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    The Buddha tells us that in the infinity beyond all the nothings is the emptiness of the eternal five: Sight, Smell, Hearing, Taste and Feeling. The five flavors dull all the tastes, the five tones deafen every ear, the five colors, they all blind the eye, yet they do not pass. All things come to us. Without wisdom, no gain, yet gain must end. All men/women will be one; only then will you find true peace, and happiness too. It is invisible, inaudible and quite infinite. Do you all hear the sound of bells? We hear nothing it is just a sound.

    "The Person for whom there are no expectations, concerning either this world or the world beyond, that one I call superior." - Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

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  1. I don't know how you do it

    There are ZERO demonstrable reasons for believing that: IF I believe that prayer works AND Christians believe that prayer is communion/conversation with their god THEREFORE, prayer is a Christian exercise and only relates to Christianity and only works if I am a "Christian". I am an ex-Christian, still attending church. I believe in a god but this god does not demand, nor conform to, standards of evidence that are possible for us to insist upon at this stage of human understanding. I believe in magic; that is to say, I believe that the vast majority of pagan beliefs and practices that were banned or destroyed by Christians over the centuries met that end because they worked and Christian theology does not. Christianity is not a religion; it is the mind-control tool of the oligarchy, the ruling elite in the world. It is dressed up as a religion, but you'll notice that the most powerful so-called Christians in the world are people who wholly or nearly-wholly reject sacerdotalism (that means believing that ministers/priests have special powers), miracles, etc. The belief in, and encouragement of belief in, miracles, etc, comes from the superstitions of the people in the pews, not from the leadership. Even the Catholic Church has gone on to largely de-sacralize their priesthood, calling them ministers and celebrants rather than using the medieval language of powers and orders. Get your hope and peace from building and staying upon your own path, whatever it looks like. "And it harm none, do as you will". Even the religious ruling elite couldn't erase "do unto others" from the world - they had to put those words in the mouth of "Jesus" because the Buddha (and I am certain many others) had been saying the same thing for as long as there had been recorded human history.
  2. My Visit to Creation Museum

    It's really impressive to note how just using the hot-button language is enough to convince millions of people of the utter bullshit that they are selling. What amazes me is that whether it's on a personal, one-to-one scale or on the order of a huge "museum", as long as people are being propped up in their prejudices and beliefs, they will support whatever 100% and ask no questions. It takes the Feds and the tax man to shut these things down; Christards will overlook or hide just about anything in order to maintain their little delusions.
  3. Bah. You know what? I was going to do a little dissecting myself, piece by piece, but this is such elementary-school bullshit that I can't be bothered. This person has no credentials from his own "church", let alone from any serious academic institution, that would lend even the slightest credibility to the "yess, masster" sycophantic nature of his babbling. He's spouting what he's been told; these are things he needs to believe about himself and the world in order for life to make some kind of sense. Unfortunately, his nonsense is so internally inconsistent that it never works to convert anyone except those who already need to believe in magical sky daddies.
  4. You believe in magic fruit trees and magic boats and talking animals and I'M "full of shit"? You've hung around this forum for ages, modifying your angle and trying to peddle your bullshit in more ways than a snake-oil salesman. Answer my question, asshole. What makes YOUR version of ANYTHING the one that people must accept as the assumed "true" one?
  5. "if we assume a moral standard, the Bible..." hahahahahahaha, etc. I really can't believe that people like you exist on a forum like this for any reason but to troll. "The Bible"... what a gigantic, asinine assumption you make when you say "The Bible" is your "moral standard". I've asked this question SO many times, and I've never gotten an answer, let alone a satisfactory one: What makes YOUR version of a corner of a part of a religious movement that is barely 100 years old THE correct one, so much so that your understanding of "The Bible" is such that we all may (and must) accept it as a "moral standard"? What about the self-professed Christian groups in the world whose beliefs are such that people with ideas like yours are heretics? What about people who never have interpreted the Bible the way you do, and never will, because your version of belief answers questions that they've never asked? Why, too, is YOUR accepted version of "The Bible" the correct one, and not the Catholic one, the Orthodox one, the Set-Apart-Name-Messianic-Hebrew version, etc? Come on... you think you're bringing your little truck to our sandbox, when what you're really doing is making vroom-vroom noises with it while you're sitting in the middle of a highway. It's only a matter of time before you're puree on the grill of a speeding tractor-trailer. Go troll the other "true believers" who are getting it wrong so much that YOUR version will help them. We gave up on your crap ages ago.
  6. Don't kid yourself for a second, pal. Anyone who believes enough of the recycled 19th- and 20th-century Evangelical bullshit to claim (as you do in your signature) that they believe in someone called "Yeshua" is definitely an Evangi-Bot of the highest order. "Yeshua" is a laughably bad Anglicism of a Hebrew name that I am sure you don't know without looking it up and certainly can't exegete from Hebrew. All that to say that you're starting yet another thread where your awful assumptions about "God", your version of which exists by dint of many rounds of majority vote in ecclesiastical circles, are put forward as true. There's so much of a combination of fallacy and plain nonsense in your opening few posts that nobody with a brain could take you seriously if you were a six-year-old making these assertions. An adult who tries to play theological and philosophical ball with some of the minds on Ex-C by offering up what you post is a sad thing to behold.
  7. Make Me Invisible

