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  1. Hi J,

    long time no see!!!

  2. What she said! Your drawing is fabulous, Nick! I hope you are spending a lot of time on your art.
  3. I was married to a mustang, naval physician who was a declared atheist (noted on his dogtags) and he never suffered any kind of trouble for that disclosure other than having to hear a prayer here and there during formal ceremonies. I have known some fine JAG officers and like Chef said, your involvement in actual war-related activities would be minimal. We may not always approve of the many entanglements our Congress and/or the White House involve us in but unfortunately, we seem to need an active military force for our nation's security.
  4. I hope the edit is what you were asking for, CC. -Reach
  5. Hi Stranger. How are you!?

  6. I have no idea what has been said about me since I left (and I've never made any attempt to find out) because I really don't want to know. I'm sure of one thing, however. They are all praying for me.
  7. You wonderful, warm, sweet, loving, strong blisteringly intelligent lion-woman!

  8. I miss you. ~Hugs

  9. Happy new year to you, Boot! I have not had time to do any mail yet, but I will soon! I'm in Shreveport settling my daughter into her new life/job, etc...

  10. Pandora, life is too short to be stuck working in the wrong field or placement. You will probably always regret the decision that leaves you where you don't want to be. I put my former husband through medical school. He had first set his sights on nursing (thinking he didn't "have what it takes" to get through medical school). During the first year of his education in undergraduate work in the nursing program, I managed to convince him that I knew he would never be satisfied, especially as a male, in nursing, thinking he "might have, should have, could have" worked his tale off and become a doctor. I was right. He remains happy, satisfied, challenged and fulfilled as a surgeon and ER doc. How does your husband feel about this? Is he willing to support you in your decision? If you hate pharmacy, pay off the debts and move on. Do what makes you happy. If that is nursing, go girl and be the best darned nurse your less expensive education can buy. Unless you like being miserable, you need a healthy soul to go with that body. You don't need the approval of others. Ignore the opinions of those who hold nurses in less than the highest esteem. Do right by yourself and your family and you have no need for the opinions of anyone outside that circle.
  11. Chef, Here's hoping you have a great birthday. Live well, enjoy life, treat yourself lovingly. I'm so glad that you are here with us and thanks for everything!!! Hugs, Reach
  12. Razorrose, I can understand your fears and frustration but I would do my very best to focus on getting your life back on track as your number one priority, get the help you need from whatever sources are available to you and ignore the stuff that is irrelevant or meaningless to your life. Be careful what you make matter. You are what is important here, not the Christian drivel. Don't waste your energy on anything else! I wish you all the best. Please, take care of you!
  13. I don't post too often, Chef, but I'm still around these parts. I have not spoken with Rameus since prior to his little episode of bad behavior here on the site, for which he got himself banned, if memory serves me correctly. I imagine he is still talking about writing his book. Merry days to you and your Sweetie! I've missed you.
  14. What a wonderful day to have for a birthday! This truly gives you a reason to celebrate that has nothing to do with Christianity. Have a wonderful birthday, Sage, and thank you for everything you bring to this community!
  15. Now I understand why so many Japanese are atheists. The "gods" are crazy!!! Thanks, Chef!
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