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    music, old arcade and video games and self-realization (not necessarily in that order).
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    The Buddha tells us that in the infinity beyond all the nothings is the emptiness of the eternal five: Sight, Smell, Hearing, Taste and Feeling. The five flavors dull all the tastes, the five tones deafen every ear, the five colors, they all blind the eye, yet they do not pass. All things come to us. Without wisdom, no gain, yet gain must end. All men/women will be one; only then will you find true peace, and happiness too. It is invisible, inaudible and quite infinite. Do you all hear the sound of bells? We hear nothing it is just a sound.

    "The Person for whom there are no expectations, concerning either this world or the world beyond, that one I call superior." - Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

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  1. L.B.

    The Last Word

    Up yours, motherfucker. I don't digress. You had the chance to dialogue. People responded the way you might expect EX-CHRISTIANS to respond. Then you had to show your arrogance and attitude of superiority.
  2. L.B.

    The Last Word

    There is no "Jesus" to be with you, me or anyone else. Whoever the fiction-writing authors of the Bible used as the basis for their Jesus character has been dead for two millennia, if there was ever a single person to begin with. I'm sure you mean well with your so-new-and-novel insights into the holey book. As Saint Jack of Nicholson said, "Go sell crazy someplace else; we're all stocked up here". You'll find, if you press your luck on this site, that I might be one of those (relatively) least-well-equipped to dismantle the BS, but you'll wish I was the best.
  3. L.B.

    Friend dumped me over religion

    Frustrating, isn't it, when someone's self-medicating delusions are more important to them than reality? I have the same problem from the other side - if I don't talk bible-babble and attend every event, I have no relationship with any of these people, with whom I am supposed to have cosmic, eternal things in common. We either keep up appearances, or there's nothing. Comfort yourself with the knowledge that this person doesn't want YOU for a friend... they want people around them who will prop them up and let them believe that their fairytale theology is real. Who you are doesn't matter to that narcissist at all. They'll do it to others, too.
  4. L.B.

    Christianity and Recovery

    He's probably gone - good. If he WERE to come by again... sing it with me, awwwl Gawd's chillun... "What makes you AN official representative of ANY religious organization, with ANY credentials AT ALL, let alone THE correct representative of THE correct organization with THE correct credentials, who, by virtue of said facts, should be heard and obeyed?"
  5. L.B.

    LDS Church

    The hell we do. We need more people, whatever their deluded beliefs might be, who at least don't think it's their mission to "enlighten" anyone. We need people to keep their bat-shit-crazy fairy tales to themselves if they're not going to join the rest of us in the real world. EDIT: The above quote was mentioned by LF. It was posted, hilariously, by end3.
  6. L.B.

    It's Jimmy

    Dude - if you have depressed thoughts and/or have been clinically diagnosed as depressive, STOP trying to self-medicate with religious texts. Another thought: you "stand a lot taller than most people around you". Megalomania (the idea that your beliefs, or your behaviors based on your value system, make you better than/superior to others, is a by-product of the "up" side of manic depression. When you're on the upswing emotionally and mentally, you feel as though you've "figured shit out" and you believe you see patterns and schema in your chosen worldview that "make sense", and that others could benefit from if they would just humble themselves and read what you've read. Of course, the idea that it's humble to believe the Magic Book™, and the idea that people need to BE humble in order to approach the "truth", is deeply arrogant and myopic. Get help from a licensed professional who does NOT believe in talking snakes and magic floating zoo-boats and undead flying saviors.
  7. L.B.

    What if?

    "How do you feel about a geo-political racist regime, posing as a religion, allegedly operating in your name and according to your teachings?"
  8. L.B.

    Iron Horse-Michael C.

    My condolences. Your dad and I never saw eye-to-eye on much, and I am known for being caustic. That said, I've been where you are, in the years of dealing with a loved one's eventually-terminal disease, and in the shit-storm of funerals and estates and all that. I'm sorry you're going through it, and I hope your efforts to honor his life brought some measure of closure to the pain and struggles, and that your memories of your dad are a comfort and a treasure.
  9. L.B.

    Christian's you're free to object

    What I've noticed is that there have been, in my experience, two kinds of men in churches: 1 - the masculine, adjusted men who talk about their masculinity as though it's something they struggle with, or who are marginalized and ignored and 2 - the emasculated, soft type, who usually dress like overgrown grade-schoolers that have mommy's help. The second type are far more common in suburban evangelical congregations, and they are constantly looking to their invisible daddy and imaginary buddy Jesus to "change" them or "grow" them. Lacking any real emotional or psychological progress, however, they revert to choosing sides on issues and becoming stridently assertive about them until another book, video or sermon convinces them otherwise. Most of the time, they just ignore reality in favor of whatever thumb-sucking worldview helps them with their guilt.
  10. The worst part was the realization that I had tried to solve my trust/abandonment issues with my parents, stemming from my adoption, by doing two things: 1)Trying to be a good, fake Christian boy in order to be the person my adopted parents wanted me to be and 2) Making my imaginary sky-daddy into the accepting parent I never had. The problem was that I was never able to commit to either false relationship, and so I would eventually push buttons at home or in church, all in an attempt to see if either human daddy or Sky Daddy would still run to my rescue. The sad thing is that I sabotaged some very good opportunities as a working musician in order to go be a sham of a "minister". I had been living life very much on my own terms for some years before I allowed these bullshit ideas and hangups to derail my progress. I lost nearly 20 years of my life to my commitment to that shitty religion, and I have a lot of obstacles to deal with in working my way back to what I already knew to be true.
  11. L.B.

    How to Get Rid of Jehovas Witnesses

    When I first moved into my current house, I was getting out of my car after a shopping trip and noticed some JW types at a house across the street. They were reaching the sidewalk just as I got to my front door. "Hey!" I yelled to them. "See this house, number xyz? Do yourselves a big favor and skip it. Every time." I walked into my house and shut the door. 9 years so far, and not one knock from anyone, JW, magic-undies-Morons or anyone else.
  12. Let one tiny, inconsequential, circumstantial evidence get discovered that SEEMINGLY "proves" a Bible story, and the Christians will go apeshit and probably build a freaking museum around it. Let THOUSANDS of hours of research, digging and archaeological and literary research be conducted that shows NO proof of any of these stories, or even DISproves them, and all of a sudden it's "fake news" or an attack on their precious beliefs. Why not just let the facts speak for themselves?
  13. L.B.

    I expect as much

    The gymnastics that TrueBelievers™ will subject themselves to, both theologically and intellectually, is staggering. Real life doesn't have and doesn't need closed-ended answers for everything. I know a family that has given their entire adult lives so far to serving in various churches and supporting them financially. They have been prayerful and sincere and decent and honest and humble. The husband lost his dad to cancer two years ago and now one of his sons has been diagnosed with leukemia. I can't wait to stifle the puke and the anger that come up when I hear "Christians" explain this shit.
  14. L.B.

    The role of the Trinity

    Christians need the idea of the Trinity because they need the idea of an influencing "spirit" that helps them/makes them feel, absent any actual personage in their lives who can speak real language to them. If a person was raised without religion, or hadn't been taught the lingo of the Christians, they could feel feelings and "hear voices" and they would attribute them to who-knows-what influence, or they would just be considered nuts. Christians NEED the "spirit" so they can justify listening to their own consciences or so they can justify adhering to group-think but calling it "following god's will".
  15. L.B.

    Race Relations and Religion

    Hey mods, can somebody move this, please? @florduh