    Damn, I wish I were invisible instead of dreading the small talk. I wish I were transparent and not making this long walk. I'd really like to turn and leave; I'd really like to quit. but I take one "for the team" because my wife believes this shit. It's hard for me at home when she's in a Bible mood; harder still when I want out of church - not trying to be rude or angry, mean or petty - I just know I don't belong, and I'm a stranger to these people, though I'd been here all along. They just took me for granted - I showed up every week and sang the songs, and sometimes played, and talked in Christian-speak. They never knew I struggled because they never asked and nobody guessed a freaking thing if I just stuck to task. Then, for a while, I walked away - I made the choice to leave. I told my wife I'd had enough and refused to believe. A person here or there asked her where I'd been these days but she said she couldn't find the words and couldn't meet their gaze. I was angry - didn't understand why she couldn't tell the truth, Would it make me seem an enemy? A fool, insane, uncouth? Would I just be seen as selfish, childish, over-thinking and afraid and forgetful of the loving "sacrifice" that "Jesus" made? Or was she just afraid that all my reasons carried weight, that the desperation that's required for "faith" just came too late? Was she afraid to tell them that I no longer believed because she knew deep down inside that she had been deceived? I think so - the only thing she hangs onto these days is the "proof" that there are people "loving God" in helpful ways like serving poor and homeless folks and caring for the sick; I guess when "God" is absent, human beings do the tricks. Long story short, I started back - I wanted to belong, to once again take up the cross, the bible and the song I did it so that we could feel like family again instead of feeling so much on the outside looking in. What have I found since coming back and sitting in my place? Each same, same weekly greeting from each bright, smiling face and not an inch of depth, nor single word sincere; the God-talk keeps us sounding right, but protects from getting near. All I have to do is believe the lies I tell, about "praise God, I'm over-blessed" - pretending that I'm well as long as I keep parroting the same old loathing lies about how I'm a sinner, through happy, shining eyes. Well, today I couldn't take it - I couldn't stand the scene and I couldn't make the nonsense God-words sound like what they mean, so I turned and left again - fighting back a tear... ...must I return again, or will I learn to disappear?
  8. The title of this thread is a song lyric from some Christard band or another. I'm just free-associating here, but I notice that EVERYTHING in the Christard life is rehearsing the story, telling yourself what the Buy-bull says. There are never any answers from on high; there's always just pray, then have things go one way or another, then go justify your understanding of reality by aligning with one or another of the "lessons" from the book. Did it go right? That's "God" leading you and blessing you. Did it go wrong? Check yourself, watch out for demons and other boogeymen. Notice that every single response to any given situation is a HUMAN response - YOU, "believer", have to change or work harder or pray more or whatever. There's nothing passive about all this - if you doubt, YOU have to give yourself the pep-talks, immerse yourself in more propaganda. Sigh... just weary under the weight of living so closely with such powerful delusions.
  9. NOTE: This was written at 5 A.M. after fitful sleep and before coffee. I apologize for any rambling or confusing bits - I was still very foggy. When you're a little kid, you don't know your letters. You point at pictures of kitty and doggy and birdie and stuff. Then you get a little older and you learn to recognize letters and you learn how they go together, and that there are (sort of) rules that help you understand how to form words and form ideas - the basis of language. Some people get really good at something known as calligraphy - literally "drawing letters", rather than just writing or typing them. They're expressing the same ideas, but they're adorning the letters with a flair, a beauty, a style that makes them stand out from ordinary letters. Here's the thing, though - there's an old saying about putting lipstick on a pig - if you get excited about how sexy that pig looks because lipstick, it's only because you're able to disassociate your mind from the "pig-ness" of the pig, and you're able to latch on to the exteriors, the window-dressing. It's like dating someone whose only attractive quality is a huge bank balance that they're willing to waste lavishly on you. There's just nothing else of substance - and no amount of lipstick and lonely desperation makes that pig any less piggy. I'm bored with