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  1. LOL, yeah, it's me that's deluded here. This is getting comical. So, now after 18 months, Mueller indicts a baker's dozen, get this, sock puppets who worked for a click bait farm. They engaged in political work as well as anything else that would get them clicks to sell product ads on. At one point they tweeted for a Trump rally that 8 suckers showed up for. I just can't take anyone who takes this seriously seriously anymore. It's the dumbest thing I've seen ever coming out of the political sphere and it had a lot of competition. As Jill Stein mentioned, it doesn't even pass the laugh test
  2. That video is actually hilarious. So, this guy has a dream that he oversleeps and doesn't make it to the polls to vote on election day. In his dream, a couple of guys come to his door and demand that he report for duty because the draft has been changed to everyone under the age 65. Then, while telling his wife what's going on, he notices a guy standing in his kitchen. He asks his wife, who is that? She responds that he's their gay neighbor whose partner had broken up with him. According to law, they have to allow him to live with them until he finds a new partner. If the guy doesn't find
  3. Evidence, for any of this? Remember, claims, even if from (especially if from) intel agencies, and anon sources are not evidence.
  4. No, you told me what you think. That's not showing how. Showing would require actual proof. The sanctions are very much tied to that so it's fair to ask why Russia is being sanctioned when there hasn't even been a legal decree that they did anything wrong, just bald accusations. If your eyes were open here you'd see that the sanctions have nothing whatsoever to do with anything Russia did and everything to do with the US doing everything it can to hinder and block a potential economic and military threat to its global dominance. We're adults here. Let's be honest and stop letting the PR people
  5. I think it was pretty clear I was speaking of social services here. There are no concentration camps here. In fact, it's the Us that is imprisoning and otherwise abusing its population at this time. It has by far the most prisoners.
  6. Could be. Looks kind of Chinese to me, but what do I know?
  7. But it's not because Putin actually doesn't do the same evil things the western governments are doing. He's merely accused of doing these things. You'll find, if you do even a small amount of digging, that the accusations are completely empty. I'm sure he's no saint, but he is one politician I don't mind defending. The guy has done tremendous things for this country over his time in office. The average Russian has seen his/her standard of living improve hundreds of percent, they've seen police corruption cleaned up, they've seen massive government reforms, they've seen national security beefed
  8. You mean info from the wikileaks dump (Hillary and co emails)? What info specifically are you referring here? I wish, but unfortunately, that's just not true. Russia would dearly love the US to leave Syria, but they dug in their heels with 15 illegal bases. Before that, Trump ordered a cruise missile attack on not just Syria, but on the airport where there was Russian troops. He did it while enjoying a piece of chocolate cake, which he mentioned to show just how little of a shit he gave about ordering a bombing attack on a country without provocation or UN mandate.
  9. Not quite related Fwee, but thought you'd enjoy it anyway:
  10. I don't expect you to take my word for any of this. Here's a Canadian journalist, who, unlike CNN, Fox, ABC, etc..., actually speaks Arabic and actually went to Syria and reported on it first hand (yes, western MSM didn't actually go there. They used stringers who make their living selling, so they sell what the MSM wants to buy):
  11. You are very misinformed about Ukraine. The US fomented a coup there, then picked the government for them. Since then, the citizens of the region of Donbass decided they wanted nothing to do with the newly formed government and so Kiev, with the help of the US, has been bombing the hell out of them. What does Russia have to do with any of this? There's a Ukrainian joke that goes: Why are we bombing Donbass? The Russians are there. Why aren't we bombing Crimea? Because the Russians are REALLY there. Here's US rep Victoria Nuland on the phone choosing the Ukrainian government. H
  12. Russia didn't annex, Crimea actually voted. There were impartial observers from 13 different countries ensuring the vote was fair and they voted in favor by over 90%. Isn't this exactly what the United States is always in favor of, free association by people using their democratic voice? That's what they argued when they spent $5B foisting a coup on Ukraine's democratically elected leadership while the last Olympics were on tv. Syria doesn't want the US there and the US is there by force. Big, big difference. If you can't see that, this convo will go nowhere. No non sequitur. On one hand w
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