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  1. Does Hell Scare You....It Does Me

    Could be a number of things....none being my father in hell. My son turned up sick today....high temp. Could have been me partially dreaming as well. No telling. I read a book when I was younger about a lady theoretically visiting hell. Seemed very real to me. Obviously it has had an affect. But with that said, I have watched the Long Island Medium with scrutiny and can't seem to discount her talent/show. Perhaps there is something I am missing. I guess if there is a hell, I certainly wouldn't want anyone there. Not a good thing from the "accounts". Thanks for listening.
  2. I post these things here because this place offers a place to discuss without being castigated by "friends" on FB. I'm normal, not crazy....just saying. Dad's 6th wife had his memorial today. He died a several weeks ago. He originally was a believer but died a non-believer. He was cremated. Many of his past co-workers and students were there. He was a chemistry professor, department head, and wore many other hats in his day. My son was here this weekend for visitation. He still sleeps with me as he is pretty young. Last night he woke up and kept looking at me and saying, "help me, help me, help me please" in a voice that was not of his personality or age. I realize you think this might be crazy, but I am just trying to relate the story/feeling. So this morning I asked him if he had a bad dream.....to which he said no, he didn't remember waking up or dream nor conversation. I had asked him while he was dreaming if he was ok...to which he replied yes. So now this morning I keep having feelings that this was my father in hell trying to convey a message. I've also had feelings after my grandmother died that she returned in my dreams to let me know things were ok. Certainly I can rationalize this away, but it just feels like it would be a deliberate rationalization. Idk.
  3. BAA

    Well son of a gun. I didn't know this. BAA (Mark), and I argued a lot, but would have still bought him a beer. Sorry to hear.
  4. I guess the question now becomes .....are traditional gender roles and cultures in the United States greater oppressors than are the freedoms we enjoy. Obviously those "oppressed" by capitalism and culture think that the oppression is too great to overcome.....the fat, old, white guy, ....driven home by traditional anchors, the church, et al.
  5. Sorry, it was recently...bitter old age. Fed up now and looking back and blaming the past...
  6. Blasphemous rumors

    D, I truthfully think it would be the same. The "connections" I get aren't typically the same as the intended message. More often than not, my mind will click with "this connects" with another portion of my routine reality. I suppose I could read more without commentary and see what happens. Haven't been back to church except a handful of times since the divorce 5 years ago. When I do go back, it really feels like those people are extremely stuck in a phase just past fundamentalism. I usually open my mouth with a question typical of Ex C, i.e. the hard questions, and there are always a lot of head shakers, eye rollers. AND, I typically tell them they really haven't thought about it much and then don't go back.
  7. This woman I spoke of in the OP has gone so far as to cut her hair really short so she won't be bothered...or less bothered, by men. All of this as a result of a mental file folder of "abuses"/inequality through her lifetime.
  8. Blasphemous rumors

    Good question. I'm not sure what controls that which stands out or what I hear. Identity with culture? I run instruments daily. My mind always is looking for cause and effect, this ends in that, patterns. Maybe this is what influences my "insight"?
  9. I think there is an old adage about commanding respect, not demanding..... Would be nice to have a few more women that were worthy...
  10. Harassment seems secondary, kind of like anger. If you wouldn't harass me, then I wouldn't be X. Which imo, falls back to the parenting/morals of the harasser.
  11. Fear of hell and suicide

    My two cents SB. Took a bunch of pills one time...more than once actually. After getting though the hard times, I realized that what if I had actually succeeded. Long story short, I thought about all the times my children would need me in the future and how glad I was that I didn't succeed. Granted I got to a point where suicide was logical in my mind. I'm reasonably certain that it had to do with the antidepressants, relaxers that I was prescribed. All I am saying is that suicide can seem like the best choice, but in a different frame of mind/mindset, OR chemistry, things can be different. Visiting helped me. I hope you have someone to visit with. Hang in there sir....
  12. I'm not meaning it so literally mwc. There was free love, there was streaking, there was Helen Reddy. Heck, I watched an old episode of the Partridge Family the other day and it was largely a show advocating women's rights.....mostly the same issues as today. My point being, women seem trapped between their desire for a mate and their individualism... YET, fuss about it routinely. I'm not sure the answer for them.
  13. Also I'm lost in the bra burning days logic. Was the logic that if they freed the boobs, then men could see the boobs but not touch the boobs? Is this where the power was derived? But now women are still mad because the old white guy with money still had a way to manipulate the boobs? Harassment?
  14. I know of a woman in her mid 50's that feels like she was objectified as a child......I think primarily as a function of this #nomore, #notme, #metoo, effort.....i.e., not seen for who she was but rather what she looked like. I think what she fails to see is twofold. One, yes, she was an attractive child. And two, when she was a child, this was the late '60's, early 70's, the sexual revolution. In other words, I don't see harm in complementing a child to their parents...."wow, that's a beautiful kiddo....what a pretty girl" Or, "that's a handsome young man y'all have there". I think the problem arises when we turn what was the culture into some "hate the world today" kind of thing. I think most gather that people are to be seen for who they are, maybe not. Just thinking the women might tap the brakes on this movement. Not sure all of us men are objectifying dirtbags worthy of Oprah's disdain...
  15. Blasphemous rumors

    I didn't ignore it. I assumed you were inquiring how I came to the ark understanding. To your question, yes, we may certainly bias our direction and understanding. But in this case, it happened just like the Bible says, hearing the word.