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  1. end3

    Secular Grace

    Believe it or not, I think you and I pretty much agree. As I've aged, I've become more silent and less fundamental/vocal. But I also realize my lack of omniscience...lol. I just find it unique that the world appears to be hammering out this grace/justice rather than practicing a "higher subscription". Thanks for the comments.
  2. end3

    Secular Grace

    It appears grace must be earned as well in non-religious belief > 30K...
  3. end3

    Secular Grace

    Talking with one of my sisters that leans politically left....she was noting the different societal changes and the trending "enforcement" of these changes though various groups....race, gender, political, and the means they wield to "enforce", nasty as they can become. The analogy that came to the forefront of my mind, is despite the decline in Christianity, there still seems a need for grace, a fundamental call, that people are still pushing for kindness and understanding for all groups, not through the understanding they are deriving in church, but by actually hashing this out through the rise of social media...hyper communing as it were. By grace, we might use the "unmerited favor" definition, BECAUSE, we can all find lack of merit in someone else's perspective. I guess the difference is grace presented through the church was less hashed out in church, opposed to a lively discussion these days...see the former TOT. Will there be more war? Will humanity figure this out in time? Tune in tomorrow, same Bat time, same Bat channel... Thoughts? *** Blessings as always to all you heathen bastards ....this Sunday morning message brought to you in part by the memory of Paul Harvey and SERTA Perfect Sleepers....good DAY!
  4. Hey K,  My TOT access seems a miss.  All I'm seeing is previous topics I've posted over the years.  Please let me know if I'm in jail for poor form.


    Thanks,  Please send rain from your direction....


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    2. SkipNChurch


      No Big Red Button folks. 


      TOT is on hold for a bit. Return yet scheduled.

    3. LogicalFallacy


      Ooh we could make a movie... Return of the ToT. Thanks Skip.

    4. SkipNChurch




      Hope this bit of thread answers some of your inquiry about things happening here.
      TBH honest I wish I had more solid answers to questions for everyone.
      However seems a Gordian knot needed sliced and diced to find root.  

  5. end3

    Hello :)

    It was a joke S....chill.
  6. end3

    Hello :)

    It was his truth...
  7. end3

    Tolerance vs intolerance - where is the middle ground?

    Yes, but some of you are so fucking stupid...lol. Sorry, I couldn't resist. It's a control issue. I'm working that out with the therapist...
  8. end3

    Tolerance vs intolerance - where is the middle ground?

    Let me clarify. I've been a large enough ass in the old days to test the rules. Typically a time out for month or so to allow you to de-stress. Ex-C is a very tolerant place from the owner/mod standpoint. Reasonable is the operative word ... J, you would have to work hard to get out of bounds. Holler if I can advise.
  9. end3

    Trying to understand

    Thank you sir.
  10. end3

    Trying to understand

    Thanks for the way you stated you points....lol. (+1 A)
  11. end3

    Trying to understand

    Probably a good thought.
  12. end3

    Trying to understand

    Neither of you have been here long enough to know this is not an accurate statement.
  13. end3

    Trying to understand

    I've already stated I am aware of what triggers me to have less than civil conversations. I don't care to share this information if you don't mind. In other words, I know why it raises my blood pressure and why I respond. The reason for being here is defending people from being intellectually bullied .....I don't see it as a good method to foster understanding. Again, my question is, why do it? Have had several conversations where different members are in disagreement from a scientific basis, yet each felt compelled to tell the Christian how they didn't have a clue......while simultaneously saying THEY had a clue.
  14. end3

    Trying to understand

    It's entirely possible that there are people equally hurt by some asshole PhD and turn to religion as there are people hurt by religion and turn to science. It's a joke S for these teachers to teach with arrogance much like it is for Christians to teach with arrogance. I'm just an advocate for the Christian reality......reality up in the air for explanation as well. You're right, I don't know the number of assholes compared to humble teachers. I can say I'm certain there are more assholes in the Lion's Den...