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  1. Hi J,

    long time no see!!!

  2. Hi Stranger. How are you!?

  3. You wonderful, warm, sweet, loving, strong blisteringly intelligent lion-woman!

  4. I miss you. ~Hugs

  5. Happy new year to you, Boot! I have not had time to do any mail yet, but I will soon! I'm in Shreveport settling my daughter into her new life/job, etc...

  6. "So much for the myth of Christian tolerance." From what I've seen, most "Christian tolerance" is simply rhetoric to mask a lack of interest, lack of caring or ambivalence. Welcome to freethought, Kelsie.
  7. Here's another hearty welcome to Ex-C! Cameron, you are among friends. Some call us family. Along with Mr. Grinch, I celebrate that you made your escape from The Life Waster of Christianity. Yes, many of us have wasted decades either in the cult or oppressed by the cult and its psychological programming, namely guilt trips and a fear of hell due to the hell doctrine being force-fed down our throats, especially when we were quite young and impressionable. I hope you will find this place to be a safe haven where you are free to express yourself in anyway you see fit. While not all of us have struggled with the same things you do, I think you will be surprised to find that many members of this community have been "blessed with OCD, anxiety, and depression disorders which have made [our] spiritual/religious/existential questions all the more intrusive and troublesome." While some of our experiences (many of which are heartbreaking) will be different, I think you will find that here, you will be understood. And accepted. Just like you are. No blood required. Peace to you, -Reach
  8. Welcome, Kal-el! First of all I want to say, good for you!!! Good for you for tackling the Bible head on so you could make an independent, informed, intelligent, mature and responsible decision regarding your beliefs. I have noticed that the ones who study their way out of Christianity do a lot less, if any, second guessing. The emotions are less involved when one takes the scholarly route. The decision sticks and there's much less vacillating between faith and apostasy. I am sure you will find this community to be full of people of like minds. Enjoy! -Reach
  9. Oh! I love it, Marlin! That reminds me of the movie Fried Green Tomatoes and that wonderful scene in the parking lot... "Let's face it, girls; I'm older and I have more insurance." Absolutely delightful! Thank you for your comments on my signature. I have always been something of an independent thinker. A rebel. A lover of justice. A seeker of truth. Willing to confront my own delusions. Sound familiar? I've been battling a nasty virus (I won!) which has prevented me from being here much for the last few weeks but judging by your post count, it looks like you've made yourself at home here. It's great to have you here with us.
  10. Welcome, jrmarlin! It's always good to read about one more escapee from the faith, who manages to get through and get out of the cult without suffering a lot of abuse or damage. You are most fortunate to have had open-minded parents who held high moral principles and respect for others above the base and immoral teachings and practices of church leadership. We're glad to have you here with us and trust that you'll find much common ground. Good for you for keeping your brain engaged while you were growing up! -Reach P.S. What should we call you? Jrmarlin is kind of hard to pronounce.
  11. Seabiscuit, thank you for trusting us with your story. I just got around to reading it. I can see that you have been made to suffer more than most of us, because of Christianity. I wish you well on your journey. Curtdude's comment reminded me of one of my most beloved quotes, The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. -Marcel Proust See, sometimes one's travels won't really take her all that many miles down the road, but imagine how the scene, the landscape can change when one can view it all with entirely new eyes. I wish for you one beautiful life, a life of high quality that might help make up for a part of the tragedy of the past. Welcome to freedom and the privilege to build the kind of person you want to make of yourself. I celebrate your victory over the deception. We welcome you to Ex-C with open arms. Welcome home, -Reach
  12. Kevin, I understand exactly where you are coming from and I am sure many of our members can relate to that desire to see justice, for one and all, if not in this life, than in what might lie ahead, in the next. This is another reason that we grieve over our loss of the faith. We have no idea whether or not justice will ever be meted out. Will those in pain find relief and healing? Was their suffering for naught? Will criminals who escaped punishment ever be made to pay for their crimes? I feel for you. I live with the same unresolved questions. -Reach
  13. Kevin, I was thinking you haven't posted in awhile and I was wondering how you're doing, how you're handling the transitions and adjustments that your skepticism has brought to light. How are things at home? I hope you're doing ok. It's a long process, but we generally get through the things we work through. Just thinking of you and wishing you well, -Reach
  14. Isn't it liberating and exhilarating to face your fears (especially that there is no God and the ramifications and the uncertainties that follow) and walk right through that fear to freedom? Thank you for sharing your story with us, Ivy. It's incredible what we can get through, what we can survive, if we have to, but I'm so sorry that you were abused at such a tender age. It never should have happened to you and I'll bet you will watch your own children and make certain no molester gets to them.
  15. TPO!!! Welcome back, my dear friend. You have been missed. -Reach P.S. I never thought you'd be away for over a year!
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