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  1. end3

    What do you believe

    You can have evidence of a truth yet not understand the mechanism of a truth....i.e., the sky is blue but we didn't understand they physics and chemistry of why the sky was blue until some time later. "This plant/bean makes me feel better this way"....same thing....caffeine. There are several, several such things in the Bible pointing to a truth that we may not yet understand and dismissing these things under "anachronism" is as I said, short-sighted....
  2. end3


    Look at you now Mr. "we protested in our day". She states in the gd article that she is on her journey. "STAY OFF MY LAWN!"
  3. end3

    Your God is a twat

    a little messed up there crash...
  4. end3

    Evil and Original Sin

    No, science can't do this yet.
  5. end3

    Evil and Original Sin

    Right, of course we do. Again, why do we intentionally keep wanting to educate ourselves and practice things that promote life. I'm not understanding explanation and prediction of behavior agree when it comes to humanity. This makes sense in that science should at some point be able to explain and therefore predict. Edit: The point being, you are describing "being blown back and forth". This implies that there is a standard that is optimal.
  6. end3

    God is a pill

    One would gather that if it's God's creation, we are a part of that mechanism. Given that, it would behoove us to unlock that particular mechanism that heals. I don't think we are that smart, despite our pleadings. Edit: Just like crime events, could we look back to see where things reached critical mass. Sometimes I think it's too late to the scene and "death" prevails. Hence, schools, church, preventative care....
  7. end3

    Evil and Original Sin

    The question for me is then, how do we ultimately deconstruct this construct. Science gives us answers, but what science gives us an explanation for the decisions we make.
  8. end3

    Help Me Understand

    Well, an update. Instead of confronting her feelings about why specifically she didn't want to attend, I approached her, with, "I think you would have a good time", "You're granddaughter invited you twice, I think she really would like you to be there." And surprisingly, she accepted. I gather she still has many internal issues, but I felt this was a more positive way to handle it....for now. More trust, less defensiveness. Thanks all.....get's very frustrating sometimes.
  9. end3

    Got Trolls?

    A hat for every head, an antagonist for ever other ass-agonist... Carry on
  10. end3

    Help Me Understand

    Actually it's not imo,...."respect your parents" if memory serves.
  11. end3

    Help Me Understand

    My thoughts as well TS, thanks.
  12. end3

    Help Me Understand

    Might have to hire you as a therapist....thx.
  13. end3

    Help Me Understand

    And the commandment of course.
  14. end3

    Help Me Understand

    That's the consensus. She was also a elementary school counselor for years, so she really likes to tell my daughters, and everyone else for that matter, how they should do everything.....school, boyfriends, etc. I told her the girls didn't like to come over there and get the third degree....which she denies doing. I understand giving advice because you want to share experience, but she applies guilt if you don't then follow her advice. Late teens, early twenties don't like too much how to and how not to stirred with guilt unless they are initiating the discussion/asking. Granted l love my mother, and try to call and be supportive to her loneliness, but the more she conveys need and attempts to control, the more it pushes folks the other direction. Not sure if it's worth asking her to tell me specifically why she can't come to the recital. One would think if you loved your children and grandchildren then driving 30 minutes to attend a function to watch these children grow would be a definite "want to, I'll be there" rather than a reason to control. Just thinking she would break down if I confronted too hard. And it's likely she won't be willing to change at this age. Thx.