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    The Buddha tells us that in the infinity beyond all the nothings is the emptiness of the eternal five: Sight, Smell, Hearing, Taste and Feeling. The five flavors dull all the tastes, the five tones deafen every ear, the five colors, they all blind the eye, yet they do not pass. All things come to us. Without wisdom, no gain, yet gain must end. All men/women will be one; only then will you find true peace, and happiness too. It is invisible, inaudible and quite infinite. Do you all hear the sound of bells? We hear nothing it is just a sound.

    "The Person for whom there are no expectations, concerning either this world or the world beyond, that one I call superior." - Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

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  1. Street-performing carny trash here. I knew the leg- and arm-lengthening tricks before I had ever even heard of so-called Christians using the bit as evidence of supernatural powers. I learned them from reprints of 19th-century magicians' handbooks and guides to "Parlor Tricks To Amuse and Delight!". I've laid hands on people, including absolute, total strangers in absolutely-non-religious environments (waiter at a diner, random person on a beach) and had them fall over, healed from headaches, etc. I've had people tell me about dreams and I've interpreted them, even sussing out details they didn't reveal. Those are simple techniques of suggestion, anticipation and process-of-elimination. I did those things before I ever attempted to advance in so-called ministry. Once I discovered the freewheeling, Wild-West world of nearly-theology-absent "charismatic" Christianity, I found the two things I had longed for (well, three): the approval of parent figures who encouraged my chosen work, the availability of fans who would latch on to anyone with a personality and a shtick, and desperate, horny married women bound to emasculated softies, drunken non-members, wayward kids, or some combo. They needed a loud, brassy, bold, masculine, unafraid man who was both "spiritual" and forthright about his intentions. Holy phrases and a large vocabulary and faded-denim-blue eyes work wonders. I never knew biblegod because biblegod never existed. I sure knew his religion, though, backwards and forwards. In short, I'm the most jaded, bitter, cynical ex-C you'll ever meet. I have more bones to pick than the ones in Ken Ham's creation-porn fantasies. It's horseshit. Try testing me if you like, Mr. Assume-So-Much.
  2. Anyone who doesn't see the roots of religion and the roots of capitalist exploitation as entangled and entwined with each other is either a fool or a shareholder.

  3. L.B.

    Religion is bad because...

    Religions were founded by those who seek to control the intellectual and economic resources of others. Those who are not tied to/invested in the goals of the oligarchy are living in places where the oilgarchs rule and the average person takes their rule for granted. The average American Christian takes the white elitists and their racist, misogynist, fascist structures for granted. It's easy to believe that a god is on your side when you're living a life that is provided for you by the sweat and blood of workers everywhere and you see nothing wrong with that. American religions are allowed to exist because they are either havens of the ignorant, clubs of the elites or fronts for capitalist money-laundering outfits. Religion is either your tool to control others or it's your drug to numb you to the reality of the system that exists. It's good for nothing.
  4. L.B.

    The weirdest thing is happening to me

    @SerenelyBlue You do not understand the emotional and hormonal/biological issues that make you prone to react to triggers that pull you towards or away from religion. You also fail to understand how there are others, myself included and myself especially, who are often triggered in the opposite way. This place, and very specifically this subforum, is not a place where it is safe to engage in absolutist language and diatribe. I have never met a Christian who did not eventually insist upon the veracity of some point of religiosity. Dialogue seems not to exist unless belief in the Christian god is presumed to be the end goal. You don't even pretend to dialogue. Your religious outbursts manic episodes are nothing more than attempts to self-convince and build yourself a temporary mental roadblock. You're trying to protect yourself from admitting that you need deeper, more acute mental/emotional/psychological help. Trust me when I tell you that you will never get well without losing the pride and arrogance that comes from refusing to get help.
  5. L.B.

    The weirdest thing is happening to me

    This is how it always turns out when you try to dialogue with people who believe in nonsense. "I just know that I know, and you can't know because you don't have the unverifiable magic that I have. Never mind that there's no agreement on how to understand a god, or how to relate to a god, or what things are important to the god." Hell, even people who belong to the SAME churches can't agree with each other. By the way, @end3, when you're the one who needs to believe that the world is a 6,000-year-old cesspool of "sin" and "wickedness", from which people can only be "saved" by an invisible sky daddy whose benevolent dictatorship is the only grounds for your sense of well-being... ... I'm not the one with the masturbatory fantasies.
  6. L.B.

    The weirdest thing is happening to me

    @end3 @SerenelyBlue Go fuck yourselves. Your belief in unverifiable nonsense means nothing to anyone with a brain. The very best arguments I've ever read from Christards have either been "here's some tiny shred of scientific possibility that something might exist that you can't dismiss as 'not god'" or "The bible has de wurd jeroozalum innit, and dere's jeroozalum on de maps on de internets, derefore JEEZIS IZ LORRD!!!!! 11!!" I live in the closest quarters possible with a naive, brainwashed neurotic who believes in the literal historicity of a man in a desert building a boat in a mater of days, all sufficient enough to house, feed and protect a sampling of EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. SPECIES. OF LIVING CREATURE ON EARTH during what is alleged to be the single greatest natural disaster ever. Entertaining the remotest possibility that such horseshit is true is enough to obliterate any respect i have for someone's intellect, or confidence in their mental health. (I apologize for any spelling errors; my tablet is acting weird.)
  7. Earlier today, a conversation in my presence: A) "I hate snakes; I'd rather hold a tarantula than even be near a snake." B) "Maybe it's hardwired into us by God..." A) "...yeah, because Satan was a serpent..." B) "...yeah, and all animals were good until the Fall. After that, they're vicious." Another conversation, one where I laid out my reasons for not believing the literal/historical interpretation of bible stories, ended with me saying, "...so there should be room for people to understand that stories can have meaning without being literally true." The listener's response: "Yeah, and room to say that people who DO believe in a literal Ark aren't stupid." My tongue is still sore from all the biting.
  8. If there is an omnipotent being that created humans, then they cannot possibly have free will. A free will must necessarily include the ability to refuse to obey or worship, which thing an omnipotent being cannot be denied. "All" power, after all, must include every kind and degree of power, inclusive of the ability to stop any dissent. The idea that a god rages in righteous anger at people who refuse his rule is hilarious.
  9. L.B.