Christian "calligraphy" - the fancy-ass ways of trying to prove or justify or validate the most unbelievable bullshit. Use the Higgs-Boson theory, use the god-of-the-gaps theory, try using philosophical arguments to explain away the total lack of actual objective data in favor of the existence of your deity. Use whatever, but it's all just the same letters drawn pretty. They don't make any more sense when they're drawn pretty, they don't carry any more weight when they're drawn pretty. They're just the same letters as the Dick And Jane books, the same letters that unlocked the mysterious names of kitty and doggy and birdie when we were four years old. The "Ark Experience" is just really fancy calligraphy telling the story of a really old man with a magic boat. The "apologetics" debates are nothing more than expensive ink and specialized pens and linen paper telling us about talking animals and people eating magic fruit and people fighting giants. Then there's basketball. Most of you don't know, but I used to be a very competitive basketball player. I never got grades good enough to play for my schools, but I played in the parks in a large city, home to a huge university, and I played against a lot of college players. At 6'2" I look huge to the average person, but I was a little man compared to those guys. I more than held my own - to the extent that a coach saw me playing against some of his players and I wound up with a scholarship offer after having played not one minute of organized team ball. Why do I mention these things? Because I loved the game so much that even though I could and did play with guys who went on to be professional players, I would still go to my local parks and play against whoever wanted to play. It was fun - but it also got boring after a while. Being able to fake someone out with a move that wouldn't even make most of my opponents blink, let alone react, is funny for an hour or two. Some of my friends who were decent park players, but not really at the higher level, REALLY liked playing on teams with me at the smaller parks, because I could make them look good and we would almost always win. One of my friends and I once held the court for four hours with the rest of our team being made up of players from our high school's GIRLS' varsity team. Yes, two guys and three girls beat everyone that came to the park that day for four hours straight. I bring this all up because after a while, it was just too easy. Even playing against the best competition I even faced was still just run, jump, shoot. I know I could have gone on and probably would have reached my apex and maybe wouldn't have played among the elite, but even they are just running, jumping, shooting. I hang around most Christians, so ignorant of history and so ignorant of logic and of rhetoric, and they go "ooh" and "aah" over Ken Ham's calligraphy, over Ray Comfort's calligraphy. They swoon whenever someone retells the magic boat story or the magic fruit story or the magically-undead-man story. They're looking at hand-lettered, leather-bound, heirloom versions of kitty and doggy and birdie, that's all. I get around most Christians, and even the ones who want to have the (slightly) more open-ended discussions about reality and mind and the esoteric are just the best players at the local park. After a while, there are just things they can't defend against because it's stuff they have never seen before. After a while, if I want the game to be even a little fun anymore, I have to start pushing myself and forgetting that the other team is even there, like my friend and I did with the girls from our school - the five of us just threw trick passes and took stupidly-long shots and just showed off for one another because the only thing the other team was doing was filling the requirement for there to be two teams in order for a game to take place. I'm bored with calligraphy that says the same shit in different colors and fonts. It's stupid, no matter how expensive your pens are. I'm bored with playing to 15 points, win-by-two, when it doesn't matter which of my teammates shoots - we're going to beat your asses just because we've already played against people that wouldn't even tie their shoes to play against you. You know, players like REAL LIFE and EVIDENCE and LOGIC - I've laced up my sneakers and taken these players on, day after day, and they always win. Christians have nothing that can counter what these players bring to the game. So when you come along with "the truth" or "god said" or "the gospel" or whatever, those are just your fancy letters saying the same unbelievable crap. It's all just your driveway-league Saturday-afternoon farting around, and it's not even remotely interesting. If I play ball with you, it's because I have nothing better to do at the moment, or it beats whatever else I had to deal with at the time. I'm bored.
  10. So Frustrated

