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  1. Put it that way. For thousands of years before Jesus, Jews did not believe eternal.hell.fire (the reasons for the dots is Jews did not believe each individual element or combination either). Regarding Jesus as the Messiah, both camps have their reasons. But how come "all of a sudden" the eternal.hell.fire, a doctrine regarding the critical destiny of humanity would pop up since the founding of Christian Church? I believe one is responsible for his actions, but No, I don't believe eternal hell fire. 'Hope that helps.
  2. Welcome, Soulfire. What a name!
  3. TR, Quote from you: I then had cause to question God, religion, etc. It took another ten years of searching and researching the various ideas: Atheism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc, until I came to the conclusion that the Bible God and Jesus Christ were the right ones. .....but there are just so many things over the years that I weighed up from many different sources that led me to this conclusion. It is not something that can be adequately covered here in this type of forum I have since discovered. Actually I am interested in hearing your story. If whole story is not possible because of length, please pick some major sources that share heavier weights. Not urgent of course. Take your time. Thank you.
  4. JP, According to John Calvin, Christians are pre-destined to become Christians, yes, Christians are drawn by God to become Christians. At the same time, it is the acts of free will to leave Christianity. Other than John Calvin’s, Christians may quote the Bible to answer your question: 1) Luke chapter 8: 4-21: The Parable of the Seed, seeds that fell on the rocky soil 2) “Many get saved, but afterwards fall away” (Lk. 8:13; Jn. 6:66; 1 Tim. 1:19) I remember asking a Christian one similar question, “Are Christian marriages arranged by God?” “Yes.” “Then why do people get divorce, like for Christian couples?” “It is human freewill.” .
  5. Thank you for the inputs.
  6. Some friends here have questions if God has continued to speak to humanity since the Bible: besides the popular Conversation with God by Neale Donald Walsch (this I haven’t read at all), I am aware of 2 more recent ‘revelations’, I have a copy of each: Revelation of Ares. (Book link is not to solicit) http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0972395539/ This books was written by a French ex-Orthodox Priest Brother Michel who claimed God revealed those messages to him. Some believed him, most ridiculed him. Salam: Divine Revelations for the Actual God http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/2901821073/ Mr. Buxani wrote little about himself, only from the book cover inside page said he is a religious man. And God revealed those messages to him. Since I have both copies, I find that they share some similarities (Salam: God has no earthly incarnation; Ares: Jesus is not God), but not totally reconcilable to each other. In short: God in Salam is very straight – my way or hell with the devil. It is basically a new religion, although it is more Islam-derived. Eating beef is good (against Hinduism), vegetarianism is evil (against Buddhism, Jainism, and some sects of Hinduism) God in Ares is generally softer, sometimes can be as harsh. Different from Salam, God acknowledges he is the Abrahamic God who created Adam, Eve; who talked to Moses, Jesus, Muhammad i.e. God of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and then Brother Michel. But God in Ares said he is not Trinity. And from what I read so far, he has not explained why he gave different messages to the nations. e.g. Christianity Bible: Jesus is the Son of God, Islam Quran – Jesus is a prophet, a man. He basically claims the existing religious hierarchies are not his representatives. God in Ares criticizes quite a lot of Catholic things, no doubt the Catholic friends are not nice to the author. The harsh sentences would be comparing certain institutions to the likes of adulterers, prostitutes. I understand adultery and prostitution are sins in religions, however, it puzzled me when harsh words are pointed to the people who are used as the food-chain bottom-layer for comparison. Didn’t Jesus approach adulterers (the woman who was almost stoned and Jesus rescued her) and prostitutes (Mary of Bethany)? It would be interesting that the two meet with each other. If they get a chance to meet, would they recognize each other’s revelation from God? Mostly likely is No. Either yes or no, there is a problem: Yes – they recognize each other’s book despite the majorly inconsistent crossover. Hence, why should people believe either of you, Michel or Buxani, if you are confusing people with the inconsistency? No – why should people believe either of you, Michel or Buxani, if you do not believe the other’s? I myself hesitate to jump to believe the materials they are from God. .
  7. Borg, Thanks for the links. From your other postings you said you look for early extra-Biblical books reference http://www.earlychristianwritings.com/ http://www.earlychristianwritings.com/theories.html (Jesus) http://www.earlyjewishwritings.com/ Those are my best favorites. --- Scotter
  8. There is a thread about Muhummad I started like several weeks ago. I wish you were there at that time. Okay, if I can ask the question again, what do you think of Muhammad and Islam? Do you believe the Angel Gabriel convey God’s message to Muhammad? If not, why? If yes, what is your approach in reconciling Bible’s and Quran’s sometimes conflicting message? e.g. Jesus died on the cross; in Quran, it was Judas who substituted for Jesus Thank you for your time.
  9. They are active in Europe. I don’t think they have come to America yet. It is a very possible soon. http://www.prophetelijah.org/ Particularly European Ex-C.net members, have you heard anything about them? .
  10. There is an ex-muslim website: http://exmuslim.com However, their status of ex-muslim is they have become Christians, not ex-muslim in the sense that they don't believe in anything. --- For the ex-Christian members here, would that arouse your thoughts that they get into something that you left?
  11. Hi folks, Since I started the Paul-Muhammad thread last time, from other readers I found this website: http://www.thepaulpage.com/ Regardless of which camp you are in, 'hope it helps to enrich our further Pauline Christianity knowledge.
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