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  1. Flat earth is probably an interesting case study for the efficacy of modern PR tactics. As best I can tell, 50 years ago. 100 years ago. Virtually no one believed something so inane. It has only been in the last 2 or 3 years that some folk seem to have engaged in developing media presentations and employing sophisticated-sounding arguments. A number of methods of convincing people against all credible evidence have been honed by the fossil fuel, tobacco, the military industrial complex and other industries to get people to accept pseudoscience. I posit that flat earth is a byproduct of these e
  2. The sister of my friend's wife over here fell for it. She's not an xian. I guess she and her husband are into Satanism or something of that nature. She was convinced of FE by YouTube. Haven't met her, but I take it not the sharpest knife.
  3. I gained a lot more than I lost. I lost some fake friends, but I gained real peace, which is ironic as the religion promises peace, but instead offers only guilt and fear. And, the process of deconversion gave me critical thinking skills and an intolerance for bullshit. I see these as assets, for who wants to go through life ignorant that people are manipulating your emotions and behavior for personal gain? IMO the false sense of security that is promised by the religion is just pretend. No one actually really feels secure. If they did, they wouldn't try so hard to let others know about it nor
  4. I haven't read Confucius but agree the Jesus character didn't present anything new or mind blowing. In fact, there is nothing really profound about him or his teachings at all. I've read many books over my life that were far more profound than anything in the bible. Greek philosophy that pre dates the Jesus character was miles ahead and there are literally thousands of works out that since that have had a more meaningful impact (maybe not widespread, but meaningful) on the human condition. It's pretty clear that christianity hasn't survived and thrived due to the beauty or depth of its message
  5. I find that sad. It's not a judgement. It's just sad that life is so awful to someone that they need to hide behind an alternative reality to survive it. I also can't help but think that surely she could find, if she were willing to try, a healthier perspective.
  6. You could just smile and say "Incest is best"
  7. Yeah, that's probably where I get it too.
  8. There seems to be something uniquely American about trying to get everyone around them to adopt their particular points of view. I've been all over the world and have never seen the bumper sticker phenomenon outside the US. Saw a post on FB the other day that was pretty funny: "God loved you so much that he gave up a weekend for you" (in the image, it showed Jesus' jet ski sitting in dry dock.
  9. The important thing is that you are in control, not being manipulated by threats and false promises.
  10. Well, like someone else pointed out to you, what you believe doesn't change reality. The very definition you provided makes him an extortionist. Someone standing before a judge can't just say "you're honor, I didn't threaten them with punishment, I threatened them with purgatory to get them to change their ways" and get the charges dropped. Their very explanation of the situation would convict them right there. IOW, it doesn't matter whether or not hell is called a punishment or purgatory, the fact remains that it is leverage to keep believers believing and a threat to non believers to ch
  11. See, in my mind, that makes god an abuser. He demands I believe in him and all that entails (worship, etc...) or I will be subjected to horrific punishment. In human law, this is called extortion and we send people to prison for it. Real love is freely given. The kind of love god demands comes under the veil of threat. Christians like to say he gives people a choice, but this isn't a real choice just like Vito Corleone didn't give the movie producer a real choice when he put a gun to his head and told him to sign a contract. You might even argue that you've freely chosen, but you still are
  12. I honestly hope it stays that way for her. I remember a member who was here years ago who believed exactly like this until she lost her baby. The harsh reality she was faced with caused her beliefs to come crashing down and it was painful and what caused it even more so. I don't wish that on anyone.
  13. You could frame it that way, but I wouldn't personally call it arrogant. I think it's due to a lack of knowledge and that often occurs with lack of opportunity or other roadblocks. It's just unfortunate IMO.
  14. I believe that's a dangerous and ignorant belief. So, here we are.
  15. I can't tell you how to arrive at a conclusion, but it seems to me that you are choosing to ignore what is clearly written in the book that you use to understand who god is. E.g., the idea of god makes me feel good, therefore he's not a monster, what the book says doesn't matter. I understand it as I remember doing the same thing when I was still a believer. Eventually my desire to know what the truth is and my impulse to ask questions got the better of me. But it seems most people don't struggle with these so you'll probably be all right.
  16. Nice skirting right over the fact that god sanctioned the death penalty for picking up sticks on Saturday. If you allowed yourself just 5 seconds to think about this you'd realize that he's a monster.
  17. Probably more fair to say they lost the cold war. Sanctions, isolation and a serious amount of undermining both at home and abroad, including even the manipulation of oil prices using the Saudis weakened them. A little known fact is that the majority of Soviet citizens even voted to remain communist but western operatives had gained influence over Gorby and they took advantage of the crisis (which is the MO of the IC community btw) to overrule the will of the people. This influence lasted through the 90s but Putin, et al have reasserted Russian control and have made great strides in removing W
  18. I don't get any over here, but back in the US I just told them boldly "I'm an atheist". That scared them all right off. I had an old colleague who had a problem with returning JWs. After getting frustrated with them, he finally got rid of them by answering the door in the buff.
  19. In fact, the US has fallen behind with its rocket engine tech. After Russia was sanctioned congress had to go back and exempt rocket engines, otherwise NASA would have been dead in the water.
  20. I don't know about smarter than. The soviets were first in space.
  21. Because it still amounts to a massive human accomplishment. You don't see trailer park dwelling wrestling fans pushing the envelope in terms of human development, right?
  22. Sure, like the engineers at NASA, they stand on the shoulders of those who came before them as they do stem cell research. Imagine if one day you are saved by the research of the Muslims. That would be a real kick in the head, huh?
  23. I don't hate Americans. I rather like NASA in fact. I hate the American government (outside of NASA and a few other areas). Do you imagine that Americans did all this on their own? Good ol' American ingenuity that didn't require any help from the rest of the world? I hope not as that would be quite a fantasy. Iran has nothing to apologize for. Did you click the link? It's at the forefront of major tech and scientific breakthroughs that benefit humankind in many areas. No country is an island.
  24. Why judge humanity by its worst instead of by its best? Averages don't matter when the envelope of development and knowledge are pushed. If we're talking those who are against science, the citizens of the US are among the worst. The muslims you hate are oftentimes far ahead of us in this area. Especially Iran. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Science_and_technology_in_Iran
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