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  1. Some comments have been deleted. Please remember the rule that all "polticial" comments must be confined to Totally Off Topic. --Thanks
  2. Inappropriate comment removed and poster warned. I am also going to try to delete copies of her text which appear in others' posts. If the system won't let me and/or I miss something, please please please edit your own comments if you quoted our latest invading Authentic Christian Believer who obviously chose to ignore the very few rules we have here. Thanks, Buffettphan
  3. Are you really so dense and/or insensitive that you don't know and/or care that those in AA meetings are trying to avoid alcohol -- not change the properties of it? Did you even read the article? The subject of religious trauma is not a laughing matter and your flippant attitude shows your true self.
  4. Just a friendly reminder before/if you respond, there is no preaching/proselytizing in the Rants Section. We have the Lion's Den for that. So if you can do so without preaching/proselytizing, please feel free to explain why you believe that religion will never end.
  5. I Don't Give A Fuck - ism? https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Idgafism
  6. @SerenelyBlue Totally Off Topic is now found under the "Clubs" area of the forums. From Browse, go to Clubs, then to "Controversy and Conflict" and then click on the "Totally Off Topic" tab. Things have changed a little since you were last here, so it might be helpful to check out the overview and posting guidelines too. Hope you're doing well, SB.
  7. And now there's a case of tetanus. The unvaccinated 6-year old kid spent 57 days in the hospital, near death and in excruciating pain while racking up a million dollars in medical bills. Some snippets from the article referenced below. https://www.oregonlive.com/clark-county/2019/03/rare-case-of-oregon-tetanus-required-care-of-100-doctors-nurses.html
  8. For the record, christforums has been notified of this thread.
  9. No prob. I can't wait to see why he thinks believes he's so special.
  10. This thread is to continue the questions/answers between @Christforums and @LogicalFallacy that were previously posted in the Rants subforum.
  11. @Christforums , @LogicalFallacy and other interested people: I will create a topic in the Lion's Den entitled "What Makes @Christforums Special?" for responses, proselytizing, explanations, etc. People who may be in the early ages of deconverting don't need to see any of Christforums' (or any other really true believer's--doctrinally sound or not) posts in this subforum. When our people, those for whom this website was created, are ready, they'll venture into the Lion's Den. In the meantime, they can rant about believers knowing that believers won't be allowed to tell them they're wrong, misguided, doctrinally unsound, or anything else. Thanks a bunch. buffettphan Moderator or Rants and Replies ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ETA: Here's the link to the Lion's Den thread:
  12. ^ Fuego's right ^ It's around 25 posts, give or take. You will automatically go from New Member to Regular Member. You'll see a heart on the far right in the same line as Quote Edit Options. Hover on the heart and you'll see the types of reactions. Click on the one you want to use. Welcome to Ex-C!
  13. QFT! There's an article on the main blog where webmdave added this: http://new.exchristian.net/2019/01/god-has-narcissistic-personality.html
  14. Welcome. The Lion's Den is the appropriate subforum for you. Thanks and have fun. BTW, there's already a thread in the Lion's Den that's seems tailor made for you. https://www.ex-christian.net/forum/6-the-lions-den/
  15. Ah....but a new one has arrived. Perhaps @Christforums will grace us with his replies. I will move this thread to the Lion's Den since that's where Christians may answer/proselytize/debate. Have fun.
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