    Except we're going to get shit turned off, so no Xbox (I don't have one anyway). No, it falls to me to try and find possessions of mine to sell at a loss just to have a bit of something. Then when and if things improve, we'll have to have a "discussion" about how much it will cost to buy back or otherwise replace the items I sell so we can eat for a few days. In the meantime, she'll be swaying with her eyes closed on Sundays, thanking her SkyDaddy for all he's apparently doing for us. Whatever that is.
  11. Mullins is remembered by most Evangy types because Amy Grunt had a couple of hits with songs of his. He is also remembered for "Awesome God", one of the stupidest songs imaginable. The lyrics are awful - and Mullins SAID so. He actually admitted that he wrote it because he knew it would sell due to its rah-rah chorus and awful bible-ish sounding verses. He is ignored for a deep spiritual journey that ultimately was leading him to reject evangelical Protestantism and become a Roman Catholic. He is also marginalized because he smoked and drank and struggled with addictions to both. It's par for the course in JeezusLand. They will take his songs, earn millions on his work, even talk about him after he died like they had always just loved him so much, but his actual life - fuck him.
  12. So Frustrated

    We've had more emergencies and more car troubles and we've lost every last bit of savings. If a friend hadn't volunteered to pay my wife to run an errand today, we would have had not one dollar for food in our house. What does my wife say about it? "God has just been showing me that we need to trust him when we have nothing - I have such a peace (gawd how I hate that phrase!) about not having anything - God will provide." 'God' hasn't bothered to magically reveal to his people in our life that we need financial help - we associate with people in some pretty lucrative jobs, too. Yay, God - thanks for all you've done for me!
  13. From a FB friend's post - he shared a video (A Ray CumFart video about "The Atheist Delusion") from someone running a group called "Flat Earth", and then he posted this: "This is hilarious. Atheists believe that everything happened from nothing. That's scientifically impossible. Your theory doesn't even make sense. There's no such things as a bing bang. Everything happens and it cause from something. There has to be something to begin with in order to form all the things we have now, it's God. A "big bang" can't just happen randomly out of nowhere and create every cell all animals insects and people, the atmosphere, etc. People are so ignorant. In the end, everyone will be bowing down to Jesus. (But then it'll be too late)." Funny thing is, he's a trans person, too. I wonder how someone can be so convinced of the "proof" for the existence of Biblegod AND be so convinced that he was born bio-female but is "really" a male (NOT that I am questioning, judging or mocking; I am not. He is a wonderful guy to know. I just wonder how in the world he can (seemingly suddenly) have become such a Jeezus nut but still believe it's perfectly normal and right for him to be someone who is detested by millions of his fellow Christards).
  14. Dear Exers, Many of you are aware of, if not actively participating in, the discussions and exchanges surrounding the faux debate between myself and DarkBishop, who gallantly offered to stand in for @Jon, a typical Christian coward. You may also have been aware that just after my initial post in the debate, I developed a nasty viral stomach issue - it went through my whole family. I had the fewest negative effects overall, and I am glad to say that I am all better. My wife, however, developed an infection in an artery. She has a very, very rare congenital physical anomaly (she was born with a really rare weird physical thing) in her abdomen and it made the infection worse and harder to deal with. In short, the infection she developed was life-threatening. I am relieved to say that she is on her way out of the woods - more medication and lots of monitoring - and MIGHT not need surgery some time soon. Time will tell. We lost a week's worth of her income (a VERY sizable portion of our family's living resources). OK, I said; I would just go try to get some more work myself (I am self-employed; more on that in a minute). The day before she was due to be released from the hospital, I was out with two of my children running errands. Our family van (a 12-year-old Toyota with 200K miles) began to stall out in low gear. To make a long story short, the van stalled one last time on a very busy highway. We called for a tow truck, then noticed that the engine compartment had begun to smoke. My children and I got out of the van and away from it, and less than a minute later, it burst into flames. The van was completely destroyed. My children and i were unhurt. I paid $6,000 for that van three years ago; what began as a week where I dealt with doctors and hospitals and then with potentially-scary diagnoses and a couple-hundred dollars' worth of lost wages turned into a week of nearly losing my wife, then nearly dying myself, and now dealing with the prospect of overcoming thousands of dollars in lost property and wages that I will not be able to earn without my transportation. My wife has a car, a 16-year-old economy sedan with its own 200K miles and its own problems, like tires that are showing the metal belts. Another few hundred dollars we won't have any time soon. As I mentioned, I am self-employed; that's almost by default, because I have physical disabilities which make most "regular" jobs impossible to do OR to get - my state's employment law makes 99% of the jobs "at-will employment", meaning that an employee or employer can terminate their working relationship at any time for any reason, or no reason at all. That also happens to mean that employers don't have to give reasons why they DON'T hire someone in the first place. As long as no one says "we're not hiring you because you have an obvious physical deformity in your body and we don't want to accommodate your limitations", they can simply refuse to hire me, which has happened many, many times. So, anyway, I work for myself as a musician, music teacher and other odd jobs like driving friends or acquaintances to airports, etc. Yes, I would love to drive for Uber or similar, but our van was too old and it had too many issues. All that to say this: I am physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted, and I have the responsibility of seeing my wife through this latest challenge to our family's stability and well-being. I will be by to read from time to time, and I may post a comment here and there, but my involvement here at Ex-C is likely to be much more infrequent now that I have so much on my plate. Through all this, I am being reminded by people that this was either the "will of God" or that "God allowed" these things to happen. It's very difficult to listen to such talk calmly on an average day - it's especially hard when I'm hearing how God either allowed or caused events that nearly killed almost my entire family. Thanks for reading; be well, please. I've attached a picture of the highway incident and a couple of the van in the aftermath.
  15. Lets debate

    I'm posting an update in Rants. Check it out if/when you get the time/interest.