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  1. duderonomy

    A Sermon for You Heathens

    Blah blah blah blah blah. You have a Bible so why 'suppose' anything? According to the Bible Adam and Eve were created in God's image, and they were perfect, innocent, and had no concept of sin. We've been through this before. In the Bible it was Biblegod that cursed Adam and Eve, the earth and God knows what else. There was no "potential" for human nature, there was human nature because Bible god created it...and then cursed it. Vague esoteric thoughts, wishful thinking, suppositions and other such can't take the place of the Bible if you are arguing from a Christian POV.
  2. duderonomy

    A Sermon for You Heathens

    I don't think that's the point End, that's exactly the point. In fact, it's the ONLY point. The rest is chaff, counter measures, projection, excuses, rationalizations, and fear. If God is almighty and going to 'cast' me into Hell, or if I'm going to be 'saved' and go to Heaven in your particular religious scenario, who cares? Nothing I can do about it. Choices have been made, paths determined, and outcomes decided before I was conceived and in fact, before Adam and Eve were conceived, blah blah blah... But if Biblegod created humans, and a scenario where humans would have to worship him and pray to him and proselytize for him, then he did it because he is weak and needs those things. Otherwise he could have just not created anything and kept to himself, needing nothing. No need to do anything, no need to create anything, no need to be worshiped, no need for anything.
  3. duderonomy

    A Sermon for You Heathens

    End, you stupid douche nozzle, I ain't passing a plate for you but you're right, this shit ain't free. Ignorance like yours is expensive. Luke 6 supports this, and 'you think' you can paraphrase Paul the Apostle and make his salient and majestic point match your idiot musings? You call this rambling stream of consciousness disjointed bullshit a sermon? There's going to be a kicker all right. The one where Jesus and the Apostles kick your ass for calling yourself a Christian while puking up this sissy pablum crap and calling it a sermon. You'll be shitting sandals for weeks. I'm betting that the Heathens aren't going to be impressed with your little "sermon" either. Other than that End, it's ok to put yourself first every now and again. God wants us to love our neighbor the way we love ourselves. Think about that. It's not a sin for us to love and want and provide the best for ourselves. I'd be glad to discuss this with you End, but only if you understand that just now I don't have a ton of time to devote, and you'll have to bring Bible for what you assert, and not just some thoughts that drift through your brain.
  4. As titillating as your post is, it seems that you are using artificial means to influence the progress of nature. You should leave the critters alone. They have rights too even if they want to live in your yard or your house. Who the fuck are you and what the fuck is your problem that you can't respect nature? You have admitted to killing life on this earth for "money" and that you'd like to do it again someday. 60% of wildlife wiped out and you are taking money to do it! If Logical Fallacy and TruthSeeker0 don't come after you for this in this thread they will have to hide their heads in shame.
  5. You say we are 'set apart' from natural evolution. How so, if I may ask? How is our evolution as humans not connected to "natural evolution"? Do tell!
  6. Pretty sure you were PO'd about this before I came along, but whatever. I'm going to knuckle-drag my way back to my cave now and be with my types. I never had any expectations of you engaging my types in the first place so again, whatever.
  7. C'mon LF. You only respond to one isolated sentence out of my whole post? Whatever. Seems you missed a few things I said, but oh well. If there is no God that created us, and no superior alien types that put us here, and if in fact we evolved here on this planet then whatever we humans do is being done according to evolution. Whatever humans do here on Earth is just a natural progression of the survival of the fittest even if we know we are doing it.
  8. Well that settles it then.
  9. So far there isn't any proof of human activity on this planet causing the world to end. We aren't even sure how it started, so why work yourself into a lather? If one were to take away "political opinions or biases", and yes the money grab, I think that the entire planet would realize that the weather is the same as it's always been...changing. Some summers are hotter than others and some winters are colder than others. The same can be said for the climate. Some ice ages recede without humans being around, and some ice ages come quickly and capture and freeze entire Wooley Mammoths and itsy bitsy gnats and other bugs and stuff that are just being discovered in our day and age. I can't speak to your human impact on this planet though. Are you doing something that is going to kill the rest of us off? If so, do the right thing and stop doing it, ok? Thanks!
  10. When the scientists get this narrowed down to the specific humans that are killing the earth, they will find that it is the white people.
  11. duderonomy

    I believe in Jesus again

    You are very perceptive.
  12. duderonomy

    I believe in Jesus again

    Prof, I just re-read through the post I made where I responded in green. I admit that I've grown sloppy in my arguments. So much of what I said was rhetorical, and I'm sorry you and maybe others missed that. I'm sure some got my point. If common animals that are known can become 'gods', then why can't common spirits that are known become 'gods'? I posit that the fact that spirits have for thousands of years and by many divers peoples and cultures been seen as gods shows that spirits are as common in the environment as animals are IF the idea of gods comes from the environment. Really Prof, this started as what I thought would be a fun exercise. I never thought that some people would get all emotional and pissy about stuff (not talking about you of course). I guess I didn't consider the "new" folks. Anyway to sum up...Yes, your arguments are weak in this thread. Are mine? You say so, but all that I've argued between us is from a position using the logic presented re: the environment produces gods. It's a matter of opinion then, right? In the end, I think that weak arguments against are just as weak as weak arguments for. Without proof, it's all faith and belief.
  13. duderonomy

    I believe in Jesus again

    LoFall, The Prof and I and a couple of other adults are discussing stuff here right now. Take your Thor and Loki action figures and go play in your room until bedtime ok?
  14. duderonomy

    I believe in Jesus again

    I said, "The link you provided showed nothing. I could use it to 'show' that I am correct just as quickly as you could use it to show that you are correct. Useless stuff." Prof, I still miss the old board style. We could quote the whole post...what was said plus the reply. Now we just get the reply and it gets disjointed sometimes. At least that's my observation. What do you think? But anyway, if there was nothing to show, as in definitive proof, maybe it was because it was a link to Google search results? You aren't going to rely on such a thing as some kind of a proof to make your point are you? "Perhaps" indeed. Perhaps a professor, and especially a redneck professor, should bring something better than a guess and a haphazard Google search when trying to either score a point or prove one?