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  1. In January 2016, the fate of the future will forever be altered. Expecting grandkid #1.

  2. The School of Ambiguity: 'Give me an education or give me something else.'

    1. Thumbelina


      How are you Helter Skelter? ;p :D

      Something else? Like what?

  3. Started off the day getting rear ended at the stop sign-no damage. Sheriff was also at the same corner and gave guy ticket for texting or inattentive driving plus suspended license, I think? No one hurt.

    1. hereticzero


      Dude got a hell of a very BIG ticket. Sheriff was still writing when he told me I could leave. LOL!


    2. EyesOpened


      Glad you are ok and no tickets!

    3. Lilith666


      Glad you're okay.

  4. I just want to say how pleased I am that LGBT now have equal rights in the US.

  5. Just dropped in to say 'howdy.'

  6. She wasn't quite a fledgling when her nest was destroyed, otherwise I would have left her to go back to mama. I generally have a hands-off policy when it comes to wildlife. But the nest was never found, I knew where it belonged and the other chicks were laying all over the yard--it was a really wild thunderstorm that spawned tornadoes across our state. We had our doubts any of the chicks would survive and it took several hours bundled on a hot pad before the chicks (the two who survived, except one later died from injuries to its head) began to move around and beg for food. The injured one ate
  7. Just to clarify, one bird died from exposure, a second bird died from injuries from predation, and the third survived.
  8. Then came the day, she began to build a nest and feed herself. And when she was ready, after a final 'good bye' and enough worms to fill her belly, she was let loose to return to the trees. And, we hope she lives happily ever after...
  9. She quickly made friends with her rescuers and began to grow and eat, and eat, and eat, and grow. And she stretched her wings as her feathers grew, waiting for the day when she could fly.
  10. Then one day a terrible windy storm came and destroyed the nest, spilling baby birds onto the ground where they lay helpless, cold, and dying. Then a man and his wife found the babies and brought them into their home. One baby had been attacked by a cat while laying on the ground, died two days later. And the only survivor, a female, survived.
  11. One day, April 30, 2015, three baby robins were born. Their mama fed them bugs and life was good.
  12. Wife and I fed and raised a robin nestling until it was ready to fly away. We fed her I think for 9 days.

    1. florduh


      "His eye is on the sparrow..." Thanks for doing a better job than God!

    2. hereticzero


      The bird comes back and watches us in the backyard for a few minutes and then flies away. I think she wants us to follow her? I've tried to track her on foot but she takes off like a rocket in the air. She appears to be having fun with the local robin gang, hope she stays off the tree drugs.


  13. Lady said my aura saved her life. Fourth time in my life someone has told me I am 'marked.' Still don't know what that means.

    1. AndrewTomlinson


      In my opinion, it means [insert supernatural nonsense here].

    2. moanareina


      I guess it means you are true to yourself and have good confidence? When I am with esoteric people they tell me things like they feel I was a strong person blah...and mostly it is when I am just accepting the things as they are. Like bad moods etc. instead of trying to be a better person.

  14. Female Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly and lilac bush.
  15. My cicada eclosing pictures are in my first picture books, "Cicada Eclosing" and "Bugs": https://bugsncritters.shutterfly.com/
  16. Immortality would cure austerity as we know it but in my experience in life, there will come a time when immortals will find a way to create an austerity to create a class of elites amongst the immortals and then we go back to the gods again. Perhaps we should leave things as they are?
  17. I think if we can discover life in space at its beginnings, we would be closer to solving evolution. If the universe had a beginning, then I believe life did as well. If the universe had no beginning then why should life have to have a beginning? The way we perceive the known universe is that all things have a beginning and no ending (speaking philosophically-religiously, being life after death, reincarnation, that stuff). Some scientists believe our universe will end some day. Humans will be long extinct by then, so what purpose would a god have for continuing the universe with no one around
  18. Seems aliens have more of a grip on reality than the human species? https://youtu.be/UjGFHL1wqhY
  19. Everyone knows god prefers football over starving children in Africa.
  20. I was taught to not think when I was raised a fundy. It took me most of my adult life to catch up. A theory is not a best-guess hunch, as others have explained. A forensic scientist does not use 'an educated guess.' A forensic scientist reviews the evidence of record and bases their conclusion on the evidence, what the evidence shows. That is what evolution explains is the data collected concerning life and life adapting to its environment in order to survive. Darwin's original theory took for granted life already existed and specialized over time, become distinct species within one group of a
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