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  1. If they taught us geography, we would know that "America" is divided into north and south, and has a few more countries than just the United States. So please pardon our ignorance and hubris, and I personally apologize for not recognizing the other two floating turds that you lay claim to.
  2. I think you miss the point. There are no zero population areas in my state, and I'm sure that if one of the hunters that are the legal gun owners I'm talking about wanted to they could get in their pick up trucks and drive to a populated outpost somewhere here in Michigan and open fire. Really, do you think that population centers cause guns to hypnotize their owners to go out and shoot people?
  3. Oh Logi! You remember! Awwww... I hope things work out for the good on your two little islands. We here in the rest of the world are holding our breath and our prayers and thoughts are with you as you decide what to do with pot and decide how to deal with the semi-annual influx of dead whales on your beaches. These are serious subjects! You guys have big work to do!
  4. Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina. But sometimes boys have a vagina, except they really have a penis like Bruce Jenner still does but we can't call him Bruce because that would be dead-naming. All of this stuff is and has been an old and tired subject to me. I feel sorry for the mentally unstable and the otherly horny, but I can't play the game anymore. It isn't very funny anymore. God or no God, if the world keeps going down the road towards total retard, what can I do about it? Nothing? That's fine with me because by the time the world goes down the black hole t
  5. Actually that's not your main problem, but whatever. And yeah, you are right. I only watched the trailer but that was enough. Halfway through it I wanted Heath Ledger's Joker to show up and firebomb the lot of it, just to add some twist.
  6. I'm glad so many of the Assholien Elites signal their virtue. It makes it easier for me to avoid their droppings as I walk through life. The less shit I have to scrape off my shoes the better these days.
  7. Well, if it will never end, then I'll throw this in. Plus, I don't know who this gal is but I'm pretty sure that she wants me.
  8. Lord Jesus, Look at these two talking. Probably white people that aren't native to the country they are in, and acting as if they own the place. Forgive them, for they know not what they do, and the next time they criticize the United States please send them to Hell. In Your Middle Eastern Name that has been Anglicized, Amen
  9. Um, not sure that comparing Eminem to a President's daughter is going to prove anything.
  10. I still think often of a seven year old girl that was asleep in her grandma's house and got shot and killed by Detroit Police. She would have fifteen years old now. Something about that story and her picture has never left me. Also as I type, there are many multiple thousands of camouflaged gun owning people out in the woods all around me and all over my State, yet not one mass shooting from any of them. I think this constant argument and it's attendant snarkage just won't ever end here. Am I right?
  11. Blah blah blah blah blah. You have a Bible so why 'suppose' anything? According to the Bible Adam and Eve were created in God's image, and they were perfect, innocent, and had no concept of sin. We've been through this before. In the Bible it was Biblegod that cursed Adam and Eve, the earth and God knows what else. There was no "potential" for human nature, there was human nature because Bible god created it...and then cursed it. Vague esoteric thoughts, wishful thinking, suppositions and other such can't take the place of the Bible if you are arguing from a Chr
  12. I don't think that's the point End, that's exactly the point. In fact, it's the ONLY point. The rest is chaff, counter measures, projection, excuses, rationalizations, and fear. If God is almighty and going to 'cast' me into Hell, or if I'm going to be 'saved' and go to Heaven in your particular religious scenario, who cares? Nothing I can do about it. Choices have been made, paths determined, and outcomes decided before I was conceived and in fact, before Adam and Eve were conceived, blah blah blah... But if Biblegod crea
  13. End, you stupid douche nozzle, I ain't passing a plate for you but you're right, this shit ain't free. Ignorance like yours is expensive. Luke 6 supports this, and 'you think' you can paraphrase Paul the Apostle and make his salient and majestic point match your idiot musings? You call this rambling stream of consciousness disjointed bullshit a sermon? There's going to be a kicker all right. The one where Jesus and the Apostles kick your ass for calling yourself a Christian while puking up this sissy pablum crap and calling it a sermon. You'll be shitting
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