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  1. Thanks for resposting. I have also been a pentecostal christian, and it seems that they are just the same all over the world: RAMBLING IDIOTS. I do not know as much as one single non pentecostal person, who actually happen to respect the pentecostals. So although your five years have been in pain, I think you should be happy that you never fit into the system. I hope the rest of your life will be good.
  2. In addition to the answers above, it should be noted, that Christians have not always supported the Jews. Acutally during most of Church history, the Jews were looked down upon for being the people who killed Jesus. And the protestant reformation did not change that. Martin Luther, for example, hated the Jews. It is only within the last hundred years or so, that protestant churches have changed their attitutde towards the Jews.
  3. YoYo I will give you some brief answers. Q1: If you read NT with critical eyes, you will see that the early writings (letters of Paul) only portrays Jesus in a very general way, while the late writings (the gospels) have all kind of details about Jesus. This suggests, that the details are not historical facts, but a tradition developed over time. Q2: A strange mix of freedom and fear.
  4. Welcome GuitarHound. Thanks for sharing your story, I believe you will feel at home here.
  5. I agree. If anyone deserves hell, it must be bible believing theists and their Jewish and Muslim cousins.
  6. thomas

    WE WON

    AUB After reading all the posts in this tread I have come to the conclusion, that I agree with you. I also agree very much, that it is important to focus on all of Christianity - the different versions work together as a whole, and hence must be refuted as a whole.
  7. Thankful Thanks for all your great inputs here. You will be missed, but it is a good thing to move one with life. All the best for you and your family.
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