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  1. buffettphan

    The weirdest thing is happening to me

    Are you sure you want us to do that? For the past three years, you have freely shared with us the ups-and-downs of your mental condition. Therefore we've been treating you with kid gloves during this most recent episode.
  2. buffettphan

    The weirdest thing is happening to me

    SB, for your continued so-called stable, normal mental health, you really should take your christian shtick to a christian site where you will be among like-thinking believers. You're not winning any souls for christ here. In fact, you're having just the opposite effect.
  3. buffettphan

    The Stupidity of Attributing Luck to Godliness

    It could be a lot worse than inferior landscaping or paint. Some people might end up with outhouses....... no shit. The Pew Warmer Mansion: One of the saddest groups of people in heaven will be those who never did anything beyond going to church every Sunday. They had the knowledge of the truth, but they never did anything with it. (Not to mention it looks like someone got locked inside with the toilet paper outside!) Or maybe the Struggling Believer Mansion: This home is for people who made it into heaven by the skin of their teeth. It's far better to live as a pauper in heaven, than to face the alternative. Then there's the home made for us ex-c'ers. The Quitter Mansion: This is a home that will never be lived in because the person slated for this lot was a believer in name only. Angels began to build him a mansion, but they stopped work when it was clear the client had no intention of fulfilling his commitment. Check out all 9 possibilities...according to Rapture Ready Apparently the one-upmanship never ends for the jeeezusbots. http://www.raptureready.com/mansions-in-heaven/ The stupidity of all christian speculation
  4. buffettphan

    The weirdest thing is happening to me

    Like I said: emotions. Unless of course you can provide for us your concrete, physical, objective, testable data i.e. evidence (which you've previously said you couldn't do). They don't call it "faith" for nothing. "firm belief in something for which there is no proof" --Merriam-Webster Dictionary
  5. buffettphan

    The weirdest thing is happening to me

    You cherrypick when to use logic. Or not. You cherrypick over using fundy arguments. (i.e. You used the biggest fundy threat of all. You know the one -- the threat of us going to hell if we don't turn back to your god. ) Or not. (SB: "I am sorry if I threatened ex Christians. I thought I was doing you and God a favour.) You cherrypick over which biblical issues are important. Or not. Be honest with yourself. You don't believe because of logic -- you believe because of emotions.
  6. buffettphan

    The weirdest thing is happening to me

    Cherrypicking. Again.
  7. buffettphan

    The weirdest thing is happening to me

    Riiiiiiiight. /sarcasm
  8. buffettphan

    The weirdest thing is happening to me

    Logic is logic. It either applies or it doesn't.
  9. buffettphan

    The weirdest thing is happening to me

    You thought wrong. You're stroking your own ego.
  10. buffettphan

    The weirdest thing is happening to me

    That comment is just plain scary. Do you look both ways before crossing the street? Or do you throw out "useless and foolish" logic and rely on your holy spirit/jesus/god/fill-in-the-blank to whisk you away from an oncoming vehicle? Why not prove us all wrong? Abandon logic. Drink a nice tasty glass of bleach while handling snakes.* Sheesh, with your mental state, no wonder you entitled your thread is "The weirdest thing is happening to me." *I'm not REALLY advocating this - just making a point about your so-called "uselessness and foolishness of logic".
  11. @LogicalFallacy Thanks for setting donthodl straight. I deleted his HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE comments this morning. Nice to have someone in another timezone keeping watch while most of us mods are sleeping!
  12. buffettphan

    God is real

    Did you miss the name of this website? Do you know the meaning of the term EX? So don't even try to pull that insulting trick of saying we were never True Christians. Has your "secular" therapist seen your flip-flopping over the past couple of days? If not, he needs to. If he has, you need a new therapist.
  13. buffettphan

    God is real

    Another question for you, SB. Are you seeing a secular or a christian doctor/therapist?
  14. buffettphan

    God is real

    Okay, @SerenelyBlue for the sake of argument, putting aside your mental issues which you have freely shared with us, let's say you are 100% right in your realization. Based on your three years here, you know we are not going to accept christianity. There are plenty of christian websites where you can be among your fellow religionists. So why do you insist on coming back to our home on the net and preaching at us?