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  1. Why judge humanity by its worst instead of by its best? Averages don't matter when the envelope of development and knowledge are pushed. If we're talking those who are against science, the citizens of the US are among the worst. The muslims you hate are oftentimes far ahead of us in this area. Especially Iran. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Science_and_technology_in_Iran
  2. That's one. I can think of another that is much more annoying. When when someone needs help, those who don't want to actually do anything tangible but want to get credit for being seen as helpful pipe in and say they are praying. Another related one is when a slew of people jump in with their prayers after a tragedy strikes. If god didn't stop the tragedy from happening, what's he going to do after people are already dead and injured that is useful? Same goes with the 1 survivor. People pile on and say 'wow, god was really looking out for you, you're so blessed!' What about the
  3. For me: 1. Assuming we deconverted because we are mad at the church, because someone hurt us, etc... We aren't so shallow and these assumptions are insults to our characters. 2. Be pro war and nationalistic. On the other hand, if you guys take James seriously in terms of how he defines true religion, you're cool with me. I don't care if we don't believe the same things. As long as you're loving and want to help others we agree on a human level.
  4. If you don't count contradictions...
  5. It's because the bible is written like a horoscope. It doesn't commit specifically to anything leaving interpretation open to the reader.
  6. How many of our soldiers have to take this route before we as a nation realize what we are doing isn't supporting the troops. If they were sent off to fight honorable wars actually defending the nation, they wouldn't be dying at their own hands 20 times every day. Very sorry to learn about one more. This is very sad for those poor girls.
  7. Maybe he's good with details and not big picture? Forest for the trees.
  8. Courts are owned by the oligarchy too. I wouldn't hold my breath.
  9. Better to be immoral than be wrong. I've met a lot of people like that.
  10. I'm sad for a lot of them too. Most don't seem to take it to heart and it's like a social club for them, but for those who take it seriously, there is a serious amount of Stockholm Syndrome going on. The religion enslaves one.
  11. This is what Russians expect when you tell them they are going to church. You can imagine her shock at a basketball court:
  12. I guess it helps living in another country where no one goes to church. I would not deal well living in a suburb full of religious Griswalds.
  13. Church represents way too much baggage for me. I'd rather listen to UFO conspiracy theory radio all day than spend 5 minutes back in the pew. My parents did rope me into visiting once around 15 years ago via my wife. Long story, but it was quite funny. My wife is Russian, and expected a cathedral. My folks were attending a church that were renting a HS gym. The pastor preached under the basketball net. Just watching my wife's reaction to it was worth the visit. That, and maybe the free donuts.
  14. I don't know if the poor guy will ever come to his senses. He just seems to cycle between religion and atheism depending on where he's at in his mania. It must be exhausting. I tend to discount the shrinks. It's his interpretation of what they had to say and they may not know his history like some of us here do. He sounds totally genuine about whatever he believes at the time he believes it and then a switch goes off and he believes something else. Logically, I don't think someone can see the man behind the curtain with religion the way he clearly does when he's in the atheist mod
  15. If you're referring to who I think you are, just wait a while. He'll swing back around again. It's a mental health issue. I've lost count how many times this has happened over the past 12 years.
  16. My experience was that all those people I thought were my friends at church just disappeared real quick once I stopped going. I fully deconverted a while after I quit church, but my friends there proved they were not rainy day friends by any measure. Well, with the exception of one friend whom I still keep in touch with today. She also stopped going to church even though she's still a believer. She couldn't deal with the hypocrisy. I think there's a small lesson here.
  17. Dang. That's a whole lot for one person to deal with. If I could lend you any advice, it would be take your time before making decisions on the big reveal. You need time to process it and then time to make a plan. This will save you a whole lot of heartache that can come from not thinking things through first.
  18. Yeah, that's my point Buffetfan, it's a lot harder on the adult than it is the kid. I grew up and grew out of it. It probably grieved my grandfather to no end though that I was worried about his soul.
  19. Speaking from experience, they'll get over it. I know it's not easy waiting it out though.
  20. Maybe the evolutionary model limits it too much. As I mention above, it's not necessarily a survival mechanism (though I'm sure that's a major factor). It also has to do with establishing social glue. Yes, society is a survival tactic, but morality to make society hold together means that evolution would only be a secondary effect on it at best.
  21. I don't believe it's entirely subjective. All humans can be empathetic (and most are, with the exception of sociopaths) and apply that empathy in the form of morality toward their fellow man, hence, the golden rule, which has survived culture and history for eons. Much of morality is subjective/or better, situational, but it starts from the premise of humanity and human society, which rests on the foundation of commonality and survival. IOW, morality is the lubrication that makes society function. There is no need for morality if one chooses to live as a hermit, but show me a fun
  22. This is a dangerous belief. Nazi Germany adopted exactly such a belief system as has the most dangerous people in the CIA and top technocrats, such as Kissinger.
  23. I don't have any advice, but I do have a story. I was essentially in the shoes of your grand kids with my own grandfather. He also didn't believe and was at best an agnostic who hated the church. My grandmother went to church and raised my father in it, but his dad just stayed home and was mostly quiet about it other than making a few snide comments from time to time. I remember writing him a letter when I was a young teen pleading with him to adopt the faith, also worried he was going to hell. Like you, he kept things to himself and was just a good grand dad. After I grew up
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