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  1. duderonomy

    Satan gave man love. Was it worth the hate?

    I prayed about this. I heard God speak to me and say "this guy is full of shit!" What's weird is that after that I heard Satan say "this guy is full of shit!". Frankly, I'm not sure which one is right.
  2. duderonomy

    Should We Expect a Higher Consciousness

    You are a Christian and you have a Bible, right? If I and every other person here moved on, would that make what you believe correct? On the development scale, 'I gauge you' to be a bullshitter.
  3. duderonomy

    Should We Expect a Higher Consciousness

    Does this help? http://www.evilbible.com/
  4. duderonomy

    Should We Expect a Higher Consciousness

    Life is short. Is any of this important anymore, or is it just me that doesn't think so? I'm not talking about the newbies, I'm talking about some of us that have been here for years and years. We have one life each. One. Shall we spend any of it wrestling others with one short life into the dirt?
  5. duderonomy

    Pluto might become a planet again

    Pluto has always been a planet to me. The people that said it wasn't are the dwarfs.
  6. duderonomy

    The Psychology Behind Prayer and Ritual

    Speaking of the Apostle Paul...or actions...or corners...or stuff in public in front of the whole world... Acts 26:26: For the king knoweth of these things, before whom also I speak freely: for I am persuaded that none of these things are hidden from him; for this thing was not done in a corner.
  7. duderonomy

    The Psychology Behind Prayer and Ritual

    If there is no standard, how do we know that what happens to people is good or bad? If God said "all things" work together for good to them that believe, wouldn't "all things" by definition include random things? By definition, "all things" that happen to them that believe would include everything whether favorable or not, right? Just thought I'd thicken the soup just for fun and legitimate questions.
  8. duderonomy

    Should We Expect a Higher Consciousness

    Yeah, you implied it. You implied it big time, and what you said here in response proves it, at least to me. Other readers can decide for themselves I guess, although I doubt that many would give a crap. I don't want to argue. I just wish the political stuff would stay corralled in the ToT, and I'm only harping on it because you brought up the current POTUS. I won't ask you to explain which great disaster(s) you are referring to as being the results of a large portion of the nation voting for him [Trump], or why you might look upon one or two or even twenty people voting for Trump with amused pity. That is, I won't ask you to explain it here in the Lion's Den. But more to the topic, I think you might be conflating what End3 is saying about some supposed or imagined "higher consciousness" with what I've heard described as "group-think". Myself, I tend to think the collective "Trump Derangement Syndrome" type of thinking is group think. He was a media darling until he said he was running for President, and then the group was told to hate him. On the other hand, End asks if we should expect a higher conscientiousness, and I would say no. Sadly, Asshat is as far as life on Earth has evolved so far.
  9. duderonomy

    Should We Expect a Higher Consciousness

    Well, in the United States it's not "the church" that elects a President, and let's not forget that our last President was Obama, quite the polar opposite of the current one. Still, according to your insinuation, did "the church" suddenly take over voting in 2016 or did "the church" suddenly lose it's influence over voting in 2016?
  10. duderonomy

    My reasons

    You aren't causing any trouble. I think you might want to pay attention to what Florduh said in the post above this one though. He has a point. If Bible Jesus is real, no one can pluck you out of his hand according to the Gospel of John, 10:29. If none of that is true then neither is the rest of it so who cares? It looks to me that either way you have nothing to worry about while you figure it out for yourself, so relax.
  11. duderonomy


    Who does the classifying? Some folks somewhere believe in everything you just called mythology. Where I live, Zeus is right now throwing lightening bolts at the earth. What more proof do I need that he is real? Where I live, there are people that worship Biblegod because of their faith although they have never seen him, just like the Bible said they would do. What more proof do I need that he is real? It's a bit more complicated than what you posited here Aries256. No offense, but again, who does the classifying?
  12. duderonomy

    My reasons

    You received a crystal clear vision a couple of years ago. Of what? A couple of years before your vision a "God" spoke to you. Which god? I'm assuming you are saying here that whichever god spoke to you also told you that you were like the Biblical character of Samuel, and he pointed you toward the place where god first speaks to Samuel in the Bible. Where is that place? Do you have a chapter and verse(s)? Did you tell the guy that prayed for you in church about your vision before he prayed for you and said what he said? This is important. Did you read some passage or hear a sermon or read a book about Samuel and god before you had this 'vision'? Are you sure? Yeah, the chances are that the god I am "running away from" is real, as you said. Except I'm not running away from any god. The chances also are that the god you are hearing 'talking' to you, the one you have visions of, isn't real. H, I'm serious in these questions. I do think that if want serious discussion you'll need stop with the many posts of your dogmatic thoughts and declarations, and stick around in one or two threads here and talk in a little more depth.
  13. duderonomy

    My reasons

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ GROAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Funny Though!
  14. duderonomy

    Does 'Good To Eat' Mean Morally Good?

    This makes me realize how much I miss BAA, and how valuable his time and knowledge and insights and ideas were to me.
  15. duderonomy

    God is an alien

    Which thread are you talking about?