. Many church members are pathetic in their understanding of themselves. They hopelessly follow the church doctrine we are born in sin and are doomed without Jesus, no matter what they believe about the religion. They have no faith in themselves.
  12. For me, the final straw was 9-11-2001 bombing of WTC, New York, and the backlash of bullshit from religious leaders in the US and their lies concerning POTUS. Fox News was instrumental in my deconversion as were most televangelists.
  13. I am not afraid to die. As a Christian, I was afraid to die. After deconverting, I see death as one more adventure into the unknown. That doesn't mean I believe I will continue in spirit after death but rather I have never died before so it will be a new learning experience. The last thing I learn.
  14. Unfortunately, there is no wrong or correct way to deconvert. The person deconverting makes the process easy or hard on themselves because of what they have been taught since becoming a Christian. I struggled with it for over 45 years, I even started my own ministry before I deconverted as I had not come to the point where I no longer believed but rather I thought I was not following the 'Real Jesus™' and teaching the 'Real Scriptural Doctrine of Truth™'. To be short, there are no 'real' anything in Christianity. Everyone who leaves the cult has to come to that conclusion for themselves. It depends a lot on how long one has been in the cult, how much the person was involved in their church--Sunday School teacher, deacon, pastor, whatever, and if they were getting paid for their services. Those who make money are seldom going to walk away.
  15. With thousands of individual cults (churches) with different doctrines, Christianity is a very large cut-and-paste religion. Every doctrine comes from the idea 'the law is dead', meaning Christians do not have to adhere to the Law of Moses because Jesus set them free from the law. Churches use this notion to add what they want to their own doctrines and point out they are mentioned in the OT. The only Law Christians follow is whatever parts of the law appeals to their personal prejudices.
  16. Dr. says my diabetes type II, and hypertension are under control without meds. She said to keep doing whatever I'm doing to keep things under control, so liquor store here I come.

  17. I started making beer and wines again.
  18. The Skeptic's Annotated Bible has biblical contradictions printed along side of the verse. It's a good book.
  19. So what? Are you claiming only your God/Jesus is forgiving? Forgiveness is a Universal Golden Rule of cooperation. Not everything is a betrayal. Not everything demands blood for blood or an eye for an eye. Forgiveness is not deserving in every occasion.
  20. Pervy dude playing Diablo III online, jealous that MY WIFE plays the game with other people, like they are a couple. Weird MF from Denmark.

    1. Orbit


      let me know if you play diablo II still

    2. hereticzero


      No, I haven't played D2 for years.

  21. Found out on ultrasound our first grandbaby will be a boy, in February 2016, instead of January 2016.

  22. Keep it clean! Who has before and after pictures from a kid to adult? This is me:
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