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  1. Hey Piracy. I havent posted in a LONG LONG TIME but I thought I woudl reply to your thread. I cant remember the guys name and im not sure if he is even on here still but he was buddhist maybe? He lived in Japan I think, well maybe he was just married to a japanese woman...anyways.. He was in the same boat you are. His son or nephew or some boy in his family began talking about a relative who had died before the child was born giving specific facts about the relative. Perhaps he could shed some light onyour situation. Of course another member will hopefully jump in and know who I am talking a
  2. I was an alter boy also. I farted alot when I was an alter boy.
  3. taoism in a nutshell.. Water does not go through the rock, it goes around the rock. The path of least resistance.
  4. I thought the topic read Semen from fundies..
  5. dont even get me started on those fucking douchebags that call themselves insurance companies. If you want to get me really angry just start up a conversation about insurance!!!! My insurance dropped me when I was diagnosed with hepatitis-c and ever since then I hate those motherfuckers. Car insurance is just as bad. I have an appointment for surgery today and my insurance company wont pay for the whole surgery. Its only 45 grand..so I have to come up with about 20 grand for the surgery.. p.s. anyone want to buy a genuine Jesus toe? I am selling to for..oh....20 grand.
  6. I read your linked postings..You my good sir are seriously in need of psychiatric attention..
  7. Im glad I am not the only one who feels this way
  8. Northwest mississippi here.. 10 minutes from arkansas..In fact I was in arkansas last night getting gas. How close are you to Helena?
  9. Perhaps I am in the minority and thats ok! I still believe facing real world problems is the key to building socialization skills. Sure there are gangs, drugs, sex, and christianity in schools. I believe that having to interact with these things is what helps people to develop character. Case in point. I went to public school and private school. The public school that I went to was almost 80% black with the remaining being white, and 3 asians.. I can easily talk to, associate with, and get along with a black person in my area.. The private school I attended was 100% white. The people I we
  10. the only problem I have with homeschooling is that it deprives the child of good socialization skills. In a regular school, the child is forced to handle situations with other peers and it helps them develop socialization skills, something that homeschooling does not offer.
  11. RIPw4


    you guys really disgust me..You berate this poor person instead of contributing.. All they wanted you to do was play the game Jesus Isa.. Here Ill start. Jesus isa guy from mexico who mows lawns for extra money.. Cmon guys..dont be so rude.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
  12. A very interesting belief..I lean towards it.
  13. next you'll be ruffling it's little scaly head, putting a ribbon round it's neck, and calling it 'George'... Dont name it.. you cant eat it if you name it!
  14. I say give the 12 step programs a go.. The 12 step program of Narcotics Anonymous does not require that you believe in G-d. In fact, many people who are in the program are atheists, agnonstics, and deists..Me included. I can honestly say that a 12 step program is the best thing that ever happened to me. PM me if you want to chat about anything. Rip ps I have been clean for 5 1/2 years
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