    Yeah, America is a "christian" Nation

    It's just easier to hate religions as tools of oligarchs. That's what they are. Yeah, your grand poobah or his pope or their money-grubbing evanjellyfish preacher might be lording it over bigger or smaller flocks, and might enjoy more or fewer benefits, but every hierarchical religion has control of the masses and their resources at its core. By the way, fuck all the religious reasons for being offended by children in cages. The fact is that some asshole decided it was his prerogative to unilaterally act that way. How does such a choice benefit you, and what would stop the asshole from doing the same thing to you? Your "rights"? Hahaha...
  10. Damned straight, so to speak. ;) Really, though, soon enough, the boy will be one of those statistics - "Teens Leaving Church In Record Numbers!!!" or something. All it takes is for the guilt of the parents to be contrasted against the hypocrisy of the congregation. Too bad that by the time the young man realizes his original desires were normal, the guilty/religiously-oppressed side may have screwed up more than a few relationships.
  11. What pisses me off is that the same logic TrueBelievers use to defend their moral or intellectual positions can be used against their religion in so many cases. For instance, my wife's statement: "I don't want to go to XYZ place because so-and-so will be there, and they don't like me, but they'll give me a big, phony hello and act nice because it's expected of them." My thought: then why should I get up early every Sunday to accompany you to church, where I'll be greeted warmly by people who never take a minute to involve themselves with my life for the other 165 hours in any given week?
  12. L.B.

    Fundy Music Force Fed

    If the speakers are outside, check to see if they're hardwired or if they have a plug connection. Don't do anything about that the first time you check. Have a chat with the homeowner at the next conveniently casual opportunity, and ask her to turn off the stereo when she's not home. If it happens again when she's out, go over and unplug the speakers. Easy peasy. If she complains, tell her this isn't an issue about rejecting her religious beliefs, it's about common decency as a neighbor.
  13. L.B.

    Once a sinner always a sinner

    @Thumbelina Let's assume for a moment that there is a god, and it is the god described in your bible (or the version of god you've interpreted the bible to represent. What violation of this god's laws is not also a violation of another human being's rights and dignity? In other words, why do I need to believe in a god in order to recognize and respect and defend human rights and dignity? I contend that any god with the power to create life, which god also possesses concern for the well-being of its creation, cannot possibly condone or inspire people to commit acts like slavery, gender inequality, racial inequality, etc. The god described in your bible clearly does condone and inspire, even command, such things. I do not need a god to know that those violations of human rights and dignity are wrong, disgusting and counterproductive to my own well-being. Why would I worship a god whose concern for his creation is less than my own? How can I be charged with sin when I am not guilty of those things, but the god is? Your own bible says people who teach the law can't be found to be hypocrites, else their authority is null.
  14. L.B.

    Hello :)

    @RubyTuesday Truth does not exist outside of you. You exist because the true things in the universe happen to form the demonstrable, verifiable systems within and by which all living thinys exist. You exist because there is truth. Nothing exists that cannot be detected, either currently or potentially. For instance, if the possibility existed that invisible gods fighting in the clouds made the noises we hear as thunder, we would never have discovered a verifiable explanation that excludes such a possibility. The fact that we have done shows there is no other explanation, because none other is needed. Humans have already detected rational explanations for almost anything that we once attributed to gods. There is no reason to believe that further advancement in the sciences will do any less or different. Whatever else you're here for, make sure you remember that as soon as you look past the holy books and their ideas, you discover there's no need for them to be exclusively right, or even right at all in any way that necessitates a suspension of rational, scientific formulae.
  15. L.B.

    Secular Grace

    An omnipotent, sovereign being can't have "grace" for some and not for others. If this being is omnipotent, by definition, every other being is not. "All-powerful" means possessing the ability to defend oneself against anything at all, or to overcome anything at all. "I will give you the chance to 'love' (sic) me, or I will unilaterally decide you deserve unending torture" is not grace. It's despotism. The more people begin to understand that religions are just tools of oligarchs, the more they will see that grace is a most deeply human, humanist, necessary element of the only life we have - this one, in community with each other. What is religion, after all, but a method of systematically establishing/explaining why things are the way they are - power structures, natural occurrences - things which the uneducated and disadvantaged have never understood, and things which the average person today still misunderstands and/or takes for granted? The things we couldn't understand were explained as invisible, magical gods and their doings in the heavens. The things we could understand, that were painful and disadvantageous, were explained as the "will" of the same gods who made the sky go boom or made crops die. Grace has no top-down pyramidal structure. The evil shit that religions teach in the name of the rich establishment always does. That's why people are getting angrier day by day - the closer the working people get to touching the power base, the harder our questions hit and sting, the more strident the despots become. They can't abandon their dogmas and structures of so-called faith, because, lacking them, they have no justification (pun intended) for their positions of power and profit. Religion ultimately needs to convince and remind people that they are hopeless without the deities, who have conveniently established the oligarchs in their places. Grace says don't look up, look around. Big difference.