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  1. Lol, such kind words. I quit going to church after my divorce. Really disappointed with one of the elders I looked up to...and his "wisdom". Moved to another town and went to a rather large church a bit only to find all those really holy people being really holy. And I left there as well after asking a few of those kind of questions they did not want asked. Lol, a few people literally shaking their heads no and unwilling to discuss further. So yeah, part of Christianity is under the bridge for me, but I'm a long way from a change. Have been listening to a few sermons lately. That's not good for y'all...lol. I realize I was being considered for part of the baby cooking bar b que team, but will have to decline for now. Thx. Get me a t-shirt though.
  2. end3

    Christians blaming gays

    No, you're biased because I am a Christian. If you were paying attention you would have noticed that I said some people find what your daughter believes as harmful. And again, just like your OPINION that it is not harmful. Sir, just a damn cursory search of the internet I found two pro opinions and two dissenting opinions......just like the definition of relative harm. Maybe someday society will see the "norm" as gay.....I don't know....and there will be a father advocating for his straight child. Until then....it ain't gonna happen over night. But you're right, conversation over. You're too stuck in your anger to see much.....nor are you willing to consider much either.
  3. end3

    Christians blaming gays

    I got ya....hate is the answer....good damn job ma'am of perpetuating the problem..
  4. end3

    Christians blaming gays

    Isn't that the point? Some people DO think what she's doing is harmful to them or society. YOU may not think so, but they do. Who the hell knows, but at some point in history, people have decided that it wasn't the best thing. Just because you are angry about it and dictate change does not mean the change you wish to see is going to automatically happen REGARDLESS of how much you love your daughter. Best bet in my mind is to get over your anger and educate.
  5. end3

    Christians blaming gays

    The good news is we all get a vote in this country....
  6. end3

    Christians blaming gays

    Doing a cursory search....the first four articles on the subject....there were two for no harm, two for harm. Not sure if they normalize their research to the entire population.
  7. end3

    Christians blaming gays

    Look lol, I'm sorry you don't understand "relative". We don't have "truth". We have particular beliefs about truth...
  8. end3

    Christians blaming gays

    Wrong again ma'am. You said I said it affected sexual orientation. I did not say that. I do believe he is more effeminate by being raised by two women..... a function of lesbianism. My use of the word conventional is correct.
  9. end3

    Christians blaming gays

    No no no, you are putting words in my mouth. Nowhere did I say that it affects sexual orientation. Don't do that.
  10. end3

    Christians blaming gays

    The problem is harmlessness is relative...
  11. end3

    Christians blaming gays

    I've been posting in Rants since I got here 8 or so years ago. NOTHING has ever been said about me posting here nor have I found any rules posted for this particular sub-forum. Even asked Kevin years ago if it were ok for me to post here....which he said yes. And let me ask you this, how in the heck are we to overcome the goddamn separations if we can't talk about it.
  12. end3

    Christians blaming gays

    Horse shit...show me how I'm forcing anything, anywhere.
  13. end3

    Christians blaming gays

    I'm a father CTS. I'm sure it's difficult. You seem like a good person and I'm sure you daughter is an excellent person as well. You're right....not many people take the time to know other people and situations. I can see how if we did, the world might be a different/better place. The biggest thing I think I can share that might potentially help is Christian fundamentalism is very rigid. For example, until I spend a good bit of time in Christianity, the first perspective is "I'm broken" and "this is the procedure or beliefs for me to become unbroken". So then they do church.....holy being 3 hymns, 2 prayers, a sermon, and these beliefs.....where homosexuality is one of the big sins. Which if you think about it...if a person starts feeling better, more social stuff, more love, then that affirms that their recipe for belief is correct. Then the person walks around saying unless you do these things, believe these things, than you are not doing it right. I think this goes away after years after the concept of Grace sets in, but grace is not an easy concept to grasp if memory serves. Proud of you for supporting your daughter. Take care.
  14. end3

    Christians blaming gays

    Y'all are too sensitive to this issue because it about being critical of Christians and homosexuality. If you go reread my post, I left it open for any behavior, that homosexuality was just one thing of many, that may potentially cause "harm".
  15. end3

    Christians blaming gays

    I haven't pulled the recent research, but thinking the more recent stuff isn't favorable. 1989 in the last post even said "there have been consequences". What I remember of childhood is children are pretty rough on each other....especially effeminate boys. It seem reasonable that the two gay women vs. conventional parents are the cause. Children pick up the qualities they are raised with..... Yes, I'm drawing correlations.