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  1. You're avoiding my question. Why should I believe that God had an experience with you but not Muhammed? Simply saying you had the experience is not enough. You have to present evidence. If you have no evidence or are incapable of presenting evidence, then your claims of experience are totally worthless and you're wasting our time. Besides, doesn't the bible say God shows no partiality to anyone? Why is he showing partiality to you by revealing himself to you but not us? Or are you saying God lied? You're still refusing to answer the question. Simply saying that God chooses who he wants to appear to does not answer the question as to WHY HE CHOOSES to appear to some people if he really wants us to believe. If you refuse to answer why, you're a troll that's wasting our time. Maybe I'm not getting my point across. If God is all powerful, He can communicate with anyone He so chooses. MAYBE, He doesn't delegate the revelation of Himself to anyone else. Perhaps He has revealed Himself to some in such a way that they can be assured of His existence yet incapable of demonstrating His existence to others? According to the Bible, God knocked Paul down in the middle of the road and said, "Why are you persecuting me?" If God is all powerful He could do that to everyone, He chooses not to, His universe, His rules.
  2. Perhaps He chooses to communicate to only certain people? Perhaps you aren't one of those people?
  3. That's a scary place to be with children. I certainly know that from my perspective as a Christian it was hard for me to raise free-thinking children, but right or wrong I tried my best to expose them to many belief and non-belief systems and let them decide for themselves what they were going to be when they grew up. I didn't force them to go to church or youth group or any other church function. (Other than the occasional wedding/funeral) I really avoided telling them what they should believe, I wanted them to become adults and become themselves, grow into who they are. They both seem to be healthy well-adjusted people, one attends church regularly, the other does not. I don't speak at length about theism/atheism with them at all. I am of the belief that God communicates with whomever He chooses. As a boy, my father made me watch Carl Sagan, lots of Carl Sagan. One thing that I was able to appreciate about Sagan was the way he reverently spoke of the cosmos, he was filled with wonder and joy as he poured out adjective after adjective explaining it's vastness and unpredictability. At the very least, he maintained "wonder" about the whole thing. Many modern theistic thinkers tend to claim they have the universe in a jar and understand it's intricate details. You don't strike me as one of those. Thank you, Zaramon. Why not ask a tough question? I guess I'd say, Creator and Sustainer of everything. Much more than that and I'd be speaking of things I have no business trying to explain.
  4. I think he does too Trout, I just don't believe he's an omnipotent asshole named Yahweh who tortures people in hell forever for refusing to worship him, or for worshipping another god, or none at all. Whether or not there is a God: "If there is a God who will damn his children forever, I would rather go to hell, than to go to heaven and keep the society of such an infamous tyrant." If your god exists, I refuse to worship him, because he's a fucking monster. I would refuse to worship that god as well, TR.
  5. I appreciate your words, Zaramon, when Yahweh comes to burn up everyone (except me of course) at this forum, I'll put in a good word for you. I don't know that I have anything that hasn't been hashed over a thousand times, I can certainly understand and identify with the atheist perspective on things. I grew up in a household with an incredibly well read, intellectual father who was a pretty mean tongued atheist. When I was 20 years old I saw years of godlessness melt away overnight in him. I asked him many of the same questions that are being directed my way, he answered them in a similar fashion as I do. He had some sort of "run-in" with God. That's where I am, I've had some sort of communication/connection with God, I can't explain it in any detail, but it seems very real to me none the less. I see no logical flaws in basic theism, however I don't think - from personal experience - that one comes to theism by logic alone. There seems to be an additional component, a supernatural component, if you will.
  6. Good. Then why are you here? I thought this was a discussion board. Maybe I'm wrong.
  7. Meh. Posted out of boredom. Stating my opinion. Soap-boxing. You know. Standard reasons why most of us use forums at all... However, I really, truly don't care if "God" exists or not. He/she/it doesn't lift a finger to help the starving/weak/oppressed/abused around the world throughout the ages. Why should he/she/it give the smallest shit about my (relatively) painless existence? My life, not "God's". Even if there is one out there I have a restraining order on the bastard. I think that's a great place to be, Mark. Well thought out. Thank you.
  8. So why didn't you ask God to give you a brain? Maybe we'll take you with us to the Emerald City to get the wizard to give you one since clearly Yahweh forgot to? I don't want a "herd" brain like yours, Neon. I want a free thinking one. Nor do I really want to follow the herd to the Emerald city, but good luck with that.
  9. Not exhaustively. I would be satisfied with only a cursory description of your experience. Okay, that’s fine. But I hope you’ll understand that I can’t accept that as a basis for my own belief. I would never expect you to.
  10. Therefore you are obeying God's will for you. Therefore you are righteous and correct in your belief. Therefore Trout have no business trying to disobey God's will for you by trying to convince you otherwise using his own personal experience as evidence. In other words, Trout is disobedient and rebellious against God, while you are not. So which one of you is more likely to go to Heaven? I would say Chef. I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. I don't have that kind of power. If God is powerful, He can convince anyone He wants of anything He wants.
  11. You had some sort of experience, right? I'm not asking you to reveal God to me. I think that might be asking too much. I was only curious about the experience you had. Can't you describe it? Not exhaustively. He made His existence clear to me in my mind.
  12. Total lack of any credible evidence for a god. You haven't seen evidence for X ergo X = fairy tale? Not good logic there, gfc. Fairy tale equals fictional. You haven’t demonstrated any logical skills. Fairy tale = fiction, I'll agree with that. However what you're saying is: I haven't seen evidence for X therefore X = fairy tale. You aren't thinking correctly.
  13. Well, those are very good questions. 1) If God is all-powerful, He would certainly be able to communicate with an individual, making His existence very clear to them. 2) If God is all powerful He could appear in the sky for all to see. I think He communicates via 1.
  14. Perhaps God doesn't delegate the revelation of Himself to others. He reveals Himself in a way that's clear to the object, yet not clear enough to be explained exhaustively?
  15. Such a god would be an asshole, unworthy of consideration. Why? His game, His rules.
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