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  1. You have to be a Christopher Lee fan to really appreciate this:http://youtu.be/-TnFIDKyX50

  2. I think I'm the first to break tradition by leaving the church and the Protestant ministry. I come from a long line of ministers. I'm honored to say it ends with me. I doubt my son will take up the cross. My dad was a So. Baptist minister for over 50 years, and was a fill-in preacher and ran a truck-stop ministry when he passed away this year. My relatives who are looking to join the ministry no longer call me for advice because I tell them they should haul ass from their religion instead of continue teaching something that is wicked at its core, I consider their doctrine against humanity,
  3. It took me a couple of years after leaving xtianity to tell others I was an atheist and it took several more years before I let the rest of my family know. Religion plays so many guilt trips with our minds.
  4. Acceptance of death is what we all face. That's how 'all men are created equal', we all die. The worst thing a person can do is teach one's child we die because we are cursed by some supreme being because someone ate his magical fruit. Kids accept death the way they are taught by their parents. I have had NDE before, never saw Jesus, and nothing happened that would make me believe there is an afterlife. People work themselves into a frenzy thinking about dying. The older I get, the more I think about what I will be doing when that time comes. It's not an obsession but you can't help but think
  5. If I can get drunk, get in a wreck, die and then meet Jesus with whiskey on my breath, then I should be able to cram enough pot up my ass prior to cremation to last me an eternity in the hereafter.

    1. Eugene39


      That's quite possible. :)

  6. Another reason for free condoms for the public, Ebola can be spread like an STD for about 90 days after an infected person is cured of the disease.

    1. hereticzero


      I just read an article where male patients were warned not to have sex for up to three months following treatment.

  7. Preying mantis looking for a place to lay her eggs. Then possibly munch on the male on her back.
  8. Been married 23 years today.

  9. I submitted my first picture into a contest about butterflies, nature and diversity:
  10. I think this is a dragonfly nymph?
  11. I believe the butterfly is called a 'Gray Hairstreak'? The butterflies use their fancy tail to confuse predators, mimic frightening big eyes.
  12. great colors. butterflies, bee, plant. What plant is that? Anise. I grow it for flavoring in baking and making home made beer. And I also grow it to attract bees and other critters.
  13. I like the idea of a multiverse, different universes. I wish we didn't live in the stupid one.
  14. Update: Not an egg case. I is sap from my tree due to predation by insects.
  15. Behold! What bird hath Shit color upon my car? Pastel white on blue.
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