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  1. Saw this on Adult Swim. Thought it was pretty funny... Q. How man surrealists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A. Fish!
  2. I started buying books by well-known atheist and was like, "Mmm-hmm... those are mine."
  3. Here are a couple lame jokes from my blog. Did you hear about the Siamese Twins at the World Series? They hit back-to-back home runs! What's more impressive than a man who play piano by ear? A man who fiddles with his whiskers!
  4. Doesn't matter. I've already denied the holy spirit. If it happened, I couldn't ask for forgiveness anyway. I'd be fucked. But luckily for me, Christianity is wrong, and I don't have to worry about that.
  5. Personally, I don't know what Christians are talking about when they say that. Science is all kinds of fun.
  6. That's another thing he does that really burns my ass. He and Gastrich and half a million other creationists. Even Manata does it. They attack Darwin, as though Darwin's "Origin of Species" is the secular Bible. Granted, it's a publication of significant scientific importance, but only in terms of historical importance. The same way Newton's theory of gravity is of historical importance. We've passed up both Newton and Darwin significantly since these men have lived. The creationists really have no idea how damaging the molecular evidence for evolution is to their arguments. Even
  7. Another fellow artist wasting his talents on superstitious beliefs. Tragedy.
  8. Oh, it gets even better than that. Since Hovind doesn't believe in positive mutations, but yet apparently thinks that all plants come from one ancestoral plant, then all plants at one time probably bore fruit that had characteristics of all fruit, including those that are poisonous! My goodness, what did they eat in the Garden of Eden!? Oh wait... probably the vegetables, since this magical ancestoral plant probably bore both fruit from it's branches and vegetables below the ground simultaneously. I'm floored that Hovind apparently has so very little understanding of botany that he see
  9. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! I knew what it was before I even clicked! Oh God! Lee Merrill is a fucking dumbass! I've been watching that topic for weeks and I've been laughing my ass off! This guy just keeps getting destroyed, and yet he comes back for more. He won't give up. It's hysterical! That topic was broken off of the Gastrich/Krueger peanut gallery topic. I'm sure it surprises no one at all that Lee is there to root and holler for Gastrich. Sometimes I wonder if he is Gastrich. ...or Uncle Davey. You know what's funnier? He's challenged Farrell Till
  10. After seeing that no-good Johnny Hart (B.C.) prove how stupid he is, I'm so happy to see some of my other fellow artists fighting back! And doing it accurately! We should catalogue as many comic artists as we can find that have spoken out against creationism in recent comics. I'll add the one I posted earlier today...
  11. Could Christians please make up their minds? Are they in favor of civil rights or not?! Sorry pally. Civil rights are too important, and when you decided that you didn't want your hand, you exercised your right to refusal. We're not going to open the door to have doctors override patient decisions.
  12. Oh come on... Biting troll bait can be fun sometimes! What can they do? Nothing. Take our most recent guest. He couldn't answer any of the questions I asked, so he repeatedly ignored me. I picture a troll reaching into his bait can to pull out a nice juicy worm to place on his hook. Then when he drops bait into the water for the Ex-C fish to bite, the great white Neil shark comes along, busts a hole in the bottom of his boat, and bites him right in the ass! That was one of my better analogies.
  13. Now that is funny! I find quote mining somewhat easy to debunk, of course, I have to be aware that they're quoting something, or else it's just another bad claim which I'll attempt to debunk the difficult way. If it's not listed at Talk-Origins, then a simple Google search will usually reveal the article (it's usually an article) from which the quote was taken.
  14. I never thought of that way, but that's a good argument. Another way I would put it is that they're taking cause-and-effect as it happens from within the known universe and applying it to the beginning of the universe. Sounds similar to how they treat evolution and abiogenesis.
  15. Christianity is soooo screwed up, especially if you take these books literally. I've forgotten a lot of these, because I've spent so much time arguing against creationism. I forgot how fun it was to use the Bible against apologists. Every Christian debater I've ever heard always defines God as a limitless being in some way. He's infinite and all-powerful. Yet he needs to rest, which implies limitations.
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