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    Not a christian, but was one. Nowadays? Boarderline Athiest, but I think their might be *something* on the otherside, what i have no idea...

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    No thank you! But thanks for offering...

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  1. Beat the shit out off... nailed.. someone carted off the body.. Yup Typical middle easterners...
  2. I thought that him dying on the cross instead of using aqua-teen frylock eye rays on the people, then bouncing down an saying "suck it see" was a sure sign he was totally full of shit...
  3. I am GOD axe me again and I shall smit you.. an stuff....
  4. Be REAL and "tip your hand"... How else can we be free and equal? You sound like a black slave in 1886 worrying that "massa" might found out you can "read" Well. you CAN READ and you now know (maybe) that all that is bullshit. Gonna be hard? yup. Be a problem for ya? yup. DEAL you want to be part of the future? Don't be a wus, be ready to pull some teeth and use your common sense to deal. Really.. come on... how hard was it to say "santa" was not real? MAN UP
  5. >>>>While I was deconverting I continued to take her, quite simply for fear of hell<<<<< Sounds like you are not "really" de-converted. Truth and common sense ALWAYS is better than bullshit. Tell her like it is, in the most diplomatic way you can... Be a man and stand up against the mainstream brain washing, an teach your offspring to do the same... Gonna be tough? yeah... How as CHANGE EVER been simple? Man up!
  6. uhmmm.. It is fiction, OBVIOUS fiction... (bang bang on the head) sleeping seems are you.. Awaken you must...
  7. Most that stand the test of time (end 3) are just angry... They do not really believe, the stuff they say proves it. They just love hiding beind thier computer screen, sitting in their underwear, knowing they would crap their pants in a one on one confrontation.... Most if not ALL of the die hard xtians are not really xtians at all... Just trolls....
  8. >>>>> I imagine I will be resigned to die in belief.<<<<< It does not matter... Die you shall, as we all will... It is what we do, and the method we conduct out our lives toward that end that will ultimately matter. Spread nonesense as you will. Repeatedly for years.... Have fun with it... No-one will reward you. History, however, will despise you...
  9. This is the heart and soul that keeps ANY religion alive... Suffer the children to come unto me... Cause if you do not... our fiction dies, along with it's revenue, our family name, our honor... yeah we are trapeth.. boundeth... Our whole family will shrivel and perish... GIVE GIVE give... because ALL we have to sell is fear and death... Give at 10% and your rotting relatives will somehow find a reward for their inherently SIN filled lives.... At your expense...
  10. End three... Since you literally have been here for YEARS... And still has not even appeared to have acquired the simple skill of "common sense".... Why are you here? Why do you stay and debate? The times you have been utterly and totally, irrefutable debunked as WRONG and totally defeated is not a subject of challenge or debate, it is a stark, obvious state of fact. Curious I am. And you know me from years ago. Why?
  11. My wife is the most miserable person in the world. She feels "Christ" will cure EVERYTHING... In the process she has killed our marriage, our relationship. and destroyed the relative love we once had with her and our children.... We once reconciled... We gave each other the benefit of the doubt, and respected each others ideas and speculations... NOW my ideas are from the "devil" (and she is catholic.. ie. no devil) And now I am EVIL because I question what she long believed as truth... I am a scientist. I study computer technology. As many members here know, I have been very outspoken, somewhat harsh in making my points. I only now revisit this site and I see the same ole crap being debated. Stuff not even worthy of debate... but there it is a common theme.... The ignorant choose to be so, as blindness seems as light... But the darkness, that so cleverly masquerades as light, shall, in really remain dark, regardless the shout or timber of voice, in defiance of the conviction of spirit, heart or motivation... Truth is truth and can NEVER become fiction on the power of belief.... I implore those seeking answers, this thread and this sight.... YEILD to common sense, and reflect upon not just your life, but upon all you have known and ask yourself.... If there really was a heaven? Would you be worthy of it? And if your answer is NO.... Then truly, since no person, even the most humble and rightous perhaps it is not there at all... because if you fail to be the BEST person you could be, then you have done what you SHOULD do, and why be rewarded for what is expected of you in the FIRST PLACE. It is like someone bragging that "Hey I never went to jail!".... You are not SUPPOSED to go to jail.... COMMON SENSE. You do NOT need a God or spirit to tell you that you should "behave"... It is common sense. Embrace it. Fear not death, it comes to us all. FEAR being an idiot and leading your fellow humans into darkness..
  12. I don't really think anybody at all that is not mentally ill believe any part of that, even the clergy, its just too stupid. Many try to "make" themselves believe it, and may in their conscious mind feel they really do, but it is fundamentally against our survival instincts to honestly, whole brained, including the subconscious areas, to personally commit to believe as real world fact, anything like that is rarely considered on the same level of "knowledge faith" that hitting a nail with a hammer drives it into wood. We can't because or inner selves that don't but into the great pumpkin, that part does not swallow it either, no matter how sincerely you tell yourself and everyone else... IMO, they don't believe it either.
  13. End!!! Your still here! After all these years! Give us hug eh? LOL OMG and still a believer? WOW! LOL did you miss me?
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