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  1. This is where the Reasonable Doubts gang is at their best. A retread of a prior show, but a good one, none the less.
  2. NO! That's us telling you that there's nothing special about your claim. Lots of people think that they're in communion with the supernatural, but when we point this out to you, you dismiss it, because Jesus' voice is "The Voice". That's bullshit, Justyna. It's one key! How difficult is it to press one key?! It's right next to the "L" key for crissake. How is it casual to arbitrarily skip one piece of punctuation, the easiest one to reach on the keyboard, I might add? In a lot of cases, we're talking about contractions. Contractions ARE casual. What the hell?!
  3. It's the economy. Even God can't get good help.
  4. CLAUS. Sorry to nitpick about this, but a really educated person would NEVER make this mistake. Well, it is a terrible Tim Allen movie. Maybe she's trying to deny its existence. So, Justyna. You don't believe a tiny man with a magical sack of presents, who delivers to all the world's children in one night in a flying sleigh pulled by eight reindeer... but you believe in a man who is said to be born of a virgin, could walk on water, turn water into wine, raise the dead, die for our sins, and return from the dead only to rise up into the clouds to a place that isn't even there. And the real kicker is that the reason you don't believe in Santa is because he hasn't spoken to you. Funny, but the reason I and everyone else here don't believe in Santa is because reindeer and sleighs don't f#@!ing fly! There's no such thing as a magic bag of toys. It's not possible to visit every kid in a single night, even if we do factor in time zones. Kids figure this out with LOGIC. Kids are right to do this. If some kid said, "Santa talks to me, so he's real", that kid needs help. Think about what you're saying. The reason you believe in this ridiculous character in the gospels is because you think he's spoken to you. There's a nice man in white pants with a butterfly net over there. I want you to walk toward him.
  5. It should come as a surprise to no one that you can buy this book on drdino.com. It comes as part of their "Flood Package". From what I've read, it's an attempt to look at Noah's Ark from an engineering standpoint and comes to the remarkable conclusion that Noah's Ark may be... *assumes thinking pose* ...plausible! Ah, Christian publishing. You always cease to amaze me.
  6. That's not a joke. That's a sick fantasy on your part. I've noticed that Christians do this a lot. They fantasize about unbelievers being in dire situations where they can't deny it anymore. You're a sick person. There you go using evidence again! We all know what Justyna thinks of evidence. Cat Stevens was at sea during a storm and called out for God to save him, vowing that he would commit his life to God if his life was spared. Cat Stevens lived through that ordeal, became a Muslim, and gave up his music career for many, many years. Justyna is living in a world of pure fantasy where Jesus is always the default in the minds and heart of mankind, and that's simply not true.
  7. David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam killer, thought his neighbor's dog was talking to him. That's crazy. In jail, he converted to Christianity, and now he hears the voice of Jesus. Trading one delusion for another. Oh, and he's going to Heaven.
  8. Oh for Christ sake! Amazing! A religion that tells you that evidence isn't important. There's absolutely NOTHING suspicious about that! Sure it is! You only hear one voice, and that voice says that it's God. Certainly, you couldn't be crazy if you hear that. Christian apologist Ray Comfort, in his debate with Ron Barrier, made it clear that he's never heard a voice talk to him, and he even went as far as to say that there are dementia wards full of people who hear such voices. I find that very revealing that someone as committed to Christ as Ray Comfort would say something like that. What do you think about that? At last, you say something sensible.
  9. A theory is a conceptual model. It's applicable.
  10. Not to mention the fact that he gave us the gene to produce vitamin C, but it's broken. It's also broken in exactly the same way as all the other primates. God must not like those of his creations which have opposable thumbs.
  11. If they steal, they must not be TrueChristians™.
  12. Christians reading the Bible. Yeah, but they're still leaching off of normal pop culture when they do that. Remember when Cartoon Network had a ton of religious commercials? Those stupid Cedarmont Kids CDs. The adult contemporary songs of worship collections, that are always had the same songs with different people singing them on each collection. These were marketed on the assumption that Christians must have been watching Johnny Bravo and Space Ghost Coast To Coast. I am aware that they mimic everything in an attempt to offer a Christian alternative, but it's still an implicit admission on their part that they enjoy normal pop culture, even when the Bible tells them not to. I always felt bad for that one kid who had a Nintendo and all the games he was allowed to play were Wisdom Tree games. The infamous powder blue cartridges that were, if you'll pardon the choice of words, an abomination.
  13. Upheaval caused by continental drift. The land was indeed under water at one point, but not in the form of a mountain. Again, continental drift in addition to climate change. We know that Antarctica was once tropical, hence one will find the remains of animals adapted for warmer climates there. Local catastrophes. Sudden droughts. Flash floods. Heck, even super volcanoes. The best example that comes immediately to mind is the Elk Horn Range volcano. An even simpler argument would be to say that there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that the flood DIDN'T happen, and none of these examples are necessarily proof of anything. Even if we couldn't counter the existence of salt deposits at the tops of mountains, the leap to assuming that it's the flood is ridiculous. It's a failure of the creationist to even put his so-called evidence into perspective. It's very difficult to even approach the topic of Noah's Flood without immediately mocking the entire concept. It is, by far, the most indefensible belief in all of theology.
  14. Boobs with friggin' laser beams! I imagine some sort of vision correcting procedure coming from this. "Look into my boobs." No wait. Intelligent design wouldn't have near-sightedness. Darn! This appears to have sanitary issues. I would think the very first priority would be to have it so that we don't eat, breath, and speak with the same hole. God knows how much choking and gagging we could avoid if this was done.
  15. Ah, so it's not just the Ark that they keep finding in different places. When I got to this point, I immediately starting thinking of the They Might Be Giants song.
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