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  1. Listening to the great Billie Holiday.

  2. On the matter of commenting to yourself: My dad always said that he talked to himself for two reasons. He liked to talk to an intelligent person and he liked to hear an intelligent person talk.

    Mark Twain said, "When you cannot get a compliment any other way, pay yourself one."

  3. Thanks for that explanation Loren

  4. You wonderful, warm, sweet, loving, strong blisteringly intelligent lion-woman!

  5. I miss you. ~Hugs

  6. Thanks, RHEMtron. I would also suggest reading any of the links under the "Introductory Stuff" heading on the left side of the main page.
  7. To Rosa: Just in case you haven't been back to your thread since your last post, some mountainously arrogant asshole Christian came in here to aggressively evangelize. A number of good people came right to your defense and landed on the clown with both feet. Unfortunately, one of the results of this was that your thread effectively got sidetracked and cluttered up with many extraneous posts. Since your original question was so good and got such a large helping of excellent responses, I went through the thread and deleted any posts that were off-topic from your original question. To
  8. Exactly! To Hell with Hell! The Hell doctrine is like a holographic projection of a man with a gun who's telling you that if you do not comply with his orders, he'll shoot you. At first, it's quite reasonable to grant the possibility that he may be real; facing a man with a gun is a grave situation, and a mistake could be disastrous. However, there comes a point when you realize that the only purpose the man has is to make you cower, that what he's doing is completely evil and morally indefensible and, most importantly, as long as you continue to cower, nothing will change. At this
  9. Hey, I know how to make ice. If there was a Rapture, I think the weak would be the ones who would be taken, as they would not be able to stand up to life. Either way, they aren't the crowd I want to hang with. If either of you is bringing the iceberg, I'll prevail on the liquor industry to supply 800 million gallons of dry gin and 70 million gallons of dry vermouth. (Under the circumstances, I'm sure they'd be more than happy to oblige.) We could then drain a large lake and give the world a nice dry martini. After enduring 2000 years of Christians, I think the world deserves
  10. Of course your decision was brave, Fyrefly. All the animalistic bullying that followed your decision and the fact that you stuck with your convictions in the face of bullying shows that you're brave. And of course, on a level deeper than the physical, Christianity itself is a cosmic bully that attempts to threaten us into submission and conformity. I'm sure you've seen from other people's posts how much courage is needed for many to stand on their moral convictions that such a great number of Christian doctrines and policies are cruel, unjust and criminal. You are courageous, Fyrefly.
  11. Welcome back, Xcrispy. Since you're not new, you already know that there are a number of ex Pentacostals here. Were you around for the thread which topic was specifically about how many members faked the speaking in tongues? It's good to see you back! Could I ask how you got from NY to Germany? (You remember Tocis of course. He changed his name to Thurisaz.) Loren
  12. That's great to hear, Amethyst! It sounds almost like a tacit invitation to discuss things rationally. After all the other stories we read on this site about how family react to apostacy, it's very refreshing to hear about what your mom said. Perhaps you could approach this from a sort of social "conspiracy of three" angle. Maybe your folks would love to be able to have a relationship with you where at least you three can speak truth with each other. It might be as welcome with them as it would be with you.
  13. Now NF, you know that if you're going to talk to Christians about things that force them to do hard things like think or be honest with themselves, you're going to have a frustrating time of it. I thought your question was absolutely clear and easy to understand. However, what has our experience been here and elsewhere, over and over and over and over.... You know frustration goes with the territory, bud. (You can tell an experienced ex-Christian debater by the callouses on his forehead from beating his head on the wall for relative relief.)
  14. Thanks for posting your story, NBM. I've been curious since you joined the site. You seem to be fitting in well here and (I hope) enjoying your time with us. Glad to have you here. Loren
  15. Welcome, dyno! It looks like you've condensed some of the most common and important issues of church life in your post. I'm glad to see that you want to explore doctrinal and historical reading on Christianity. As well as reading and participating in the forums here, you might want to check out the archived articles on this site. They make some eye-opening reading if you haven't already encountered that material. Enjoy your stay here! Loren
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