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  1. Season of the Witch

    Crap. I thought this thread was about Hillary Clinton. I'll move on.
  2. Navy pilot draws penis in the sky

    Myself, I want fighter pilots that don't worry about that kind of crap defending me.
  3. The Gifts of the Spirit

    Yup. We Ex-Christians should start our own denomination complete with Bible proofs and what various authors say that agree with whatever we want to claim is true. It could be a lot of fun!
  4. The Gifts of the Spirit

    Now that I think of it, there is probably a book in his dad's library that will tell IH what he independently thinks and believes. I'll bet it won't be the Bible though. It will be what someone else tells him the Bible is really saying.
  5. WHY is Modern Art So Bad?

    "Modern Art" is like modern education in most places. A race to the bottom. People eating crap sandwiches because it's trendy while BLT sandwiches and cheeseburgers grow cold. People enjoying and exalting the rotten and useless as art because it reflects what they think of themselves. Being different for the sake of being different just like all your friends to prove that you are a cool non-conformist. Plus it keeps being popular because some stupid people have thick wallets, and don't get me started on the National Endowment for the Arts. I paid for what again?
  6. The Gifts of the Spirit

    It also makes it obvious that one can make the Bible say anything and fit anyone's idea of what Biblegod should be like. I can't wait to see IH's response to the Prof's question. I'm sure Ironhorse is searching the internet right now to find someone's answer.
  7. What happened to God & The Holy Ghost?

    Wow. I'm glad you came forward with that. It emboldens me to reveal that once during a prayer in church Jesus came all over me! I think he needs to step down.
  8. What happened to God & The Holy Ghost?

    LF, sorry to hear about your headache. If you've been following Ironhorses' thread in the Lion's Den, you'd know that God doesn't heal anybody anymore. I think that's that's why he gave us doctors, prostitutes and drugs. Heck, even when Jesus was around there was the concept of the physician healing himself.
  9. Quantum Leap

    Then Zeus could be the anointed one? I could call upon that name and be 'saved'? It just sounded like you weren't talking specifically about the Jesus of the New Testament Christian Bible. Sorry if I was wrong.
  10. The Gifts of the Spirit

    This is funny. I think it's true. Ironhorse doesn't approach the scriptures with his beliefs. He approaches them with the beliefs of others firmly in place. I've said several times here over the years that I got tired of the footnotes, the books about the Bible, the tapes, the radio shows, the TV preachers and all of it, and bought myself a King James Bible that was text only. Not even cross references in the middle of the pages. I read that thing a lot, and that's how I lost my faith. It was just me and the Bible. I wish Ironhorse had the guts to do that, whether he would have the same outcome or not.
  11. Quantum Leap

    I don't want to distract from the good conversations going on here. Some of the stuff you believe sounds new agey to me. The Bible says Jesus (or whatever it is in whatever language), but obviously one certain guy. I got the feeling you were talking more about the "Christ spirit" or something. You know that "Christ" is a title and not a name, right?
  12. What happened to God & The Holy Ghost?

    Well that comment made me feel uncomfortable. Besides, I"m unquenchable. Only snowflake sissy types run away and get quenched if they are offended. Nice try turning it around though and ignoring what the New Testament said. It figures you are the one giving preachers their words.
  13. What happened to God & The Holy Ghost?

    No. I typed something. Hell, even the NSA, Microsoft, Google, and several black hat hackers know that. Maybe you should confer with the Big Guy once in awhile who supposedly knows everything, just like my ex-wife. You know who I'm talking about; the third one of you that's more equal than the other two.
  14. What happened to God & The Holy Ghost?

    Nice to know Casper. You've let this place down on Halloween one too many times. I mean, in the entirety of Earth, wouldn't it seem to be a priority for you to be here instead of at some trunk or treat in a church parking lot somewhere? Also, what's this bullshit in the New Testament about "quenching" you? Are you that dainty?
  15. What happened to God & The Holy Ghost?

    Sorry to jump in, but you are talking to old people here. We have no wood. Thanks a Hell of a lot. We'll just use Propane then, I tell you what.