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  1. end3

    I believe in Jesus again

    lol amen and thanks brother...
  2. end3

    I believe in Jesus again

    Let's all gather around, place hands on and sing.....open your hymnals to #445, What a Friend We Have in Jesus...
  3. end3

    Lame Jokes

    Why did the guy get fired from the orange juice factory? He couldn't concentrate...
  4. end3

    Buttered on both sides

    There are some on both sides of the toast...per your title. There are those that go to church once a week for years asking those questions. There are also those Christians as you note. There are those non-believers that live their lives thinking about morality and those that don't. The point is there is no provable standard on either side. You are right, Christians believe in a set Standard, faith, and an abridged list, the 10 commandments. Non-believers go with cultural morality, and science as it changes. I'll stay with the first choice given our culture and science's mantra, "we don't know"...
  5. end3

    Buttered on both sides

    Lol, how do YOU know what is right or wrong before you start throwing stones at us poor Christians...
  6. end3

    Monkey see monkey do

    So I imagine you subscribe to love. I also imagine you share the same struggle that we all do...a choice of how we are going to respond each day, choosing whether we are going to respond in a way that hopefully furthers someone wellbeing. Despite your description as fairy tales, they seem pretty accurate regarding what we see and experience. I guess I would ask where does your spirit come from. Do you ever have a time when you change from "mean" to helpful because you see a human in need. What changed your mind if at all.
  7. end3

    Monkey see monkey do

    And??? Somehow this is different than the non-religious?
  8. end3

    Monkey see monkey do

    Lol, I will genuinely confess DT, that I lack the qualities you seemingly possess.....a gracious person. I admire that but have not reached that level on the ladder. I do however, appreciate your patience.... Namaste... (that's a Christian Namaste, btw...lol)
  9. end3

    Monkey see monkey do

    Right.....and I/we just connected the dots between your statement here and the Bible.....and the need for Grace and relationships to understand the other person.
  10. end3

    Monkey see monkey do

    Per my last statement, in the timeframe of the Holy Spirit, why wouldn't we expect that someone's belief guides their judgment. And if there are different levels of maturity in Christianity......which the Bible suggests there are, then, guess what, we would expect Grace to also play a major role in the system....which it does. I'm glad you are free from any narcissistic ideals and projections...
  11. end3

    Monkey see monkey do

    Seems like from the story A, that God WAS down here for a good time....and defend His actions. Now we are in a time of the Holy Spirit. As I said, the process seems to be for our benefit, not his. I would guess you have some sense of a morality A. You defend it, yes? The only difference is Christians claim to have a source for their morality.... Edit: I don't mean to be rude....but do y'all actually think about this shit before your write? God was with humanity in the Garden. God was with humanity in the OT. Then no God.....then no God, but Jesus was with humanity. Now, no Jesus, but the Holy Spirit guiding. You know, maybe I got the story wrong here, but how in the hell do you get that God is a coward because we are in a particular part of this process.....and some how you think that your belief depends on you placing yourself in the first part of this process. Come fix it you say....I'm a little certain that life may be test to see who is faithful and who is not.
  12. end3

    Monkey see monkey do

    I think our existence is more for our sake/benefit....not defending Him. Why would you think He is in need of defense?
  13. end3

    Monkey see monkey do

    What's your point please...
  14. A room full of special people... how exciting... One vote exclude....wait, that's two votes....I forgot the other special lady that came in here and crapped all over the residents because she was so special. But in her case, it was ok because he's the evil Christian. Individual lives are special, but we are so special, we are not under any moral obligation to see that you are special. We are that fucking special. Special special special Marsha. Let me offer this up......I'll leave by myself.
  15. I think you are diametrically misreading me.... The only way you can assume God's plan is going to fail is through your own experience. You all keep saying, we, the passengers, know that the plane is doomed, when in fact YOU are NOT the "engineers". How please can you come to that conclusion? It's that simple. As I said, the passengers are not the airplane designers......similarly, we are not God......yet, YET, everyone here has their mind made up that disconnecting yourself from the definition and practice/connection to/of Love won't land you in the death pile, the dead sticks on the ground, the pile set for burning in the fireplace/barbque pit. And then have the gumption to say that the process is flawed.