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  1. TY Neon, Good to see you too! I will be checking that talk out for sure. I love her.
  2. Hi everyone, too many of you wonderful people I got to know a while back to try and mention names, but I do notice some of you here on this thread that Keith gave me the link too. TY Keith, nice to see everyone I havent been on forums in quite some time, just got burned out on them I guess. I had forgotten how much I had to rely on a dictionary at this forum LOL So off I go looking up reductionism, wondering how this might fit into marraige? If I examine more closely the socks thrown one foot away from the dirty clothes hamper consistantly will I understand the male mind that can never
  3. One more quick reply I am being lazy too in that I havent truly read any more than quotes of Dawkins and Hitchens, cause i just dont do black and white well although I look great in black haha So Im going to read their books, and get back to ya on them. Im being lazy too when it comes to them In fact, I guess Im really no different in a way. Ive come to easily label what I term fundamentalism or extremism and quit looking at their points. Thats no different really. so I openly confess that and will try and ammend my ways sojourner
  4. Antlerman I enjoyed that last post and it sums it up nicely. Reminds me of the many protests Ive watched, never participated cause Im a middle person. But you have two sides yelling at each other. Nothing gets accomplished as far as the situation at the center because they are two focused on each other. And that is really what they are about. Its more about 'they are wrong and Im right' than 'what can we do to solve this?' But it does bring the situation to light to those that can do something and discussion between those that will talk and listen and learn and do. Neon, you just c
  5. I wish I could ask my old self from years ago that thrived on 'Late Great Planet Earth' and the like this question. It cracks me up just thinking of the me that knows the rapture is a silly invention getting an answer from the old me that was so 'caught up' in this stuff. I have no idea what I would have said sojourner
  6. Wow .god that was an incredible read. I am so glad for Winston that he is free. I still retain a form of christianity but like Winston I can so relate to the catharsis he went thru in trancending the old beliefs in a hell and fundamentalism and such to find a much more beautiful inclusive view. It changes the entire creation for you! And you from the inside out! I saved it, by the way thanks for the neat little addition to the forum to save things as pdf, sweet. sojourner
  7. very powerful two cents worth, par Absolutely true to me as well Hans, very insightful. enjoyed reading your thoughts
  8. Hey AM Congrats!!!! I hope it is a great experience for you in your new place. Wow newly refurbished house, new job, got any other new? lol ok back to thread.
  9. omygosh that cracked me up! I can try to be smart for ya but I might not succeed! To you I would talk to myself I suppose. To me I believe God is present in all mankind including myself and therefore He doesnt have to tune in because He is part of me and I am part of Him just as you are. thats how I believe and I dont really pray if you will, as in make all these requests but rather I just live in that belief of a union with God. so on your intelligence meter do I even rate a point? lol
  10. Very good thoughts AM. This is why I think the mystics of the differing religions can commune so easily and find much in common, because they link in their experiences of what is termed spiritual. I was shocked when I first landed on this site and found athiests were also spiritual haha sorry if some would find that term yucky. I dont mean it to be, its just my language. All humanity experiences awe, passion and beauty and many link it to God and many dont but I think we all could recite these experiences. That is a great bridge to me for communication. sojourner
  11. Alice I love Karen Armstrong and I love that site. Have spent much time there. I believe we are seeing change at a very fast pace. It seems to me that the bridge building is happening! It seems to me that we are seeing how the old ways dont work and realizing that we are worth making the effort to see change and to become change. I love what Ghandi said 'We must be the change we wish to see in the world'. I love how you talked about not holding things too tightly. I have found that when I learned to do that a whole world opened up to me! great thread!
  12. Hi everyone What an insightful thread! I enjoyed reading it and just wanted to say that as a very liberal christian universalist I very much dislike extremism no matter what form it takes. I find that I have more in common with non-extremist folks that have no belief in a religion than I do with extremists of my own religion. I also can have wonderful conversations with folks from any religion at all and find much in common, if they are not extremist but I just find that I cant really commune with an extremist. Hence, I have not read Hitchens and Dawkins. Not because I dont thin
  13. I thought this was an awesome post. I find some beauty in many eastern teachings but I also went on youtube (saved my money in travel expenses) and watched many of the temple gatherings and such there and it reminded me of dead religious church services. I then looked into some other eastern religions and what I found over and over is that every religion that Ive come across seems to have a little group that get 'enlightened' and they all pretty much say the same things. And none of them are religious but rather stay far away from that. I personally have found the internet a great place a
  14. Really Beautiful AM I could see fireflys dancing over the water, nice I am putting all of these on one cd so I can take it with me. Really a wonderful gift to your friends! thanks Keith
  15. AM Here is my impression of this marvelous piece of art. In the beginning it reminded me of a dream I used to have fairly often of being chased at night and then in the middle of the song I would finally make it to this pole in the middle of a darkened park and I would grab the pole and run round and round it and this would lift me off the ground so that I would fly to safety hence the ending! I think this song matches my dream very well. great piece
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