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  1. Your whole post here is an ad-hom. Sounds like something Al Capone would do.
  2. Nah. Fwee is as dumb as a brick, but he can read. Even he will understand that your video is about a tank in the UK, but the title of the thread implies that it's about the USA.
  3. What do you mean by "shut down"? Why would you want Burnedout to be shut down in any sense? I haven't known BO to use misleading titles as bait, but clearly this thread title has nothing to do with the video, and we are letting him know.
  4. Yes. You are in SO much trouble! C'mon, Burnedout my internet pal, admit that this tank thing you posted had nothing to do with the USA. It won't hurt you.
  5. duderonomy

    Kentucky Fried Christ

    Can I have your motorcycle when you die of a massive heart attack? Because if so, I'll get on it and ride to KFC in your honor and pig out on breasts and gravy, with a little bit of potato and salad on the side, and hold the potatoes and salad.
  6. I didn't think it was funny. It was an interesting story. Still, it didn't line up with your thread title, but you know that.
  7. Ok, but this had nothing to do with the USA.
  8. Not sure if you are being a one dimensional hack that can't let go of your political bias, or funny as hell because it was a Russian tank.
  9. duderonomy

    Is Satan to blame for porn?

    One, it will help the Catholic Priests absolve themselves from guilt, and Two, did you just assume Satan's gender, you Luddite?
  10. duderonomy

    In 1932, Australia Declared War On Emus—And Lost

    Well that's good. If you had taken the time to explain what you meant, this thread might have gone nowhere!
  11. I like most of his movies. That's true, but of course I only say that here so people can vent and use me as a target. You're welcome.
  12. duderonomy

    The Left's war on Science

    I have a whole lot of things I could be saying on this topic right now, but you know what? I'm not going to. Thank you Jesus for the sweet freedom to abstain.
  13. duderonomy

    In 1932, Australia Declared War On Emus—And Lost

    I don't get what you're saying here.
  14. duderonomy

    In 1932, Australia Declared War On Emus—And Lost

    No doubt, but not by me!
  15. duderonomy

    How to stop watching porn when feeling lonely?

    Daffy, Tell Dr. Duderonomy whats going through your head when you feel like you've done something dirty. I'll understand, I promise. Also, your browser has a private window, or an "incognito" window that you can open, and when you close that window it erases the cookies and it's own history for you. Or so I've heard. Just trying to be helpful.